03 June 2010

Where is the Cabinet reshuffle?

The reshuffle of the Cabinet is done and it involves only non UMNO leaders. So there is no reshuffle the way that the public expect to see.

All speculations by the public that major reshuffle was imminent went flat. Since it does not involve UMNO, let us not mention the names concerned in this tiny and minute adjustment announced by PM Najib on Tuesday, the very day he left for an official visit to Laos.

There is no Cabinet reshuffle actually. The only thing we can see is the bloating numbers of the Cabinet going and coming in through ‘back door’, that is through the House of Senate.

Many of those named are not elected to the House Parliament and they are by no mean elected by the people. BUT that is the right and prerogative of the PM to choose either from the appointed Senators or the elected Representatives from the Lower House of Parliament.

BUT what has just happened 2 days ago, the Cabinet reshuffle was too far from expectation of the people. Nobody from UMNO was shuffled but in essence that is the party that is crucially in need of fresh representation in the Cabinet.

Let us say it ingenuously. Most of the UMNO representatives in the Cabinet are soiled, grubby and unwanted and should be replaced by faces that can offer fresh hopes for recovery of people’s support.

What is urgently needed by UMNO now is to illustrate and demonstrate seriousness in its endeavor to regain regards and respect from its members and the public at large which is at the moment dwindling to the lowest ebb.

The Cabinet lineup is the key indication dynamic to serious government and serious leadership. Gone are the days when any Tom Dick and Harry can claim as qualifier to positions in the Cabinet.

Telling the truth is always painful. BUT the circumstances of the day make us compelled to say that the current Cabinet lineup can only contribute to the 'sure and quick-fall' of the present government. It is not uncommon to hear comments and opinion from the thinking public that the present Cabinet is an irresponsible and reckless in nature.

I have to say what many people say, even though I may be creating hue and cry among the readers of my blog. I can’t be writing opinion of others but only mine. Let us be crudely frank and strictly saying facts with good intention and let anyone think as they like about me.

Nor Mohammed Yaacob was expected to be dropped and there is no slight reason why he must stay…but he is still there. It is beyond comprehension and the public don’t understand why he was not dropped as the issue of corruption is surrounding him unambiguously.

He should have resigned voluntarily the moment his political Secretary was arrested with rm2 million few months back. He should take accountability for what has happened to his closest aide by resigning.

Bear in mind that this man was responsible for the tens of billion lost suffered by Bank Negara almost 2 decades ago when he was the Head of Treasury of Bank Negara in the Forex deal.

In the first place was appallingly unethical for a Central Bank of a small nation and tiny economy like Malaysia to be involved in international money trading. With the loss of more than RM30 billion BNM had to sell assets in order to cover the losses and to show small figure of losses to the rakyat.

So his appointment to the Cabinet almost a decade ago was an irresponsible act of the person who appointed him. The person who brought him to the Cabinet was not serious in managing the nation appropriately and to him anyone can be a Minister if he is likened by him.

There are many others in the list whom the public want to see them go. Certainly Nazri is one of those qualified to be dropped as speculated by the voting public.

Noh Omar, khaled Nordin, and few others are among the unappealing names to the public to carry the image of a trustworthy government for the people to support and grow old with.

The lineup from UMNO is not able to appease and pacify the disgruntling public to make up good representation and disposition for this small but great nation we have.

They are unable to carry strapping and brawny aura and appearance for the government to carry out radical transformation which PM Najib has been promising in his highly charged speeches wherever he goes.

I believe that this recently adjusted arrangement of the Cabinet is not going anywhere and please don’t be continuously in denial and don’t refute this actuality.

With this updated members of Cabinet schedule, we are just waiting for the time to be abandoned and discarded by the voters in any election that comes by in the near or protracted future.

Let me conclude that if this is the last adjustment and reshuffle of the Federal Cabinet before the General election, than we should start to prepare our mind with a new environment under the administration of an alternative government.

That could be the only choice of the people if the leadership remains obstinate and unmoved with his current attitude and moral fiber.

Hence nobody should be blamed then; the leadership has to own it all himself.

Thanks……………………………………..Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

i was and still is under the impression that you are staunch supporter of opposition party. hence i still wonder why you try to put un wanting comments about the reshuffle.
after all, UMNO is not going to grant you any tender if you said otherwise.

Red Alfa said...

Salam Sdr Aspan

Demi membaiki imej corruption yang kian meluasa, sememangnya kita sangat mengharapkan dipuaskan dengan tindakan secukup mana oleh pucuk Kepimpinan Melayu/UMNO ... sungguh sayang sekali macam diibaratkan lagu Siti Nurhaliza "Cindai" kemuncak tidak akan kesampaian!

Manakan boleh dengan Cabinet Melayu yang begitu selesu tua tu!

Nak masukkan ke Cabinet harapan kepimpinan lapisan? Mereka yang terdiri dari ketua cawangan/ketua bahagian yang maseh tamak haloba hendak mengkayakan lagi diri/sibuk mempertahankan kedudukan?

Manakan cita-cita orang Melayu berkesampaian!

Maseh ada seperti anon 07:05 janganlah kita komen sebegitu memperkecilkan wahai Saudara Aspan!

Kepimpinan Melayu/UMNO yang tandus dan rakus inilah sememangnya dan terus menerus mengharapkan sokongan buta orang Melayu guarantee memberi tanpa bersyarat dulu, kini dan selamanya oleh mereka semacam si anon. itu.

Salahkan siapa kelemahan Ketuanan Melayu kian jadi bahan malu?

Aspan Alias said...

Red Alfa,

Saya sudah sampai ketahap tidak lagi mengambil kira apa yang orang yang berkepentingan diri hendk kata kepada saya.

Saya mengambil pendirian ini kerana pengalman telah membuktikan apa yang saya kata itu akhirnya benar walaupun pada permulaan saya dinista dan di kutuk.

Sdr, saya bukan lah seorang muda yang belum merasakan asam garam serta pahit manis politik ini.

Saya selalunya terkorban dan dikorbankan dan itu memang biasa saya lalui sehinggakan saya tidak ada apa-apa lagi untuk berkorban dan untuk dikorbankan.

Yang tinggal hanyalah pendirian yg tidak ada siapa pun boleh korbankan.

Jika ada pihak yang tidak percaya kepada saya tidak mengapa. Biarlah masa dan keadaan yang akan menentukan kebenaran yang saya katakan selama ini.

Saya gembira berinteraksi dgn sdr kerana adr adalah seorang yang berfikir dan faham isi hati dan nurani orang Melayu.

Masalahnya kita ini org Melayu maka segala perkara yang membuatkan org dan kerajaan Melayu itu lemah akan membuatkan org seperti kita merasa hiba.

Nanti akan saya tulis lagi isu-isu yg perlu diketengahkan dan terpulanglah kepada pembaca untuk menilainya.

I shall remain as what I am.

walla said...

I stand with Aspan. He is a good man.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 3 June 2010 07:05:00 GMT+08:00:

Whats with you? is it all about getting something back?

Boy, you are very sick...

Anonymous said...

ekkss... rombakan kabinet??? apa ke benda tu?? Berita terkini hiburan sensasi yerk... hihhihi...


Quiet Despair said...

Not a Cabinet reshuffle. Just re-arranging the furniture to make the living room looks better.
Throw in some rugs like Palanivel and Rao. Hey presto, a beautiful house to be proud of.
It's really Najb's way to please his BN compatriots. Samy demands his blue-eued boy, okay welcome Vel, the rubber-stamper.
Kayveas, you don't like the other PPP man. Come on board Rao. What's one more?
Chua Soi Lek, kudos for staying true to your words not wanting to be in the Cabinet.
Never mind, I take your men as a reward for stopping the MCA crisis.
UMNO habukpun tarak. Kasi canlah Ibrahim Ali mengaum lagi.
Bravo Najib, it's really 1Malaysia.
To my Chnese and Indian pals, happy? And did you hear UMNO people complaining??
Samy, return Najib's favors by resigning. Your Vel has got everything now.
Bila lagi mau berenti??
Mau tanya kalu itu elections ada nanti, Palanivel dapat kerusi, itu Melayu mau undia dia lagi ka?
If this is the Cabinet Najib is taking for 2012 GE, I am realy sorry.
I console myself with the rumours Najib is having another real reshuffle.

Quiet Despair said...


Sorry the PPP man's name is Maglin not Rao.

Anonymous said...

Salam Sdr Aspan,

Orang ramai amat mengharap dan menanti-nanti satu rombakan dan perubahan besar-besaran kepada kabinet yg diumumkan tempuh hari.Mereka mengharapkan menteri-menteri yg tak berkesan,lemah dan tak berwibawa,yg rasuah dan yg menjadi beban dan laibiliti akan ditukar ganti dengan mereka yg betul-betul komited,jujor, bersih,berwibawa dan berkaliber agar mampu membawa perubahan yg drastik kearah kebaikan sesuai dengan hasrat PM Najib untuk menjayakan gagasan 1 Malaysia.Sekali gus mempersiap sediakan UMNO/BN untuk menghadapi PRU 13 nanti.

Apa yg diumumkan itu amat menghampa, mengecewa dan mendukacitakan.Rasa marah pun ada juga.Rombakan atau perubahan kabinet terakhir ini jelas menampakan betapa tidak pekanya PM Najib kepada riak gelumbang politik di bawah sana atau beliau terlindung dari hembusan angin yg membawa suara rintihan dan rungutan dari bawah.Penglihatan dan pendengaran beliau tertutup atau ditutup oleh para penasihat dan pakar-pakar di sekelilingnya,termasuklah pakar pengapu dan penjilat.Disamping itu, ianya juga menampakkan sikap PM Najib yg lebih memberi keutamaan kepada kaum lain dan tidak ada keberanian untuk bertindak tegas dan radikal.Beliau misti ingat bahawa perancangan yg terbaik tidak tercapai mutlamatnya dengan ucapan yg berapi-api melainkan dengan perlakasanaan yg cekap,tegas dan berkesan.

Nampaknya tidak ada lagi rombakan kabinet secara menyeluruh selepas ini kecuali berlakunya sesuatu kejadian politik diluar jangkaan.Masa yg amat sesuai untuk berbuat demikian ialah sekarang kerana atas sebab-sebab berikut;

1.Kabinet yg baru ini akan mempunyai masa yg cukup untuk menrealisasikan segala rancangan untuk melaksanakan trasformasi dan perubahan yg telah diwar-warkan oleh PM Najib sebelum ini.

2.Tempoh masa untuk menilai menteri-menteri yg ada sekarang sudah mencukupi dan kini PM sudah dapat kenal pasti keupayaan dan kebolehan serta mutu keperibadian setiap mereka.Begitu juga dengan bakal pengganti mereka yg telah diperhati sebelum ini.

3.Bersesuaian dengan perubahan kepimpinan dalam MCA dan pergolakan dalam MIC.

Berdasarkan kepada perkembangan politik semasa yg menampakkan Orang Melayu semakin hilang keyakinan kepada perjuangan UMNO/BN dan Kepimpinan UMNO pula tidak nampak keinginan untuk berubah,selain daripada bercakap dan berjanji,saya bersependapat dengan Sdr iaitu,"...we should start to prepare our mind with a new environment under the administration of an alternative government."

Apa lagi mahu diharap jika UMNO dan para pemimpinnya telah dilihat semacam tidak mampu atau tidak lagi mahu membela nasib Bangsa Melayu.

Untuk Saudara Aspan,teruskanlah dengan usaha yg murni dengan menyatakan apa yg benar mengikut penilaian dan prinsip yg luhur agar apa yg hak dan benar itu akan membawa kepada kemenangan mutlak.Ingatlah,pejuang tulin tidak akan mudah mengalah dan tunduk kepada segala apa ancaman dan tekanan.

Askar Tua

Aspan Alias said...

Anon 07:05'

There still a few like you who think that I am a staunch opposition supporter.

You don't know the difference between an apple and a 'bachang'.

I wonder why you still link me with project and tenders. I don't fancy that you equate me with you which politics and business opportunities work in parallel.

I have never put effort to do business as I have no business to be in business.

'Bercakap siang hari pandang-pandang, bercakap malam hari dengar-dengar'

Please talk right thing with a right person.

kita anak melayu said...

GEMPAR !!Kakak Teresa kok masuk Islam???

baca di SINI

Anonymous said...

Kita anak melayu

Saya dah baca tapi apa isunya? Awak kata dia pakai duit rakyat. Mana awak tahu?

Kenapa awak jadi prejudice sampai kesitu?

Belanja Rosmah keUS guna duit rakyat 10 juta untuk iklan diUS awak tak sebut. Itu baru advertisement.

Dia bini Najib saja. Elok repair otak awak.

Aspan Alias said...

Kita anak Melayu.

Saya sudah baca apa yg sdr suruh bacah melalui posting sdr dalam ruangan komen blog saya ini.

Ikhlas saya memberikan pandangan. Jika sdr mempunyai rasa kebencian kepada Teresa, takkanlah cerita sebegini yg saudara sensasikan.

Tidak ada indahnya dan tidak ada apa yg boleh membanggakan sesiapa.

Teresa ada perjuangannya sendiri, kita ada perjuangan kita. Tapi takkan lah kita nak jadikan apa yang sdr tulis itu sebagai perjuangan kita.

Saya rasa kecewa kerana isu peribadi yg tidak sepatutnya kita isukan oleh kita yg telah kesekolah sikit-sikit ini.

Maaf Kita anak Melayu.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Aspan,

Mereka dah tersilap orang untuk menuduh saudara dan pendirian politik saudara dalam UMNO, Negara dan Pemerintahan. Saudara dah jadi ahli UMNO bila dan apa jawatan saudara dulu mereka tak tahu, kalau tahu pun buat2 tak tahu kerana kita faham lah siapa mentor mereka.

Cara menulis dan komen mereka pun dah menunjukan sikap serta kecenderungan mereka. Selalu buruksangka kepada orang yang tak sehaluan dengan mentor mereka.Mereka fikir dengan cara mengutuk peribadi ini boleh menarik pengundi terutama generasi muda melayu dan menjamin kemenangan dalam PRU.

Syabas saudara Aspan yang masih tajam pemikiran dan hujah2 tentang politik dan pemerintahan. Teruskan menulis. Saya hormat kepda pendapat dan kupasan saudara walaupun bukan semua perkara kita boleh bersetuju. Itu lumrah, tetapi matlamat tetap sama iaitu mahukan satu kerajaan yang baik,telus, yang mengamal 'good governance', hormat kepada sistem federalisma, patuh kepada Perlembagaan serta doktrin pengasingan kuasa