01 July 2010

PERKASA and Ibrahim Ali.

Why do you think the Malays are to some extent recognize PERKASA as an organization with reasonable consequence? Its presence is felt nationwide and to some people PERKASA has reincarnated the heroic Malay ‘pahlawan’ (hero) of the past by the name of Ibrahim Ali.

For the past few decades Ibrahim Ali has been looked upon as a big ‘frog’ jumping and leaping from one party to another and not many paid much attention to him as they took Ibrahim as a leader of no consequence with contemptible, undeserving and piteous personality.

But with the dearth of quantifiable and trusted Malay leaders these days PERKASA and Ibrahim have become the sanctuary for all serious and disappointed Malays.

The Malays, who feel that their rights and existence are challenged, throng in to support this Malay ‘political’ NGO and suddenly Ibrahim has become the focus of the media and their cameras.

The Malays are now unsure whether it’s PERKASA or UMNO which is going to do the right things for them from now on but many observers think that PERKASA is replacing UMNO to defend the Malays as they feel that their leaders in UMNO in essence have renounced and jilted them.

Of course there are also some quarters claiming that PERKASA is complimenting UMNO in this time of the party’s suffering of high fever. “No matter what” they say, “PERKASA is one that everyone must recognize its scorching and sizzling existence that make UMNO and BN leaders feel apprehended.”

Both MCA’s Dr Chua Soi Lek and Dr Wee Ka Siong have been branding PERKASA as racist and PERKASA was blamed for the Chinese hesitation to give support to BN candidate in the Hulu Selangor by-election.

Malays want an injunction against any form of encroachment over their special rights that PM Najib had surrendered to the non Malays in his exertion to secure the support of the Chinese and other non Malays.

PERKASA is mounting high pressure on the leadership to spell out the details of the New Economic Model and they want unyielding assurance that NEM encompasses the structural defense bunker for the Malays to survive in concert within the multi racial Malaysian.

Ibrahim was swift to pick up issues that touch the nerves of the Malays who are harboring the disquieting and unsettling consciousness towards Malay leadership who tries to hook wink the non Malays to the extent of renouncing his race special rights and opportunities.

Ibrahim is a politician and he loves to be in the public attention and mind. His organizing ability makes it expedient for him work out his politics organizationally and through PERKASA he is able to live up with continuous media coverage and exposure. He may be less handsome but the cameras love snapping him and make many feel envious of him that that includes my own self.

PERKASA says that the Malays have only their rights but the non Malays are protected. Which of these two, the race that is being protected or the race having the rights is at better advantage?

The answer depends on how the leaders interpret them and how they manage and handle the issue.

The non Malays have been happy and accepted the New Economic Policy very well and they admit that the weak Malays will turn the country to anarchy. The restless Malay will retard the country’s progress and that will lessen their opportunity for their economic well being.

The non Malays were eager to see the Malays to be enhanced economically to create a stable nation. They want a stable nation to 'cari makan' without hindrances and that is all they care.

The Chinese and other non Malays accepted that the wealth of this nation should be shared equitably by enlarging the economic cake with the Bumiputra getting marginally more within that 20 year period to put up the Malays and other Bumis to achieve the 30 percent equity target.

But that kind of leadership upbringing is long gone. Leaders of these days are just politicking and they don’t appreciate the policy of equitable sharing. Most leaders of current time only want shares for their own personal gains and greed.

The non Malays have no more regards for the Malays and their leadership and sometime I believe that the cause of the disrespect and disregards of the Non Malays towards the Malays is caused by the leaders of the Malays themselves.

PERKASA must be able to come up with immovable proposal for entire correction for political, economic and all other proponents needed for sound government with political stability in perpetuity.

PERKASA has candidly succeeded in organizing The Malay Congress and they have met with some successes in identifying the mistakes and pranks of the current government and its leadership.

They only managed to put forward in the open in big Congress all the shenanigans of Najib’s administration by indirectly telling the participants that Najib is too wayward in trying to managed a stable multiracial nation like ours.

Let us ask Ibrahim and all the leaders of PERKASA: where is the viable and cohesion alternative proposal? Is PERKASA taking the Congress seriously?

By now PERKASA should be having various committees working tirelessly to come out with proposals and suggestions as to how the current aches in all departments of administration and politics can be addressed once and for all.

The problems in UMNO and the BN components are beyond comprehension and that was why I used to suggest that the nation should start anew with new political facets acceptable for all Malaysian.

Can PERKASA be able to take this role? PERKASA can only be relevant if the line of leadership it has are able come out with wide variation of differences than UMNO.

It has to take a lot of time and effort to make up the difference. The question is whether PERKASA can last long enough to contribute to the country with observable consequence.

PERKASA’s live is dependable on Ibrahim Ali’s forte in organizational ability. PERKASA and Ibrahim Ali are synonymous. No PERKASA without Ibrahim Ali. Just admit that fact.

BUT what would happen if Ibrahim decides to rejoin UMNO?

I am asking this because I know what is in him; he wants to be back in UMNO. For Ibrahim, divorcing and reconciling can take turn repetitively. He is through and through politician.

The likelihood of Ibrahim rejoining UMNO is very reassuring. So what would happen to PERKASA once Ibrahim rejoins UMNO?

By then Ibrahim would be championing for UMNO. Once he is in UMNO he would be blinded of any fault of that party. UMNO would then be the best political party to his opinion.

Let’s think and talk about it.


Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Ibrahim Ali sudah sampai ke penghujung, sudah senja. Untuk rejoin UMNO adalah satu kerja 'bunuh diri' yang terakhir dilakukan oleh Ibrahim Ali.

Hari ini, kebebasan, suara dan pengaruh Ibrahim Ali di kalangan ahli dan pentas politiknya adalah selari dengan suara dan kuasa Presiden parti, Pengerusi dan PM yang tidak akan diperolehinya jika berada di dalam UMNO.

UMNO itu sendiri sudah dilihat akan karam maka 'opportunist' seperti Ibrahim Ali tidak akan berbuat demikian.

bat8 said...

Bro Aspan,

1. Berahing Ali tidak boleh menyertai dan tidak berdaya untuk menyertai UMNO(Baru) dalam penggal parlimen PRU 12 sekarang. Dia hanya boleh menyertai selepas PRU13 nanti.

2. Berahing Ali saja yang tahu mengapa dan yang pasti ia tidak ada kena mengena dengan PAS. Solely his own deed.


Anonymous said...

Saya dah suka dengan Ibrahim Ali ... dulu tak suka... banyak sebab ... yang jelas Dia dapat melayan perasaan MELAYU saya ...

Uban Janggut

Anonymous said...

oiss... Perkosa good... brahim eli pun good... why worry about them.. they are good people.. vote them and all the politician... pangkah sumer.... sumer dapat pangkat dapat nama dapat haji dan hajjah dan semua bodo piang yang lain-lain dan sewaktu dengannya...

nick said...

Bravo Sir,

A very well written post. Full of relevant issues and points for us, Malays to ponder. BUT I wonder how many people (malays), who read your post really do comprehend what it is you're trying to tell them? I mean (especially) to those who are the members of PERKASA and those who makes up the PERKASA elite (the so called intellect namely the Phd, the Prof and the well heeled ones). (I mean) how many of them read your blogs or for that matter, how many of them actually surf the net to tap the vast volume of information that is available there)? And if they do surf the net and read your blog, how many can actually discern the fact that the gist of your article is really in the last paragraph? A good question, isn't it, Sir?


Anonymous said...

Salam Saudara Aspan,

Memang benar keujudan PERKASA sekarang ini semata-mata bergantung kepada keupayaan dan kepintaran Dato' Ibrahim Ali mengekploitkan sentimen orang ramai dengan isu-isu yg sensitif dan hangat untuk mengembeling dan menggerakan sokongan untuk mencapai mutlamat dan hasratnya.Beliau juga,seperti saudara katakan,ialah,"...through and through politician".Lebih daripada itu,beliau mempunyai jiwa,semangat dan darah UMNO sejak dulu,kini dan selama-lamanya.Walaupun beliau sering melompat parti tetapi asas dan prinsip perjuangannya tidak banyak berubah,tidak kira di mana beliau berada.

Beliau juga amat sedar bahawa PERKASA sebagai NGO tidak akan membawa beliau menaiki tangga kuasa selagi beliau tinggal sebagai wakil rakyat bebas.Untuk berada dalam gulungan berkuasa beliau terpaksa memasuki parti politik yg memerentah atau yg akan dapat memerentah sebagai wadah perjuangannya.Pilihan yg ada padanya ialah samada mendaftarkan PERKASA sebagai sebuah parti politik atau memasuki semula UMNO,jika boleh.

Berdasarkan kepada keadaan ini saya berkeyakinan beliau tidak akan melepas peluang jika beliau ditawarkan untuk memasuki semula UMNO dengan syarat yg bersesuaian dengan kehandaknya.Inilah satu kemungkinan yg tidak harus diketepikan.Jika perkara ini berlaku besar kemungkinannya PERKASA akan berkubur.

Jika beliau memilih untuk menjadikan PERKASA sebagai sebuah parti politik maka pucuk pimpinan parti PERKASA ini perlu diambil alih oleh seorang tokoh yg betul-betul berwibawa,berkaliber,matang dan berpengalaman yg akan mendapat sanjungan dan dihormati oleh semua.Dato'Ibrahim Ali akan berperanan sebagai Panglima atau hulubalang kepada pucuk pimpinan itu.Jika tidak, parti baru ini mungkin akan menghdapi masa hadapan yg kabur dan tidak menentu.

Askar Tua