23 June 2015

Final test for Mahathir, history will judge him by his correct judgement

Najib advices Dr Mahathir to think before criticizing his administration in the international media as he would do more harm than good to the country. Najib is telling Dr Mahathir not to make so much noise as the noises he makes may shy away foreign investors from Malaysia.

Najib says that the present good observation on the country is doing well for the country in education, economy and technology. The good perception to the eyes of many nations and the world will be spoilt if Mahathir turns to the international media and it would be not an easy task to retrieve that good standing that we have among the international community.  

Recently he was accorded with a great reception by the King of Saudi Arabia that holds custody of the two holiest mosques, the Masjidil Haram and the Masjid Al Nabawi in Medina and this visit to Saudi is the latest issue that Najib wants to rest his laurels on.

The King himself according to Najib wanted to receive him in Jeddah but due to the demise of his sister the King had to go to Riyad to attend her funeral. The Crown prince was in placed to receive him instead and the guard of honor was mounted for him and that was the most serious testimonial of respect the Saudi King on him.   

Let’s us acknowledge that what Najib says is all the truth. We need to maintain the integrity of our leadership and the nation like what it had earned all the years. It’s for that very reason he has to quit to circumvent the imminent disgrace to befall on us if he continues to be the Prime Minister.  Najib just can’t take up the responsibility of conserving the good tag of the nation because of his perpetual ungainly deeds to the nation.

Najib and his Cabinet are contributing perennial tribulations to the country and to defer his retirement will only thickens the perceptions that the country is fast going to the drain. He himself has the unadulterated believability complications. Najib and failures are now synonymous and inseparable.

Politically we are doomed and economically we are in serious difficulties. Our external debts are mounting up to 62 percent of the country’s GDP and certainly it does not include debts created through off budget agencies which comprise debts taken through 1MDB and many other strangulating agencies.

Hence we can see that Mahathir is bedeviled by the result of his own undertakings and he lives long enough to see for himself the effects of his own excruciating accomplishments after twenty-two long years as the Prime Minister and the head of the ruling party. In actuality he is the most disappointed man as both the Prime Ministers after him do not give him any regards and there’s nothing strange for weak and indecorous leaders like Najib and his immediate predecessor had done. 

There are good supports for his move but still there are quite a large number who are having some apprehension to be with him because he has not come out with firm alternative leader in place of Najib. Taking away position from Najib is one thing but to propose a good alternative is more compelling. He has to let everyone know the leader he proposes to substitute Najib and only then he will see the real and genuine feel and support from the people.

The ordinary Malaysians from the diverse ethnicity and religion as well as way of life are not too convinced that Mahathir would propose an appropriate leader to replace Najib as he has proven to choose a wrong alternative to the outgoing leader. This time around a real, qualified and viable leader should be in place of Najib as the degree of impairment faced by the country is very serious that needs an actually hands-on leader to restart the nation afresh.

The ordinary Malaysians know the best person to take on the mantle, but it is good to hear from Mahathir first. Let’s see whether Mahathir is set to repeat the same inaccuracies in the choice of an alternative to the leader he brings down.

The leader that is needed by the ordinary Malaysian is a leader for all Malaysian, not just a Malay leader for UMNO Malays and its cronies. Of course the leader should be Malay but a Malay leader with adequate skill in settling the impending economic issues, a planner and a person who is able to sacrifice his life in total for all Malaysians and national untiy as his ultimate goal. Let’s wait and see.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing to brag about being pally with the murderer of Yamani Muslims.It looks like nobody , not even Mahathir can blow off this fell from clinging to his office.

Anonymous said...

i think its tun m prerogative if he wants or not to propose a candidate.

furthermore while you might propose ku li maybe tun m doesnt think he is suitable, hence the silence when come to who should later replace najib.

i think i understand his dilemma. after all both pm after him by his choosings choose to be among the worst.

maybe he didnt trust his judgement anymore on who should replace najib. its better to keep quiet on tht then. and let others decide. after all its not just his country. we all should propose who is most suitable.

Anonymous said...

You may not realise that you are actually giving CREDIT to Tun Dr M for being a GREAT leader.