04 June 2015

Adenan Satem helps Najib to sleep well, but rakyat are still sleepless

Malaysian Insider reports that Adenan Satem declared that Sarawak is giving Najib an unconditional support for his leadership. Adenan Satem told the audiences on the program of Hari Keamatan in Sarawak which was attended by Najib and his wife that Sarawak is thick and thin with Najib. Adenan put it straight that it is not the culture of Sarawak government to back stab Najib like what some UMNO leaders in Peninsula do.

Adenan praises Najib to the optimum and expressed his gratitude to Najib as to Satem Najib is much better than putting all the five previous PMs of Malaysia. It means that putting together Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, Dr Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi their contributions were negligible as compared to the contributions by Najib to the nation especially Sarawak.

Even though the rating by Adenan towards the previous Prime Minters was done in a bad taste, it’s not unusual for a weak and opportunistic leader like him to say the way he did. Adenan was telling us that the Father of Malaysia's contributions towards the formation of Malaysia were too trivial compared to the deeds of Najib towards the nation including the plundering of the rakyat’s money.

Najib gave immediate response by giving Adenan huge thank you and told the crowd that tonight he and Rosmah were going to sleep well. Dr Mahathir shouldn't disturb Najib tonight as he is having good sleep with his wife after getting the huge support from the Sarawak Head of government. Directly Najib was telling everyone that he has not been able to sleep well with his wife because he has been disturbed by Dr Mahathir and his followers. We hope Najib won’t be over slept tonight and do wake up early tomorrow morning to settle all issues that confront him. Just as a soft reminder Najib should do some stretching ups after waking up tomorrow morning.

One problem is settled for Najib. Now he can sleep well with his wife and I think he is going to bed early tonight. What about the rest of the ordinary rakyat who have not been able to sleep that well with their wives? It is not only Najib that have a wife. Millions of ordinary Malaysians are having their young wives too. Najib is putting the people in misery as they have not been able to get simple answers from the simple questions that Dr Mahathir put forward to him.

Najib is just concerned with his sleep but he is doing too little to allow other Malaysians to sleep well. I don’t think Najib understands the feeling of ordinary Malaysians who are attempting their best to close their eyes at bed time. Malaysians are worried about the magnitude of losses that the rakyat are accumulating due to reckless administration under Najib and his disordered cabinet members.  

Rakyat can only sleep well after all the truths prevail and actions taken against all perpetrators of 1MDB. The losses of rakyat’s money are too enormous and it’s beyond comprehensions of any logical mind can take. Losses are normal business consequences but not knowing where the monies go is not acceptable.

We don’t envy Najib for being able to sleep well after Adenan Satem gave him the sleeping pills tonight. What we need is Najib to wake up early and face the problems faced by the rakyat immediately after doing some good stretching tomorrow morning.

Understand that the rakyat are still not able to sleep since the expose on the 1MDB issues were fronting the rakyat directly since months ago. In the mean while just tell us where the twenty odds billion of ringgit has gone to.

The rakyat want to know why were there elements of spending loaned money lavishly before the naked eyes of the rakyat. Just answer to the query of the people who instructed Sirul to murder Altantuya. It was a straight question and it should be answered straightly. There are few other straight questions and what is needed is a straight answer. 


Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

I think the much rumoured face-off between Najib and Mahathir will not materialise tomorrow. Najib is Mayweather while Mahathir is Pacquaio. We do know the outcome of the fight, don't we?

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Khabarnya program itu dibatalkan atas arahan (?)

Najib tak takut saolan 1MDB, tapi saolan lain yang lebih kepada satu saolan maut.

Walaupun jawapannya "yes" or "no" sahaja tetapi Najib akan terperangkap setiap kali buka mulut.

Anonymous said...

Actually Najib is not the man who has the ability to interpret Adenan Satem's comment.

Najib is used to received puji-pujian since his younger days.

He cannot even speak as a true politician in front of public. All his speeches in front of pakcik-makcik is like talking to budak tadika. Macam tom-tom bak. Bagi gula-guli sana sini. That's all he can talk about.

What more to debate any issues in front of public, he is weak and not dare to talk as a mature politician.

I don't see he had achieved something special in his political milestone since 22 years of age. Nothing. Just easy riding on the way. No challenge.

What kind of Prime Minister who almost every now and then going overseas, overseas, overseas. Not even President OBama, PM of UK etc can have too many travelling in a year.

So right time now for Najib to leave politics.