11 August 2015

Anyone can say anything, leadership change is now the responsibility of Dr Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh

Najib should leave without condition. He is unreservedly unfit to stay as the PM of the country. Najib for certain has contributed unity among Malaysians but for an unalike reason. Under Najib these days Malaysians are united to oust him, hence it is wrong to allege him as the man who split the rakyat. He contributes directly to people’s unity against him and we can see and hear everywhere the people getting united cursing him without limitation. Malaysians are now united to go against him.

Najib is an orphanage leader. He is alone and he needs back-ups from UMNO at divisional levels. He complains that everyone he helps is not backing him up. He wants every UMNO member to have open up Facebook accounts and twitters and attack everyone that criticizes him. He says that he has given money all along to UMNO divisions but the leaders are not reciprocating by returning the attacks against the (Najib’s) critics.

He says that his helps were not appreciated as not many are protecting him these days. He is still with his believe of ‘gua tolong lu and lu tolong gua’. Everything goes with money to Najib. He admitted that he gives money to UMNO downwards and it sounds that the money was not coming from the party but from him. Everything is personal, nothing for the party and others.

Now let’s forget about issues surrounding him as everyone believes he is a failed leader. His leadership is crashing and he has lost all the materials of a Prime Minister. Concerned Malaysians irrespective of races and religions as well as political delineations, have to unite and move forward with one and singular ultimate, i.e. to save the nation from total mutilation and run-down.   

Do not focus on the issue of donations or corrupt sources of the RM 2.6 billion that rolled into the PM’s personal account. Malaysians should be more concentrating on solving the country from being led by hoards of mediocre. Let’s cut losses and move forward to replace Najib as immediately as possible.

Let us start a new and fresh nation as this blog has been emphasizing for many months and years. We are in need of a totally new political ambiance and let us save the country from uninterruptedly being led by gangsters, plunderers and pillagers. Let us not be misdirected by settling Najib’s personal criminal like problems. We have the thirty million rakyat to care.

It’s a total waste of effort and time to focus in solving Najib’s self-inflicted leadership problems. He creates his problems and let him solve his own mischiefs. We solve ours. Let us isolate and separate Najib from us and we come out united to save our own nation.

What is the ideal situation that can bring this new ambience in Malaysian politics? What is the doable direction that the country ought to take for the nation’s future?

Firstly, the rest of us must unite and firmly set our priority appropriately. We have to have some kind of national correction plans as we are not just repossessing power from the crime-laden leadership. Time waits for no man. Procrastinating efforts to repossess the power from untruthful leadership of Najib is injurious to the people.

Taking over the leadership from Najib is one thing but what we do once the power is repossessed is another thing. We need a planner and an astute leader to see our goal of national unity achievable. The ideal situation for this achievable political motion is having Dr Mahathir and the rest of the leaders to get united in search of that magnanimous and astute leader that we are in dire need. One can say as they like but having Dr Mahathir and a leader like Tengku Razaleigh to forget everything of the past and work hand-glove to ensure the safety of the nation is a must.

The search for leadership must be beyond Muhyiddin Yassin and any other and in actual fact Muhyiddin can prove his worthiness by following the move for the ultimate of getting the country out of the devastating condition. Najib has contributed to this united move and Dr Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh must take up the challenge to save this ailing nation.

Having Tengku Razaleigh to take up the repair job of the country is the most appropriate move as he has the capacity to plan the doable and practical plan for the nation’s future needs. As I have said in the earlier part of this article, we have to cut all losses and start the nation afresh.

Apart from political illness that we face we are confronted by the sliding of the ringgit and the massive outflow of foreign funds from our country. The investors are moving their funds elsewhere more stable and conducive. The capital outflow subsequently followed by massive sales of our ringgit and leads to sliding ringgit which in no time will reach the level of RM 4 to one USD.

The quick and expeditious move for the change is urgently needed. We need a new government now and repossessions of the power from the current plundering leadership should be done instantaneously.


zainal trm said...


I have been trying to look beyond Tengku Razaleigh but fail. So I agree with you AA. His sterling record both locally and internationally have not been match by anyone as yet bro. But can this really happen? Please write another instalment of rationale for him as real person who can relieve our political, social and economic pains that we suffer.

Anonymous said...

Tengku Razaleigh, yes. But it would be better for both the capable ones in both the political divide come together and manage the country. Get the BRAINS to become ministers. The country is sliding and the longer Najib stays up there the worse it will be for the country.

Anonymous said...

We have the proven model of political succession which will create precedence if someone being brought in but people power is supreme ..The proposal is brilliant so that UMNO must take note that there is no such thing automatic appointment of PM because people power is supreme "rakyat didahulukan ..." Public will definitely support YBM Ku Li to be the new PM since he has committed no wrong during his time .
1MDB should have been easily answered by PM on the spot but because he has lost the confidence in himself he has decided keeping quite which have been negatively interpreted by public and are out of control even Obama ,Hsien Long ,Cameron for nothing being harassed by their people for associating themselves with leader with tons of problems and corruption .
We all know some of the current ministers are hopeless but some are good so we leave it to new PM to pick up his team.There may be objections by people that have interest but they are very small and not worth considering.
If PM loves his country ,love his people and respect democracy he should have honourably hand over the post to Tan Seri Mahyuddin to lead the country. Every citizen now looking at the Majlis Tertinggi UMNO whether they are with the people or with PM....let see and wait ...If they do nothing they are with PM ...If these leaders supporting the PM this definitely against the people wishes who supported them in general election for better living in Malaysia...

Anonymous said...

We don't have the luxury of having many good leaders , ku li is one, anwar ibrahim is another , perhaps rafidah Aziz can be counted too . so among the 3 we are left only with ku li . give him a chance to make the change AND to groom new ones who will be the real ones to bring the country to greater out of the current quagmire . time is limited and we cannot make any more mistakes , so the rakyat should support ku li to do the job and others to assist him.

InsyaAllah .

Anonymous said...

Go...... go for ku li , Mahathir must help to mike this happened , Mahathir should not be selfish to look into his own interest only , the country is at stake , every one should lend their assistance , the country needs everybody's help...............

Unknown said...

Yes..let together to make it happen.

Pak Sheikh said...

Don't forget.... The most important things....the adviser of the PM..coz I strongly believe that what had happened...is not only the work of Najib, but include the hands of the advisor...