12 October 2015

1MDB or Najib should be charged, not Khairudin or Matthias

We are deeply in a police state. The police are protecting the wrong doers. The government is putting the rightful and the concerned Malaysians to trial without qualms and guilt. No one in the country should fight and struggle for the truth as the police and lawlessness of this country will pin one down with Sosma, the draconian law meant to protect the plunderers and the pillagers. The devilish leaders that we have presently are running amok on anyone who attempts to disclose all their wrong doings of leaders that rule the country led by Najib.

How could Khairuddin Abu Hassan and Matthias Chang be charged for sabotaging the banking system and nation's economy? To right minded beings the tireless efforts of many including Khairudin and Matthias should be supported as they are the ones who are courageous enough to get to the bottom of the dubious acts of 1MDB. The alleged money laundering committed by the sovereign funds is known to everyone in the world. This notorious 1MDB has been on headlines of most of the printed and electronic media worldwide and they never fail to print the photos of our Prime Minister in every edition of their printed and electronic media.

Charging the duo to sabotage the banking system and our nation's economy is not digestible as the one which is more likely to sabotage the economy and the banking system of the country is 1MDB itself. Bank Negara Malaysia has ordered 1MDB to repatriate all the money immediately from the permits it gets from BNM. 1MDB were furnishing the central bank with incorrect and insufficient informations at the points of application of the permits. The Governor of BNM herself have instructed the money to the tune of $1.83 billions or RM 7.5 be called back after realizing the informations given to the central bank were insufficient and deceitful..

Based on the statements by the BNM's Governor is putting 1MDB as the acts of sabotaging the nation's economy and the banking system, not Khairuddin or Matthias Chang. The person who should be charged is Najib himself as he's the main person who makes major decisions on business and financial actions of the company. It is not hard to believe that the transfer of the money for investment abroad and furnishing the incorrect informations to BNM was Najib's decision himself.

Hence Najib has more reason to be charged for sabotaging the economy as his involvement in the 1MDB's decision is more glaring. We have witness how the ringgit falls and the movements of equity investors away from the country in billions of ringgit in the past months. The situation that derives from the mishandling of 1MDB has pulled down the economy of the nation and it's only right for Najib and the executives of 1MDB be charged for sabotaging the economy of the nation.

The press conference attended by Dr Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh and Muhyiddin this morning will ultimately results in the ousting this low moral and stubborn leader. Let's start the nation afresh.


Anonymous said...

Najib and his lackeys are running out of ammunition of silly excuses....its a matter of time this administration crumbles. Hopefully its sooner rather than later.

Idrus said...

What you write here is echoed by most other Malaysians, just read all the other blogs they all say the same thing like here. Malaysians are making it clear that they feel deeply disappointed by dishonest, corrupt behaviour especially if they see it coming from their leaders.

liza said...

High time for the DYMM Agong to call for general election.

Anonymous said...

Najib had lost all sensors so whatever being said or commented have no effect on him . If his sensor is working he should have resigned for mistakes had made. If he understand moral he should have resigned when he was caught red handed by religious department officers in Port Dickson in a hotel room with filmstar not his wife.
He will never go because resigning means will end up in Sungai Buloh jail . It is majlis tertinggi Umno and parliment should be blamed for giving him all the support to hang on to his post as Perdana Menteri . It is Umno calture to keep the hopeless leaders so that all request will not be rejected by leaders in trouble....