18 October 2015

Are we ruled by pests? We are isn't it?

In my last posting I wrote with clarity that Najib will soon leading a deserted party as the exodus of UMNO members leaving the party is set to continue. UMNO will be a party with much less members as in essence more than half of UMNO members are supporting the oppositions. The party will in the end becomes an exclusive club meant for those the uniformed individuals who do not know how their leaders led by Najib. Najib is firmly perceived to be heading an administration that endlessly milks the country dry.

The concerned leaders outside the party and the government have been advising the PM with the do's and the don'ts if he wants to lead the country without pain, but all those advices were not receptive to this most controversial leader of the world. He just wants everyone to support him without queries and accepts every thing he does unconditionally. He thinks he has the privilege to commit corruption and misuse of power without hindrances and our duty is just to support him blindly and unequivocally.

Now he is tearing the nation to pieces and the country apart just within five years of his administration.. The dysfunctional government led by Najib seems to have lost all plots of managing the country with purified purposes and intents. He says he is doing the best for the country but the issue of 1MDB alone is enough to erase all the claims of his good intentions of developing the country. He is accountable to all the pranks and shenanigans of both the law makers and the implementers. The law makers and the implementers are working hand-in-glove to dilute the country to a failed state, and that will be certainly be proven if the current lines of leadership still shamelessly loiter around in Putrajaya.

The country is suffering from heavy external debts that currently has mounted to RM 800 billions. More than fifty percents of the debt amount was accumulated within Najib's five years administration and there is no sight or indication that it will be resolved under Najib's premiership. The crude truth is the country is not being managed at all. All financial shortfalls of the government are given to the rakyat to cover as leaders led by Najib are not resourceful enough to resolve any kind of financial hiccups. Najib's led government only knows how to tax (GST) the people who has already taken away from them the subsidies the people have been rejoicing all the years. Najib's administration is taking everything from the people.

So what is left with us now? We have lost what we used to have and now we are paying high costs of living and it's ever rising without constrain. The God blessed country is now doomed with scandalous doings of the leaders who are now turning back to the people for undivided support for them. Technically we are without a government as this country is now ruled by Najib personally and the IGP with strong support from the new Attorney General, Apandi Ali. It looks like this country is a kingdom ruled by an individual  named Najib with his IGP. The income of the nation is his personal income and no one should be saying anything other than to support him unequivocally, and don't ask anything on what he does.

Malaysia achieved its independence from the British some six decades ago but we are back to the colonisation by our own blood and flesh. The British left the indigenous Malay with more than 3 million acres of land, known as Malay reserve land but the Malays are left with much less than 2 million acres after the reserve land were plundered by our own governing leaders in the name of nation's development. We are left with irresponsible, indignified and clownish leaders with no soul of the people.

Are they not a pest? They are isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

Sadly now PAS unveiled its true color. Hudud is just a lame excuse in justifying themselves to get out from PR. What is your action being a muslim in DAP to tackle a negative perception and skeptical feeling on DAP among Malays especially in religious matters. Tq.