16 October 2015

Never go against the rule and law of nature

UMNO will soon be a deserted party as it has already been disowned by many of its members. As it is now the leaders high ups in UMNO have not taken pain to get to the grassroots and appreciate the feelings of disgust among the members of the ruling party. Many well respected moderates in UMNO are leaving and the latest was Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah a member of the Supreme Council leaving the party to be a member of PKR. 

Saifuddin's action to leave the party was a big news especially for UMNO with sour grape reaction from its leaders. Adnan Mansor the Secretary General says that UMNO should celebrate Saifuddin's departure from the party as he is a rubbish in UMNO. Adnan's arrogant reaction on Saifuddin's departure is the true representative of UMNO leaders attitude in general. Zainal Osman, Penang UMNO chief says that the departure of Saifuddin will take away one UMNO enemy. Both Adnan Mansor and Zainal Osman are representatives of deluded UMNO led by leaders with too little soul of UMNO.

The issue of Saifuddin's leaving the party is not an isolated issue as in the last general elections more than one million UMNO members turned coat in the voting centers and it's going to happen again in bigger numbers in the next general election. There were some constituencies where UMNO secured less votes than the number of UMNO members in those constituencies. Rubbishing Saifuddin by Adnan is also rubbishing UMNO members who were already prepared to turn their coats at the voting centers in the forth coming General Election just like they did in the last election.

The situation is expected to worsen as the issue of 1MDB which handles the huge sum of state funds was deviating wayward that results in heavy losses and debt accumulated by the 1MDB. However leaders of UMNO still believe that UMNO is going to remain in power after the next general election. While UMNO are in a day dream the secondary issues that surface lately are issues that will immediate cause for the ultimate demise of UMNO.

Ordinary Malaysian are burdened with heavy and high cost of living. They feel that their lives are being vandalized by their own leaders. The latest additional burden was the increase on twelve highways and motorways in the Klang Valley. The periodical review and increase of the toll rate was one of the terms of the contract when the government awarded the concessionaires the contract. The government fails to bring along the highway concessionaires to get together to share the burden of the spiralling cost of living of the people.

The concessionaires have to be paid the huge sum of compensations if the government disallows them to increase the rate as stipulated in the contract. The concessionaires give the high cost of maintaining the highway and their commitments to their bankers that necessitate the increase on the rate. Many wonder why the ever increasing traffic on all these highways cannot cover the cost of maintaining the concessions. This issue will be another main issue that the new government repossesses power from the current incapacitated sitting PM. The toll issue is not small issue especially to the suffering middle class Malaysians especially.

The toll increase comes in just months after Malaysian were heavily taxed through the introduction of Good and Services Tax (GST). Just months before the introductions of GST all kinds of subsidies were taken away. All happens within few years after Najib came to power. Najib's administration only knows how to tax the rakyat. He was unable to raise the income of the ordinary people and the ultimate of changing Malaysia to higher income nation is mere rhetoric impregnated with hypocrisy and deceits.

A commentator of this blog says that Najib is not going to be a leader of any better than he is now as he has a problem of getting everyone to believe him. None of the words he utters is believable to everybody. No one trusts every word he says. How is he going to continue on leading the people?

There are indications that he is now a loner at international political arena. He is Robert Mugabe in the making and the country is just like Zimbabwe in different name. If that is the situation we are not going to progress any further and in fact we are digressing speedily towards disastrous nation.

I believe that all devilish and evil acts of the leadership will end and let that determined by the law of nature that we human being ruled by. As I have said repeatedly if great evil occurs great good will follow suit. Do not go against the rule and law of nature.


Anonymous said...

Tengku Adnan Looked very frustrating that was why such a sarcastic words came out of his mouth. He is off balance now because all his hard work not appreciated by Umno members. The smart and intelligent Umno leaders have deserted the ship that will sink any time now. If the leaders have deserted the party surely ordinary members have gone long time ago without notice because these people not holding any post.
The Najibs people really fighting uphill battle because their enemies are every where ...within their own party and in the oppositions. Those still in the Umno dont careless because why should they work hard for nothing. So if existing Umno members have same perception Umno will die much earlier than every body expect .
Who on earth trust an organisation headed by someone with lots of controversies supported by opportunist and other most senior members leaving such party. If there are people still have confidence in that particular party surely there must be something wrong with that people . Dato Saifuddin is a person with principle not like Umno Secretary General good for nothing pengecut bertanding harapkan talian hayat orang kerajaan bandingkan Dato Saifuddin bertanding dikawasan kampung yang pengundi2nya tak makan ugut macam Putrajaya.
Kalau nombor dua tiga dan yang celik2 dah lari apakah ahli biasa nak harapkan lagi elok cabutlah sebelum kapal tenggelam.....

Anonymous said...

Bila kita dapat merdeka, British modelkan democracy ikut dia orang, bagi kuasa pada rakyat daripada raja mentadbir negara sendiri. Tetapi bila ketua rakyat pandai manipulasi pentadbiran untuk menjadi lebih kuasa dari raja suka cakap dan buat ikut suka hati dan dah lupa tanggungjawab dan mabuk dengan harta, maka raja berhak mengambil langkah mengambil pentadbiran negeri untuk menjaga tanah jajahan dan rakyat mereka.

Unknown said...

Saifuddin will take Temerloh anytime. So beware that dim witted pas member who won bcos of chinese votes. They wont be duped twice!!