07 October 2015

Please Malaysia Chronicles, I didn't mean Muhyiddin, I meant Tengku Razaleigh

I am always thankful to Malaysia Chronicle for supporting my articles for a long while by uploading them in the portal. But I was astonished that my latest article's meaning was way wide diverted to different meaning to what I actually wanted to say.

I have never mentioned Muhyiddin as the leader who is fit to replace Najib as being put up by Malaysia Chronicle on my latest article that the portal uploaded. I have never meant Muhyiddin and I didn't mention any name as I am understood my many as the person who wants Tengku Razaleigh to lead, not anyone among the current members of Majlis Tertinggi.who have been cultured the way they are now.

I do hope that Malaysia Chronicles will adjust my article that it uploaded in the portal as I do not want what my struggles to be misconstrued by anyone. I never mention Muhyiddin as the likely and the viable candidate for the direct election as the Prime Minister. Not a word of that. I can't be giving support to a person who is within the same culture and mould with Najib and the rest. If we are serious we must look far forward and please avoid taking wrong decision time and again over the issue of alternating ousted or an outgoing leader.

I have mentioned this many times ousting Najib is one thing but choosing a right candidate for the transformation of the nation is another thing. Choosing a right alternative is more crucial than ousting the sitting PM. Choosing Muhyiddin will only prolong the problems that we currently face.

I hope everyone who reads my latest article in Malaysia Chronicle will be informed about this as I do not want to be construed as supporting a leader that I never support. My wish is for Tengku Razaleigh to lead and do the repair job for this devastated politics and government.


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Aspan Alias said...

admin@ malaysia chronicle'

Yes I received your explanation and a lot of thanks for that. I just read it minutes ago and am delighted that your quick response. I do understand the real situation now but at least you understand where my purpose of destination on my write ups when deliberating on the leadership change for the country.

I believe that it is not just changing of leaders that is needed now butbut more crucial is the change in leadership facets of the country.

The facets have got to be changed as changing leadership by the conventional manner is not anymore purposeful. AND for that purpose to my mind, changing a leader from the same mold is going to fatal in a very near future.

Tengku Razaleigh is the only soul left today who has the soul of the leadership of the good old days under the first three PMs of the country as he was well regarded as a technocratically proficient and subsequently believed to the best planner for this distorted nation.

I was actively jobs in jobs that was set up with social and economic engineering for reasonable number of years and I truly enjoyed working under the supervisions of a well planned and implemented policies of the government. I believe TR should lead and the nation shouldn't waste the talents of this best son of the soil.


admin@ malaysiachronicle said...

Thank you so much for replying. We were worried you didn't get our explanation and apology and didn't want to seem tardy for not responding to your complaint.

On the point of Ku Li being the more able PM, there is certainly grounds to believe so and we would support fully any movement that pushes for direct elections for PM. Surely, guys like Ku Li have a chance to win hands down so long as the elections are well buffered from the usual money politics & bribes ala the current Umno stye.

Towards a better Malaysia, our best regards and thanks especially on behalf of our readers for your tremendous articles that are always insightful for the 'enthusiasts' of the local political scene.

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Tiger said...

Agreed TR would be the best candidate.
But its only a dream. The criminals of this nation have a firm grip. They have no conscience.

abrarmujahideen said...

Malaysia bole jadi " negara dunia ke empat" ade Najib kisah asalkan dapat bergayut pada kuasa..knp la hendak nya !!!!

abrarmujahideen said...

Masalahnya " STATUS QUO - UMno - MCA - MIC )))BN masih pemikiran yg sama.. Hilanglah punca kuasa politik , darjat n ekonomi-hartahakmilik ...Sanggupkah TR menjadi ketua kerajaan peralihan selain UMno yg membarah

CHIA Yew Heng said...