11 October 2015

All treasonous acts on the land must be stopped at all cost

The statement made by the newly minted Attorney General was laughable and at the same time an insult to anyone who has a little bit of grey matter. His action purely disregards the the call by the Council of Malay Rulers for the 1MDB investigation be completed as soon as possible. The questionable AG responded from the call of the Rulers Council that there is nothing wrong with the running of the government sovereign funds managed by 1MDB, the company that Najib makes all important business and financial decisions for the company.

He fronted all dysfunctional board members and executives and they were there just do what Najib wants them to do. The rest of other matters of the company rest on Najib the defacto CEO of the company who is also the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister. He was believed to decide on how and where the money to be transferred. He decides on how much money to move and to be deposited in whose accounts. It was believed that part of the money to the tune of USD 700 million went straight to his AmBank account in Kuala Lumpur. Najib told the easily deceived Malaysians that the money was a 'donation' to UMNO and BN and he has the right to deposit it into any account.

Subsequently the USD 700 millions were transferred into Najib's personal account in AMBank passing through the monetary regulations without hindrances. Now the BNM Governor stands in  contradiction with the AG by disclosing to the public that 1MDB has done another serious offence against the land. 1MDB was requesting permission to invest $1.8 billion (RM7.5 billions) abroad by furnishing deceitful and inaccurate or false informations to BNM on submission of the request and BNM approved the application by granting 1MDB three permits to invest that huge sum abroad. Knowing that they were deceived BNM has revoked the three permits and ordered the money to repatriated to Malaysia instantaneously.

1MDB should be charged for deceiving informations to the BNM in process of securing the permits to invest abroad and this is the duty of the AG to initiate such move to put 1MDB for its wrong doings. AG should stop treating the AG departments like a subsidiary of UMNO for heaven sake. If we can charge a 'mata-mata' who receives a RM 100 corruption money, there is no reason for this huge corruption involving billions of ringgit to go scotts free.

The 1MDB issue has been too serious and it has caught the attention of the Council of Malay Rulers and the Malay Rulers are in the opinion that there are too many serious hiccups in the 1MDB that need immediate settlement on the issues. The culprits must face the law and if found to be implicated they must be brought in the open and face the law. If 1MDB refuses to send back the money because all have been spent I am very sure that Bank Negara can take legal charges against 1MDB without the the involvement of the AG. Maybe one or a few have to go behind bars if BNM takes serious action against the perpetrators of our financial system.

These treasonous acts have got to cease. Everyone that commits treason must face the law of the land without fear or favor. If it is committed by the PM or the AG and the IGP they should face the law. No one has immunity and ought to face the law if it is necessary. 


Anonymous said...

Under Islamic law, the hudud for stealing is cut the hand around the wrist. For treason and cbt is death. Bribery is cbt and the penalty is death. UMNO Malays have no values and to them corruption, in terms of wealth and abuse of power are their only means of maintaining political power. May God bless UMNO.

bruno said...

We have to ask ourselves,why are the ruling Umno/BN been getting away with committing wrongs after wrongs.Even low level operative bigots like Jamal(ikan bakar)and Ali Tinju can utter seditious words and threatened unrest or riots.And all the police under the command of our twitter happy IGP,can do most is to politely ask them not to make trouble?

The police,just like our screaming and wailing opposition leaders,have to come out openly and admit to the rakyat,that they are just a herd of impotent lembus.Instead of soliciting support and donations from the rakyat,they should just openly say,please only send us boxes of that famous "blue diamond pills".

Anonymous said...

Remember that - had not the wsj exposed the rm 2.6 billion went into Najib's personal account, nobody would have known about it. When it was thrown out in the open, then, it became 'a donation' after much denial.

Delusional Chinese said...

Why are delusional chinese Guan Eng Maharaja allowed to roam the streets in yellow and instigating the malays?

Anonymous said...

Already been said...if pemimpin baik..negara, rkyat baik...kalau pemimpin pnyangak..sbhagian kedi pemimpin..pnyamun..worst..pengkhinat

Unknown said...

He didnt instigate malays. Only you felt instigated and it suits a racist like you.