25 May 2009

Carelessness of today is suffering of tomorrow

I was with a few friends in Petaling Jaya enjoying supper at about midnight last few days, most of them are of my age (between 55 to 62 years) and when friends of this age group together one of the main topics of discussion would be about health.

“Aspan, how’s your heart, lever and all? Do you have any problem with all or any of those?” one of them asked me. “So far so good, what about you?” I answered him with a question. “I have loads of sugar!” he quipped.

Quite a number of my classmates in school and in campus are no more living due to various health taxing problems; cancer, stroke, heart attacks and many other kinds of diseases.

Coincidently 3 among the 5 whom I invited to meet that night, in some way or another are facing to some extent health problems.

They are encumbered from going out freely at night and have to observe tight dietary program, and the three poor friends just ended in sipping just warm or sterilized water and a small portion of tosay.

I was concerned, and felt so sorry for them and I could see their basic characters changed after contracting these terminal diseases. Apparently their lives are not like what they were before.

As for me I am thankful to our merciful Creator for extending my life with averagely in good state of health but may be a good candidate for diabetics.

“Aspan, make no mistake like us bro. We were not careful and did not really care to live in proper ways for the last 2 or 3 decades. We ate everything that my teeth could chew without bothering what the consequence to that bad habit,” says Ramli (not his real name) seriously.

Apparently he was referring to his ill-eating habits in the younger days. “Since childhood days I took in red meats, crabs, squids, and other foods in category of silent killers in huge amount,” he continued. “Now I am paying hefty bills for the past 6 years for what I have done to myself,” he emphasized. "I now realize that we are what we eat" he moved on.

“Bro, I didn’t take all those in my younger days. Vegetable was my main diet everyday until my age of 19. It was not that I was too disciplined with food, but purely because I couldn’t afford it. I had meat only on Hari Raya days and that were the way poor people in remote areas like us were fed,” I said truth about myself.

The other friend is a cancer patient and still in the early stage and is under radio therapy in one of the government hospitals and the third friend is quite secretive about the disease he has.

That short dialog tells us a lot. It clearly tells us that the disease only surface after a long misjudgment about health and while they were enjoying wealthy food they didn’t realize that terminal diseases are just peeping to hop in us.

Sooner or later they will succeed in invading our body system and consequentially brings hazards to our lives. Subsequently we may have to treat and manage the disease we suffer very expensively and it contributes misery to our lives.

That applies to every specs of life. The most evident is in politics. The carelessness of leaders 20 odd years ago has contributed desolation to current political circumstances.

I vividly remember one of my in-laws said, "All diseases originate from the stomach; your personal health and politics alike. The political situation becomes bad when all its leaders are busy taking care of their stomachs. Not many can be trusted. They actually walk on their stomach". he said.

While they were enjoying the power attested to them, they misused, and abused it to the utmost. Many decisions were made to serve the need of their time without taking into account that the ill consequences will surface in decades to come.

They make decisions on ad-hoc basis, which only served for the need of that material time for personal glory and all the bad consequences now are all in our account.

The weak leaders who succeeded them just care to address the pains but are not able to address the actual disease because they themselves are suffering of the same miserable infection.

As long as the actual disease is not diagnosed and subsequently solved them we are not going to smell happiness and solace anytime soon.

The mistakes of past leaders coupled with the inappropriate leaders of the day, would contribute to dreadful state of lives.

Many may detest and hate me intensely for saying this, but I can’t find nicer way of telling the truth. Maybe others can.

Note: Above is the universal blue symbol for diabetes

Thanks…………………………………………………Aspan Alias.


Anonymous said...

You are so right. Sometimes our "penasihat" or "doctor" give ill advised to our disease.


Yahya Ahmad

jbholmes said...

Please sir, we are not going to see good things to happen anymore.
The current leaders have own problems, most of it are personal ones.
Let us suffer together bro. You have had your suffering, we are just starting to feel it. It is painful.

gov,retiree said...

Aspan, you are subtle in your message and I like it. You are a real politician, I must say.

Anonymous said...

I remember you once said, "UMNO dan Rasuah ibarat aur dengan tebing, saling menyandar menyandar diantara satu dengan lain. UMNO tidak akan hidup tanpa rasuah, dan rasuah tidak akan berkembang tanpa UMNO"

What is happening exactly fit that saying. You agree with me Aspan?

baywatch said...

Dear Aspan,
Your mentor is TR. If TR was in power would you guarantee that there would have no problems to this height?

Could you just say something about it please?

Thanks Asapan

ibrahimsalleh said...

Aspan, I see you as chain smoker.
I hope you just quit smoking is a very outmoded habit bro.

Its for your own good sake.

kkkedah said...

Mr Aspan,
The appointment of young chiko with the name of Omar Ong is massively discussed among the illustrious community of the country.

Everywhere people are hitting and smashing him.

Is there any fairness to that sir?

Baywatch said...

Dear bro Aspan, it is so sickenning upon hearing that Petronas would be next target for the giant leader to

Lease let your ears open and be watchful over Omar Ong entry into Petronas.

Aiyo!!! we are having suckers left right and back.

flyer168 said...


I became confused when I heard the word 'service' used with these agencies.

Internal Revenue 'Service'
Postal 'Service'
Telephone 'Service'
Cable TV 'Service'
Civil 'Service'
State, City, County & Public 'Service'
Customer 'Service'

This is not what I thought 'service' meant.

But today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to 'service' a few cows.

BAM!!! It all came into focus. Now I understand what all those agencies are doing to us.

You are now as enlightened as I am.

Cheers Bro.

shahbandarmalakat said...

Dear Baywatch, I am not trying to write on behalf of En Aspan; I just feel duty bound to response to your comments.

TR had proven himself when he was entrusted by late Tun Abd Razak to head the various portfolios : PETRONAS,PERNAS, BANK BUMI PNB and Finance Minister. The ringgit were very strong at that time and Malaysian economy was good; I would say everyone was happy.

In fact he was the 'architect’ of the country during late Tun Abd Razak's era , what's more proof do you want before you can accept to the fact that TR is the true leader?. Together with Tun Abd Razak he had built a strong foundation for this nation , without the Petronas I can’t imagine what would happen to the country., and for sure Mahathir could not have built KLCC and Putrajaya.

Previously I had written something about TR , pl click to link http://siraltalmustaqim.blogspot.com/2008/03/tengku-razaleigh-tokok-negara-yang-di.html

ismailsaad said...

Dear Aspan,

I am screwed in my mind. Objective speaking, what kind of political 'invention' to make BN still relevant by the time PU13 comes?

I foresee the fall of other states to the opposition front?

Can you enlighten me please Mr?

Aspan Alias said...

ismailsaad and the rest who responded to my short writing,

Ia so sorry that I am not well at this particular moment.

I shall give my point of view hopefully tomorrow once I back to my normal fitness.

Permit me to rest for just a while and see you maybe tomorrow nite.


Fauzi said...

UMNO itu tiada dosa. UMNO hanyalah suatu parti yang seharusnya memperjuangkan keistimewaan orang melayu.Dan ingin saya ingatkan disini, melayu itu "boleh dikatakan" sinonim dengan orang Islam. Maka perjuangan UMNO secara langsung membantu orang melayu lebih tekun dan selesa mengabdikan diri kepada Allah. Apa yang terjadi kini adalah angkara angkara ahli ahli UMNO itu sendiri yang mengambil kesempatan keatas kuasa dan keistimewaan yang ada.Dan yang lebih memalukan adalah mereka mereka ini adalah dari barisan pemimpin tertinggi dari UMNO. Perbuatan mereka ini telah terlampau dan memualkan rakyat secara menyeluruh. Saya percaya, ada ahli ahli UMNO itu sendiri juga sudah muak dengan perbuatan mereka mereka ini.

Secara jujur, jika UMNO mahu dipulih, pemimpin yang ada sekarang harus telus kan dan sebarkan perbuatan perbuatan melampau ini. UMNO harus mengakui akan perbuatan perbuatan melampau oleh ahli ahli tertentu ini. Salurkan maklumat ini pada rakyat.

UMNO must admit that its members has all this while been abusing the systems and government wealth. Thus, making it a public apology and announces that its members will be stopped from the abuse that they have been doing over the years, sincerely.

And then, I believe, akan ada rakyat yang mahu menerima kembali UMNO itu. Seperti yang saya katakan, "Melayu = Orang Islam". Maka ahli ahli UMNO yang "dajal" ini bukan sahaja sampah masyarakat malaha mereka ini adalah sampah di mata Allah.

Bertaubatlah dan mengaku akan perbuatan salah mereka ini. Maka dengan rela hati dan senang hati rakyat untuk menerima kembali UMNO

satokjaya said...

Saudara Aspan yang saya hormati, kami diSarawak telah memberikan sokongan kapada BN bulat-bulat.

Nampaknya kaadaan akan mula berubah kerana permainan politik diSamanjung nampaknya akan memberikan BN tamparan dalam PU13 ini.

Kami pun marasakan panasnya dan mungkin kaadaan ini menjalar keSarawak juga.

bm umno said...

Assalaamualaikum Aspan,

You are critical about issues surrounding us but your criticism are all done in polite manner.

You make some difference then others who criticize others with harsh and malicious words and personal.

I am an UMNO man of BM and I give regards on your critics. I like your blog and understand all contents.

ketua cawangan said...

Apa yang saudara katakan memang benar. Selalunya kita enjoy enjoy dan enjoy dulu tanpa memikirkan apa yang akan menyusuli penghidupan kemudian hari kita.

Pemimpin UMNO kita gitulah. Enjoy rasuah dan perkara keji yg lain, dan akhirnya membunuh keyakinan rakyat.

Kita dicawangan yang teruk kerja membuat defence terhadap mereka. Kita kerja macam lembu mereka enjoy rasuah diatas sana.

Pilihan raya umum mac lalu peti undi saya hanya menang dengan 5 undi saja.

Apa nak jadi saya pun tak tau. Saya sudah mula berfikir untuk meletakkan jawatan ketua UMNO cawangan saya.

Sdr Aspan, saya sudah rasa bosan, dan saya tak salahkan saudara menulis apa yang saudara tulis itu.

Kalau sdr datang penang saya nak jumpa saudara. Saya akan emailkan alamat saya serta no. talipon saya.

peguamkecil said...

What are we here for? In my state of Perak in real sense of the happening, it a political crisis and has nothing to do with constitutional problems.

Najib still wants things to be settled at State Legislative Level.

He is is so paranoid of losing. UMNO seems to avoiding to show that the party upholds democracy as stated in our party's constitution.

I am so fed up and for God sake to Najib and Muhyiddin, please leave us alone and you go for retirement.

These leaders are a pest to the nation maan!!

peguamkecil said...

To continue, when the two ADUN of PKR and D/Speaker from DAP crossed over, I saw Najib smiling to his ears expressing successes of his plans.

His silly move has created very serious problems in my state and there would be no finality to it.

No authority can be trusted. Now, go back to the people.

Tok Jantan said...


Kau stop hisap rokok unfiltered "LUCKY STRIKE". Aku tengok kau hisap rokok macam "asap keluar dari serombong kepala steam engine keretapi".

I heard your wife has recovered from her sickness. Aku dengar kau ikhtiarkan isteri kau pergi berurut untuk memulihkan kesihatannya. Boleh recommend siapa tukang urut tu.My wife is also not that healhty.

Anyway, how old are you? Kau ni kacak orangnya tapi tak sekacak Mustafa Maarof. kah,kah,kah !!

peguankecil said...

Mr Aspan,

There are rape attempts on Petronas.
Everybody is watching in horror.
Can you see it?

Anonymous said...

Aspan, do you know why there are people supporting UMNO leaders?

The answer is as follows;- 'God says the good is for the good, while the bad is for the bad'

Satisfied? ok bro?