14 May 2009

DS Najib - Hopes & Aspirations - If there's any Part 1

Managing a beautiful nation like ours is not as easy as ABC, and DS Najib is certainly the man the nation and the world are focusing on with full watchfulness.

A leader cannot be called a leader by just being able to provide scholarships to the poor students or just by supplying electricity and water supply to the remote areas, the issue which is popular to the campaigners in any election.

We are still not considered to be leaders just by building infrastructures, first class motorways, high and impressive skyscrapers, high class Mariners, International Tournament standard Golf Courses, having lists of International Convention Centers and witnessing rows and lines of Rolls Royce and Daimlers running through our highways and city centers.

History has proven to us that many great governments and nations went into oblivion, like the Ottoman Empire and numerous other kingdoms and nations do not even inherit their remnants of their existence and we only find them in history books.

These are the points that many sons of the soil are worried as the conduct of leaders of today will determine the future fate of the nation and more so about our race.

Don’t take things for granted, as many races in history, has lost their existence because of poor leadership and spiky attitude and values of live.

The Red Indians is disposed as an ugly creature in cowboy films; exceedingly unintelligent, dim, obtuse and brainless being. They were the legitimate indigenous race of North America but because of their loose character of their leaders and the people made them look what they are today.

Being Malay I am personally worried, that my race will be in oblivion in this world like the Red Indians and the indigenous in Australia.

The race has come to a point where nobody recognizes and being looked as a parasite to the modern race and society of migrant in origin.

In United States the migrant are truly in power to the extent of controlling both the hemispheres politically and more so economically.

The trend seem so obviously looming and intimidating in our country and the indigenous Malay and Bumiputras, especially the leaders are becoming to be items of trade by businessmen and big taukehs and profiteeriees.

Once political leaders are in deep love with big businessmen nothing can go right anymore and we only have to wait for one thing, i.e. a total caving-in of our political and governing system.

From that very moment no leader big or small can ever make proper and fitting decision for the country anymore.

To my mind, UMNO which was formed to be a nationalist party has gone way ward as an exclusive party for the few so-called astute beneficiaries with massive number of membership. The millions of ordinary members are made-believed that they are up there for Malay struggles.

Whoever takes the mantle, he would first come out with imposing and inspiring slogans some which we can still remember; ‘Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah’, ‘Don’t work for me, just work with me’ and the newly talked about ‘1Malaysia’ which DS Najib professes.

In the end as I have said once, there were no Bersih, no Cekap and no Amanah. For the other slogan, people just couldn’t work with him as he didn’t have sufficient work to do.

The ordinary members are slowly beginning to believe that they are deceived by their leaders and no one should blame them as they are just as human as their leaders with differences in thinking and perceptions.

The difficulties DS Najib is going to face are not at all small with 1Malaysia slogan that he designed.

BN has not been careful enough to maintain the affable and splendid inter-racial interaction created by the New Economic Policy (NEP) as the leaders since 2 decades ago were more focused on physical development less other important ingredients of nation building with 1 ultimate that is National Unity.

The past 2 administrations have totally ignored this important issue that currently in place. We only start discussing about the issue when everything is already decrypted, and left with thin insulation to maintain racial harmony.

Rukun Negara for instance is history as no one talks about it anywhere anymore, but one must remember that is the best ever result of years of soul searching by our fore fathers we never care to give regards to.

I still say that the dismantling of NEP prematurely was the sure cause of what is happening today and we can’t listen to the persons who ignored this issue to do the corrective exercise if there is one.

We truly hope DS Najib would manage the nation by consultation and reduce intra-party move within UMNO as that would derail the effort to arrive at the point which we used to rejoice immensely.

DS Najib’s effort for amicable solutions is highly expected and he has to work double the effort than his effort to be the Prime Minister.

I shall continue this article, maybe late on the weekend.

Thanks……………………………………………………………..Aspan Alias.


Tok Jantan said...

Leave Najib alone for the time being. Give him a breathing space to chart a new development strategy for the nation. I think Najib is in the right tract so far.
We need to talk less about politics and move forward to talk something that is really productive to ensure that the people benefit with the new change of guard.

The Malays have been talking too much about politics compared to the Chinese who are eager to see something changes for the better and fast. The Chinese are very practical people. They are more concerned about enhancing their quality of life. But the Malays are still talking about politics all day long practically everyday. That is the difference between the Malay culture and the Chinese.The Malays got to change their paradigm.

ibrahimkoyan said...

Tok Jantan, if Najib can fulfill, the aspiration of the nation, we will be more than happy to see.
Tapi mampu ke Najib ni? Saya ada resrvations terhadap beliau.
Any way lets hope for the best.

disillusioned said...

Encik Aspan, it is fine for you to write anything you feel fit to write.
It doesnt mean that you are disturbing DS Najib but instead he may find something which he may want to add on to his plans of charting the nation's fate in the future.
I see you are quite open and you are brave enough to express your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aspan;

I am very surprise that you are giving Najib a 'hope'. In many articles that you have written , the patterns are almost similar.A positive tone towards TR and a negative tone towards Mahathir.

I just wanted to remind you what have you written concerning Najib.

" Mohd Najib can’t even handle his own race or at least one of his family members and one can envisage how he is going to manage other races other than to concede blindly all their demands and quests at the expense of his or our own struggles."

A change of heart, Aspan? and why?

Orang Kampung

Aspan Alias said...

He, He, He Anonymous,

Many quarters are believing what you believe, and of course includes me.

That is the very reason why I hope has does a good job while he is there.

You see Manonymous, I always believe that the seriousness of the very near future is beyond my imagination, which I bet is beyond Najib,s ability to manage.

So, its fair for anyone to see what he does first rather than to be conclusive in giving opinion on DS Najib.

Tok Jantan said...

Sdra Ibrahimkoyan,

Percayalah. Najib will deliver. He has the material to be a good Prime Minister. Trust him. Insya'allah. Knowing his background coming from a good family I don't think he will fail the rakyat. He is not suffering from cultural shock. I am sure he wants to keep his family's name to be highly respected. He doesn't need anything as far as material gain is concerned. Now is the time for him to show his capability as a true leader by extending his late father's vision to help the rakyat. You cannot compare him with the deeds that his father leave behind. The environment during his father's period was totally different. Now I believe Najib really wants his own development strategy to suit with the current scenario.Give him a chance to prove himself by giving him the fullest support rather than keeping on harping about something very negative that is very damaging to his credibility. What do we gain by continuing pulling him down?

Is that fair to keep on castigating him just because he is not the favourite choice of some people to have him as our Prime Minister?

Face reality and accept him as a democratically elected Prime Minister and move forward to expect something positive from him since he is now seating on the driver's seat.

Tidak ada faedahnya kita masih asyik mempertikaikan kewibawaan Najib sebagai pemimpin negara.

Cukuplah tu !! Kita harus bersabar dan bersyukur. Yang pentingnya sekarang kita mesti ikhlas pada diri kita. Nawaitu kita mestilah berseh dan suci. Kalau ada hidden agenda untuk menjatuhkan beliau saya rasa itu adalah sesuatu yang tidak adil dan patut dielakkan dari berlaku. Kita janganlah berperangai seperti Dajjal !!

ibrahimkoyan said...

Sdr Tok Jantan,
Sedang saya melayari tulisan Aspan ini, saya terus terbaca response sdr terhadap komen sdr.
Tok Jantan, saya bukannya pandai, tetapi adalah pengalaman sikit=sikit dalam politik ini. Munkin saya btidak sekolah setinggi sdr tetapi bak kata Aspan dalam tulisan-tulisannya yang lalu saya boleh sikit=sikit baca apa itu air dalam tonggak.
Saya tidak pandai berhujjah tetapi saya tahu pemimpin ini tidak mampu menangi masalah negara sekarang.
Itu pandangan peribadi saya, dan tengoklah nanti, yang saya katakan hari ini akan terjadi.
Saya bukan ahli nujum, but I don't need to be a genius to fore tell what would happen with Najib being the PM. What is needed by me or anybody is just common sense with a bit of reading and political interest, itu sahaja Tok Jantan.
Macam mana pun saya hormati pandangan sdr itu. TK

Ikanbilis said...

can we just conclude our opinion on Ds Najib?
I think he is crashing even before taking off!
Do you agree with that?
I need an answer as I see he already struggling. He might concede to all demands of others to survive. shit scared man!!

Aspan Alias said...

I have the answer to you question, based on my personal view.
But it would be in my next posting on this coming weekend.
It is not just you who is worried, but many more are mutually having that feeling.

Tok Jantan said...


Saya pun begitu juga. Saya menghormati padangan sdra. Itu adalah pandangan peribadi ikhlas saya. Mungkin tidak semua yang bersetuju. Tidak mengapa. Tidak menjadi hal pada saya.

I am not a politician at all. But being a 65 years old man I feel more comfortable to always think positive rather than look at the negative side of things.

Maybe I am biased because I had benefited a lot from the BN govt. policies which I had enjoyed especially to get all my children finished their higher learning education with the help of the govt. and also getting business loans from govt. agencies to get my small business going until today. Alhamdulilah syukur!

ibrahimkoyan said...

Tok Jantan,
Saya nak saja-saja beritahu sdr yang saya pun dapat menhantar anak saya kemenara gading dengan derma siswa kerajaan.
Itu adalah dari kerajaan. Yang saya cerita ini tentang DS Najib, samada dia mampu atau tidak mentadbir kerajaan dan politik dengan kerenah kerenah bangsa asing dan perpecahan dalam UMNO.
Saya berpendapat bila kita sudah rasa apa yang kita sama-sama rasakan, saya sanagt takut dengan kelemahan Najib yang secara peribadi ini lemah akan menghilangkan apa yang sdr dan saya telah merasakan. Ramai org dapat derma siswa dan pinjaman perniagaan.
Sepatah kata penulis tadi, apabila kita dapat jalanraya besar dan scholarship bukan ertinya kita akan berjaya sebagai kerajaan.
Yang kita perkatakan adalah tentang kepimpinan Najib, bukan pasal dermasiswa yang kita dapat sebelum Najib memerintah!

tapahboy said...

Hi Tok Jantan and ibrahimkoyan,
Both of you are terrific, having good polemic on politics and friendly too...not emotional and no fight...and also no mencarut and no abusive words like many commentators do.

We learn a lot from your polemic and understanding of issues.

You all are level headed guys and must continue exchanging views..you should remain civil all the way...class!! congrats!

Tok Jantan said...

Sdra ibrahimkoyan,

Saya masih berkeyakinan bahawa Najib akan berjaya mengemudikan pentadbiran kerajaan BN dan parti BN dengan baik. Berdasarkan pengalamannya berpuluh tahun mentadbir negara saya rasakan kemungkinan beliau gagal agak tipis. Yang penting sekarang kita harus bagi sokongan kepadanya dengan memberikan input yang positif dan bukannya bertalu-talu mengkritiknya untuk mencacatkan kewibawaannya sebagai Perdana Menteri.

Dalam penulisan Sdra Aspan pada pandangan saya kalau diteliti dengan mendalam saya fikir ada unsur-unsur negatif terhadap Najib. Apa sebabnya? Adakah ini disengajakan atas tujuan yang Sdra Aspan sendiri dapat menjawapnya. Kalau nak tahu kita terpaksa menganalisa latar belakang siapa sebenarnya Sdra Aspan ini. Apakah sikap perjuangannya dalam UMNO? Adakah beliau bertindak sebagai proxy kepada pemimpin yang selama ini dijujung tinggi dan cuba menidakkan kepimpinan Najib secara "subtle".

Anonymous said...

Yang saya hairankan kenapa mesti ada slogan slogan ?Husein Onn ,Razak dan Tunku tiada slogan, kalau ada slogan pun mereka mereka tak lahirkan slogan mereka dan slogan mereka semua rakyat tahu iaiti IKLAS berbakti untuk Nusa dan Bangsa.Maknanya Najib bukan pemimpin Natural , di buat buat ,di sebabkan Dolah dan Mahathir ada slogan maka dia pun nak ikut adakan slogan...Yang menghairankan banyak banyak slogan kenapa pilih yang dah obvious Satu Malaysia... Tak cakap pun memang tugas besar PM ada untuk satu Malaysia...Dan kerena dia nak kan slogan juga di pilihnya '1 Malaysia " dan akhirnya dia terperangkap sendiri kena bagi explaination maksudnya 1 Malaysia dan hingga sekarang pun rakyat keliru tentang huraiannya. Maknanya Tak ke bodoh namanya itu?Itu belum pasal teori ekonomi. dia sebutkan baru baru ini..nilai tambah..bukan nilai tambah biasa ..pasal creativity akan bagi lonjakan berganda ganda...
Nak suruh Pemimpin pemimpin UMNO berubah, Ist things my wife komen bila dengar Najib Bercakap" Suruh lah Bini awak tu berubah dulu, menunjukkan barang kemas yang mahal mahal kepada rakyat"Dalam hati saya kata "betul juga" lalu teringat kisah Di Dubai airport seperti cerita kawan saya kebetulan ada kat situ waktu itu, bagaimana Rosmah tak mahu bayar berat berlebihan atas luggagenya shoppingnya atas alasan dia bini TPM waktu itu... marah marah kat budak MAS kat counter itu. betul tak betul itu cerita kawan saya tak akan kawan saya tu nak berbohong pula.

Tok Jantan said...

Mengapa Najib adakan slogan One Malaysia? Sebabnya senang je kalau kita lihat keadaan suasana politik masa kini, kita sendiri akan merasakan bahawa telah jelas perpaduan rakyat antara kaum semakin kusut dan renggang akibat mainan politik perkauman yang keterlaluan oleh pihak parti pembangkang yang semakin berani mengungkit-ungkit dengan lantang kononnya BN memperjuangkan hak Melayu sahaja dan mengabaikan hak bangsa lain seperti orang India dan Cina.

Persepsi ini kalau tidak diperbetulkan oleh kerajaan BN maka akhirnya sokongan dari bangsa lain terhadap BN akan terus menerus merudum.

Jadi Najib terpaksa mencari formula yang terbaik untuk meredakan rasa "cemburu" bangsa lain terhadap kedudukan hak istemewa orang Melayu dengan memberikan jaminan bahawa bangsa lain pun berhak untuk mendapatkan faedah dari pembangunan negara tanpa menjejaskan hak orang Melayu.

Inilah realitinya jika BN hendak mendapatkan semula sokongan dari bangsa lain. Sebagai pemimpin negara dan Perdana Menteri beliau prihatin bahawa semua rakyat mengharapkan kerajaan bersikap adil.

Perkara slogan "One Malaysia" tidak usah dipertikaikan. Sebenarnya ianya tidak memudharatkan sesiapa pun.

Apakah kita orang Melayu merasakan bahawa slogan One Malaysia ini akan menjejaskan kedudukan hak orang Melayu? Kita mesti lihat slogan ini hanya sebagai aras tanda untuk Najib memperbaiki semangat perpaduan antara kaum.

Najib perlukan sokongan dari semua rakyat berbilang kaum untuk mentadbir kerajaan dengan baik. Itu saja. Tidak payah lah kita meragui tentang slogan ini. Slogan ini hanyalah untuk menekankan agar semua kaum mesti bersatu. Jadi kita tidak usahlah mempersoalkan atau memutar belitkan isu ini. Kita mestilah bersikap terbuka dan rasional.

Itu lah ONE MALAYSIA. It is as simple as ABC to understand!! Why make it an isue when there is NO issue at all. Don't you think it is rather stupid to have all kinds of negative imagination towards this simple slogan? Only those who are against the leadership of Najib would continue to question the rational of having this slogan. They just want to create a political issue out of NOTHING. What a pity !!

Aspan Alias said...

yindanyan, I am so sorry that I lost your comment this morning.
For some reason it just disappeared and I have been trying to retrief it till this moment.
I have read the comment, and I hope you send it again for me to print it.
Apology bro.

ibrahimkoyan said...

Tok Jantan,
Sorry I was busy! Baru sekarang dapat baca pandangan sdr yang berbeza dengan saya.
Pertamanya saya tidak mampu untuk berpihak kepada sesiapa, baik Najib atau pun sesiapa.
Saya hanya menilai kandungan dan pandangan pada satu-satu isu sahaja.
Pandangan sdr tentang 'politicak affiliation' Aspan pun saya tidak ambil kisah.
Hanya saya menerima pandangan beliau tentang isu yang dikatakan olehnya. Usaha sdr mempertahankan Najib itu saya hormati.
Let us agree to disagree sdr.
Bagi sayalah, Najib merosakkan dirinya dan imejnya, satu elimen penting bagi pemimpin.
Saya susah nak tulis pasal beliau kerana terlampau peribadi.
Biarlah masa menentukannya.

k/tangandewanbahasa said...

Saudara Asfan, Tok Jantan, ibrahimkoyan dan lain-lain,
Elok tuan tuan berehat sekejap dan rilek dengar pantun yang Aspan sendiri ucapkan 16 tahun dahulu semasa beliau berucap di Hulu Kelang.
Pantun beliau bernyi macam berikut kalau tak salah saya.

Lain hulu lain parang,
Lain dahulu lain sekarang,
Dulu lebat bulu,
Sekarang dah jarang jarang.

Encik Aspan, betul tak senikatanya itu? He he he!!

Tok Jantan said...

Saya tak kisah sama ada sdra agree or disagree. It doesn't matter to me. It is just a matter of expressing my view, period. Saya tidak ada perasaan apa pun. Cuma komen saya seolah-olah memihak kepada Najib. Itu hanya pandangan peribadi saya. Saya tak taksub dengan pemimpin politik kerana politik bukan bidang saya. Masa ruang yang ada saya cuba nak asah otak saya untuk berfikir dan bergerak aktif takut nanti otak jadi beku dan cepat nyanyuk. Maklum sajalah saya ni orang pencen tunggu nak mati je!!

Saya rasa hal peribadi orang(yang baik dan juga yang buruk) tidak harus kita aibkan kerana mungkin akan menimbulkan fitnah. Kita simpan sajalah !!

Anonymous said...

Bagi yang aktif dalam politik UMNO, Pas, dan 46, di sekitar tahun 80an dan awal 90an, nama Aspan memang tak asing bagi mereka. Siapa tak kenal dengan Sdr Aspan ? dan orang selalunya tak kering gusi bila jumpa Aspan.Mungkin anak anak muda dalam UMNO mungkin tak kenal.
Kalangan 46 Sdr Aspan memang tak boleh dilupakan.
Saya sebutkan ini kerana tak mahulah bila Cik Aspan dah takde lai baru nak sebut sebut kisahnya,biarlah masa dia masih hidup ini saya pekernalkan sdr aspan. Saya yang selalu pada satu ketika dulu berkereta dengan dia balik Kuala Pilah, dalam kereta bila dah puas bercerita dia akan dia baca beberapa surah Al quran yang dia sudah hafis dan membaca macam seorang qori .Cerita yang sedap di dengar oleh saya ialah cerita Kisah politik Kuala Pilah zaman Datuk Mansur.Sdr Aspan seorang opportunist? tak tahu saya tapi kalau opportunist tentu dia dah kaya raya sekarang ini.Tak tahulah kalau Sdr Aspan jenis macam penyu bertelur, tak macam budak budak UMNO sekarang berkereta besar kehulu kehilir, kot Aspan surukkan kereta Merc yang menjalar di belakang rumahnya.Tak apa lah Pan kalau Kau tak publish komen aku ni kot kau malu nak dongar,tak payah publish,tapi Eden suka nak dengar kisah kisah politik kuala pilah zaman Datuk Mansur, pasal Datuk Mansur ada caliber, cuma ada lah sikit silap dia itu pun pasal dia mendahului zamannya.Dia buat processed chicken waktu tu tahun 1973 tapi orang tak boleh terima lagi, waktu itu orang suka beli ayam berbulu lagi. Tapi dua puluh tahun lepas itu baru lah processed chicken di terima orang.Kilang gula, beli mesin dari India tak salah ,betul mesin itu crude dari outlook (finishing tak cantik macam mesin dari German) tapi very functional harganya murah. masalahnya bukan pasal kilang tak berfunsi tapi ladang yang tak productive, tak boleh keluar hasil dengan cepat untuk di process tak cukup tebu, climate tak sesuai. Yang tutup kilang Rais.masa tu harga gula 35 sen sekarang berapa pan? Elok bonar kau cerita kisah lama zaman muda kau .

Aspan Alias said...

Sapo kau ni gheh? Anonymous pulak! Kalau kau samo samo den dulu tontu kau dah tuo sokaghang ni.
Den publish lah komen kau ni. Kita kan tobuko?
Elok tak payah buek coghito lamo, sobab orang sokaghang pandai-pandai, tak macam kito dulu.
Zaman boghubah gheh. Sokaghang dah lain.
Sokaghang 'everybody walks on his stomach'.
Den menulis semato-mato nak catatkan rekod yang den tak ponah lupo.
Kito dah tuo, dah buleh menyolam air dalam tunggak kato orang tuo-tuo.Biarkan oghang dengan glamor dio. Den jago cucu ajo sokaghang ni..dah ado tigo kete kau eh!
Kito sonyum dari jauh. Akhir kato,
kito cakap oghang putih, 'let us smile last but the sweetest and laugh last but the biggest'. Kalau buleh kau boghi tau den kau ni sapo. Jazaakallah!

Anonymous said...

Pan, identiti Den ni ,sudah terang lagi bersuluh. Siapa diantara sahabat yang rajin jadi Tuan duduk belakang dan ekau pula jadi drivernya bila tomankan kau balik Kuala Pilah, zaman zaman kemelesetan yang berlaku pada kita sepajang hayat bilo terjebak dalam kancak politik nak perbetulkan kemungkaran dan salah guna kuasa di kalangan orang yang di beri amanah mentakbir negara ? Siapa lai kalau bukan Eden?
Ini aden tulis baru saja balik dari mencari hadiah untuk cucu Den darjah satu, hadiah itu nak di bagi kat Cikgunya pada hari GURU Isnin ni.Habis jua lah RM 11.00 dengan bunkusan sekali untuk dua hadiah, satu untuk Guru klass Sek Keb satu lagi sekolah ugama.Tak mahal lah sebab dan Eden orang miskin.Kata adik ipar Den ,seorang Pensyarah Maktab Perguruan, hari Guru ini cikgu dapat hadiah banyak betul, kalau anak orang kaya tu bawa hadiah harga beratus ringgit. Tak macam zaman kito dulu mana ada Hadiah,Cuma Aden teringat kepada kat cikgi cikgi Aden masa remove class di Kuala Trengganu dulu dalam tahun 1961, Miss Rihana Hamid dari Perak, masa tu dia baru saja balik dari Kirby UK, mengajar English, dan Miss Linder,sukarelawan(PEACE CORP) dari LA ,USA,mengajar physic masa Eden form 5 di STAR, dan Aden ambil kesempatan ini nak ucapkan selamat hari guru kepada mereka yang bergelar guru mendidik anakbangsaku.Dan Den rasa mereka juga macam ekau 'let us smile last but the sweetest and laugh last but the biggest'bila mereka tenguk anak didik mereka berjaya dan ada yang jadi PM.Tapi Pan , ingat sikit bila nak ketawa seorangan tu tenguk keliling dulu takut orang sangka kita gilo pula.

Muruku said...

Tok Jantan,
Just permit me to give my view testimonially as a person whom I have been associating with for a long while.

Aspan as his name goes is a person who who is very lavish in giving out his opinion with loud thinking and that made him displaced and never he would rise.

He knows that but he enjoys being vocal and he has no qualm of not being given any position and I have never heard and saw him lobbying for position.

Whewn I asked him many times what his business is, his answer is standard: "I have no business to be in business" or "I dont know how to do business".

He doesn't criticize individual but he always criticizes on policy not personal.

He mingles around with everybody even with people of different politacal affiliation wothout fear

His friends are abundant, and I enjoy being with him. He is poor to the standard of UMNO members.

He is tough inside.

Tok Jantan, just a bit that I know about him.