17 May 2009

DS Najib - Hopes & Aspirations - If there's any Part 2

As I have said in my last posting DS Najib is under watchfulness of every quarter both locally and internationally.

Apart of Malaysia being known by the world community as a fast developing nation, it is also known as a nation with very nice and forgiving people who allow their leaders in the past and present to commit pricey mistakes to the tens of billions of ringgit, by just watching in droopiness and exhaustion.

Malaysia is always in the glare of publicity for every big and tiny happenings, and the whole world know every development that happens here, as we are inimitable in many ways.

Out of 200 odd countries in the world with government and constitutions, we are the only country where her sons of the soil, which is the Malays, are strongly defined by the constitution and we should give warmest gratefulness to our fore fathers for the forwardness in their thinking.

Any attempt to obliterate that part of the constitution has proven fatal in consequence like what happened in May 13 1969, and no one in this country want that dark patch of our history to recur.

As from then, Malaysian learned that life with mutual respect over race, religion and culture as the way of life of every individual race is the only solution for guaranteed harmonious living.

The May 13th’69 incident even though despicable and contemptible, it also had some disguises of blessings for everyone.

Everyone of every race realized that there were some serious outstanding issues among the various races that were not addressed when we achieved independence, which was to find the insulation for interracial tolerances for perpetual harmony.

The National Operation Council (NOC) which was headed by Tun Abd Razak which was formed instantaneously after the dark incidence swiftly brought political leaders representing every major race together with high government implementers and astute personalities to the negotiating table.

After 3 years of tireless deliberation and thoughtfulness on problems in place, the solution was found and there came the New Economic Policy (NEP) which was agreeably formulated with only 1 motive, which was National Unity.

The prescription was well set and like in mathematics if one does not follow the formula there will be no correct answer to it.

To achieve the National Unity, there were few processes to this:-

1) To eradicate poverty irrespective of races
2) To eliminate the process of recognizing a race through their economic activities
3) Narrowing the gap between the haves and the haves not
4) Equitable distribution of wealth among races

We can clearly see that the solutions were pure and sincere as our leaders those days were focused without a breath of personal interest embedded in the resolutions of securing answers to problems.

They resigned to the actuality of needs, only one, that was National Unity as that was the real and actual problems that created animosities among the multi-racial population.

It was only after that discovery, those leaders sat in meetings after meetings to determine the most viable and practical processes of actions towards achieving the National Unity as mentioned earlier.

Apart from determining the manners and modes of achieving the one goal, Rukun Negara was introduced which was forgotten after Hussein Onn’s administration.

Rukun Negara was not given regards at all and big leaders had never appreciated that Rukun Negara was formulated out of blood and tears of the rakyat.

If DS Najib is serious about doing soul-searching, these few important elements of importance to the nation should not be neglected and ignored.

To the minds of many people who are serious in finding solutions, the leaders in place must be having a mind which is uninhabited with personal greed and gains.

Once their mind is distorted with personal greed, gain and vengeance, no decisions made will be proper and fitting in perpetuity and consequentially politics and government will be in jeopardy.

The result of the NEP was seen successful in a very short period. The 3 major races were working hand in hand with deep revere for each other and the implementations of the policy suited well.

The working of NEP was very well underway both in the government and in private sector.

In the private sector there were all out effort by non-Bumiputra and we witnessed speedy Bumiputra participation in the middle and high management level in big and small companies.

At the government level, the Cabinet had strong Cabinet Committees to implement the policy in achieving the target of 30% ownership of the nation’s wealth by the Bumiputra.

Bumiputra then just owned 2.7% of the nation’s wealth inclusive wealth owned by government agencies which were holding in trust for the Bumiputra.

The Cabinet Committee headed by Tengku Razaleigh was splendid in formulating and implementing the policy.

One of the policies that he and the government successfully implemented was the transfer of wealth to the Bumiputra and the committee chose to distribute the wealth through the concept of unit trust.

And that was nor easy to implement. As a tiny unit of the team, I was with many others before that to give ceramahs to each and individual JKKK to exercise massive elucidation to the people and getting feedbacks and studying the pulse of them as to their acceptance of the project.

We wanted to see no mistakes in the implementations, as this exercise touched the nerve and breath of the rakyat.

The Implementation and Co-ordination Unit (ICU) in the Prime Minister Department was very pushy to see that this exercise be implemented with zero umbrage from the people.

Part of the Trust Deeds was amended to allow these units to be sold to the Bumiputra in the denomination of RM10 instead of minimum of RM1000 to make every Bumiputra could participate in the exercise.

It was finally launched on the 1st day of June 1981 and the response was massive.

I am proud that I played a very tiny role in this successful exercise and the pulse of self satisfaction was felt at the highest when I saw Bumiputra grinning and smiling 6 months after earning 20% dividend within 6 months on the skim.

As an UMNO Divisional Committee member in Kuala Pilah I was requested to help around the General Election in the following year.

I went around to few places and I was too happy to see the same JKKK committee members and various NGO’s at the places I visited working hand in hand with me as they have been together with me for 2 years in preparation for the successful Sekim ASN.

This time around they rallied behind me working for the success of BN in the first General Election which Mahathir led in 1982 which BN won with landslide victory.

I am writing all these not just for the sake of writing, or to be an impressionist as one of the commentators put me or as another one put as nak tunjuk terror or anything of sorts.

My reason was to emphasize upon the current leadership that getting the rakyat involved in anything that the government wants to do is the utmost important ingredient of rallying support for the government. That is all.

DS Najib should take this as part of recipe for his administration, but he can only do it if he does it without having to pact in the personal interests of his cronies and acquaintances.

His acquaintances should be the rakyat and not the few who are experts in amusing him. Administration after Hussein Onn had been ignoring this point which they think they didn’t.

For instance the rakyat became very suspicious when the agreement between the concessionaires of the North South Highway and other highways and motorways with the government are put under Official Secret Act (OSA).

Why must it be put in under OSA? The suspicions of the people are unsurprising.

There is an automatic imaginary answer to the question in place: there are dubious deals pacts with the project and some are making unnecessary wealth at the expense of the highway users and the rakyat as a whole…and don’t blame the people for putting their back on to the government.

Honestly to-date, we are still waiting for a new facet of image from the new administration, as there is still no indication of serious changes taking its place.

If there is any, many people on the ground have the feel that he has to concede a lot to the demand of what we meagerly have to others in order to be up there.

If that is real, then he is weak. I hope he would find the striking balance and use the formula of pre-Mahathir which had worked well. I am sure everyone thinks that the propensity of we losing in the next General Election is more than winning it.

Okay, I guess that is all for now, and I shall prepare for my last posting on this topic in just days to come.

Thanks………………………………………………………………Aspan Alias


tapahboy said...

Aspan, UMNO is in denial still. I think they have to face the music first before they bother to learn.
Najib seem to encroach the Judiciary like Dr M did.
Give uplah!

ibrahimkoyan said...

Please submit to the fact that Najib is in no way be able to find the striking balance as you wish to see.
Tengoklah nanti, dia akan akur kepada tuntutan bangsa asing dalam komponen.
Dia akan lemas dengan tuntutan2 itu.
Kalau kurang bersih janganlah harap ada apa yang baik dia boleh lakukan.
Saya tidak nampak UMNO akan pulih.
Saya juga seperti tapahboy yang najib masuk campur dalam kehakiman.
Kita perhatikan baik-baik

bujang trangtangtang said...

You juga yang kata 'keruh dihulu keruh dihilir'.

Apa yang kita nak harapkan dengan Najib ini?

Lupakan...lupakan..kalau kita komen lebih nanti ada yang kata kau tu memandai-mandailah dan macam-macam lagi.

Main golf aje Pan! Biar den bolanjo! Tapi kau boghi den monang! he..he

jbholme said...

Aspan Alias,

For the first time I trying to comment on any blog, and I choose to comment in yours first.

I agree to your point that once the exist of unity point was moved by our great so called world leader who displaced us for 22 years no one can go back to the formula set by our leaders like Tun Razak.

I don't thin his son can do what his father did.

His son's leadership has been distorted by what people on the ground talk about him.

Even government servants talk about him, and all the line up are full of distortions.

Some are angry at you for saying things aloud. They don't like it.

What they want is for you to say yes..yes..yes all the time.

You yourself said it months ago that in UMNO saying the truth is forbidden.

I agree with that. In UMNO one is supposed to follow infidels...
Sorry Aspan...you are trying to correct the impossible bro.

I agree with trangtangtang, go and play golf !!!

Aspan Alias said...

trangtangtang, jbholme,

Yes, I play a bit of golf but I am not really good at it.

As for my writing, its my personal view which I agree to disagree with anyone.

I must say that I am not at all a leader at any level, but my mind always told me to write what I feel, at least to release some heat out.

I know members of my party have been blinded for so long. But again that is my personal view,

As long as anyone is open minded enough for some discussion, I am prepared for it.

But I don't entertain emotional and sarcastic people because it would create ripples.

Ab emotional person are normally having inferiority complx and it is hard to come to term on any issue bro.

For this kind of persons I have conclusively decide to ignore them...after all as you may have read in my blogs some are asking me to do just that.

Thanks for your attempts to see things on different perspective.

artisjalanan muar said...

Ada telinga, DENGAR
Ada mata, PANDANG!
Ada mulut, DIAM!

Biarkan pemimpin kita buat apa yang mereka suka!

Kita ambil sikap masa PU13 nanti.
Pemimpin UMNO dan penyokongnya tak boleh ditegur! Biarkan..biarkan!

Col Roseli said...

Hi Bro,

You seem to have changed your lingo. What happened? Dapat wahyu ke?

Anonymous said...

Saya rasa saya tak perlu koment apa apa .Apa yang you tulis tu tepat dan betul.kalau di komen takut cacat pula.Saya setuju ,najib kalau iklas berjuang, dan dia ikut nasihat you tu, dia akan berjaya,dengan syarat dia as you had said it "DS Najib should take this as part of recipe for his administration, but he can only do it if he does it without having to pact in the personal interests of his cronies and acquaintances." Sebenarnya siapa saja boleh jadi PM dengan effective selepas Tun Razak kerana Tun Abd Razak sudah bina asasnya dengan bagus sekali, ikut saja modulenya dengan iklas dengan jujur macam Hussein Onn buat berjaya lah seorang itu bila jadi PM.masalahnya ada orang cuba jadi different dan tak ikut cara Razak,akibatnya hancur negara.

Aspan Alias said...

col Roseli,

What takes you to see that I change my lingo?

I hope you can tell me. I know I don't change course and until today I am what I was.

Anonymous said...

I am too panicky seeing Najib conceding to pressures from others.
It took about 2 years to see the weaknesses fo Badawi, but for Najib I see him as incapable long before he became PM.
Gosh! its sickenning.

Pensioner said...

Najib is drowned. He should release his responsibilities to others

Anonymous said...

jangan tumbangkan najib tu. sesiapa pun dalam mkt sama aje macan najib bro.
biarkan aje..najib ke muhyiddin ke..lebih-lebih lagi muhyiddin dan zahid..kalau memerintah negara akan pincang.
umno dah punah ranah!

Anonymous said...

"To the minds of many people who are serious in finding solutions, the leaders in place must be having a mind which is uninhabited with personal greed and gains.

Once their mind is distorted with personal greed, gain and vengeance, no decisions made will be proper and fitting in perpetuity and consequentially politics and government will be in jeopardy."

Ini ada saya katakan dalam episode yang lalu,iaitu Pemimpin Sebelum Mahathir tak perlu slogan slogan yang gah, cukup bagi mereka satu slogan yang tidak mereka sebut di bibir mereka tapi sentiasa lekat dihati itu 'iklas berbakti'.
Teringat saya Mahathir bila baru menjawat jawatan PM dia kata " Dia tak suka di sambut secara besar besaran ,red carpet , kompang dan sebagainya bila menghadiri majlis majlis rasmi .Tapi orang beri juga sambutan hebat dgn kompang red carpet dan sebagainya, dia tak larang pun.Bila wartawan tanya bagaimana dia rasa bila di beri sambutan begitu, dia jawab "Rasa seronok pula".Itulah dia quality pemimpin yang kita dapat seronok dapat personal glory yang sementara.Iklas sebenarnya tuhan saja yang tahu, namun hasil iklasnya nampak nyata dan di rasa oleh rakyat jelata. Sebenarnya masyarakat kita sudah rosak di sebabkan "materialism" yang parah yang mengakibat berlakunya rasuah merata rata.Orang nak hidup jual goreng pisang pun kena rasuah majlis perbandaran/majlis daerah.itu belum yang menjaga projek projek, buat jalan raya di kampung kampung ,Highway, bangunan tinggi tinggi dan besar besar termasuk Putrajaya dan sebagainya.Ini termasuklah akitek, Engineers dan consultants yang di amanahkan Saya berani mengatakan kalau pembangkang sekali pun memerintah benda yang sama juga berlaku.Lihat di selangor sekarang pun.Penyokong penyokong parti parti yang bergabung tak mahu ketinggalan untuk mendapat habuan, dan dalam keadaan macam ini akan berlakulah rasuah, baik orang parti atau kakitangan kerajaan yang memang kebanyakannya senang menerima rasuah.Sebenarnya kita sudah tersalah asuh rakyat kita, Rasuah bukan dikalangan orang melayu orang je malah semua bangsa.Untuk dapatkan kerja swasta lagi teruk rasuahnya tapi bagi orang cina rasuah ini satu culture bagi mereka dan mereka tak reveal.Dan mereka orang cina lebih selesa sekiranya mengetahui seorang yang penting dalam pengurusan projek itu seorang yang rasuah.
OK Sdr Aspan tak salah berfikiran positive, itu satu doa, kita disuruh selalu berdoa untuk kebaikan.Dari keburukan yang kita nampak kita berdoa agar buruk itu dapat bertukar jadi baik, "Doakan lah yang terbaik itu saja yang kita mampu" Isteri saya selalu mengingati saya bila saya berpandangan negative.Jadi kalau change course pun tak apa sekiranay untuk kebaikan.

Anonymous said...

Bro Aspan,
Teruskan cetusan hati demi untuk kebaikan.Lama Tuan Haji tak bercakap on sofism/ilmu marifah.Rindu rasanya dan saya terhutang budi kepada Tuan haji kerana Tuan Haji telah membuka pintu itu seluas luasnya dengan mengenalkan seorang Guru di Kuala Pilah dan seterusnya saya telah mendapat bimbingan dari Guru yang lain walaupun sebelum itu saya sudah diajak kesitu oleh orang tua tua dikampung sejak umur belasan tahun lagi, hanya setelah berjumpa Tuan Haji baru terbuka pintu itu untuk terusmaju dan saya tidak tulih kebelakang lagi.
Ini anugarah Allah taala juga.

Anonymous said...

"Apart of Malaysia being known by the world community as a fast developing nation, it is also known as a nation with very nice and forgiving people who allow their leaders in the past and present to commit pricey mistakes to the tens of billions of ringgit, by just watching in droopiness and exhaustion."



Anonymous said...

The negative perception of Najib, both morally and materially, was built up gradually over a period of time, over many years,ever since he assumed public office. The perceived negative image, is seen to be bigger than ever, after the "explosive" heavy inferences when he was DPM.

Now, having assumed Top Dog position, he must strive to engage on these negative public opinions, in the shortest possible time, and
not just simply sweep them under the carpet, wishing, it will all be forgotten. The barking dogs, together with the apologists surrounding him, are too busy painting pretty pictures and singing happy lullabies, to please him.

What are we to expect, I just wonder.....

tapahbory said...

You say anything you like about UMNO and their leaders.
Once they lose, we wont be able to say anything about the party anymore.
At least you put on record all your reminders before the party becomes history.
Aspan, I heard we are not contesting in Penanti.
Another news is Omar Ong is the director of Petronas; just appointed by our PM...I'm confused. Please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

Saya berfikir begitu lama tentang apa yang sdr tulis. Saya rasakan lepedihan yang sdr tulis itu kerana ianya melibatkan pemimpin kuta.

Akan tetapi saya mula berfikir yang sdr katakan itu terbit kebenaran yang benar itu susah hendak diterima dan amat memedihkan.

Memang benar kata perpatah inggeris, 'The truth is painful'.

Saya agak runsing menginati yang orang bangsa cina sudah tarik sokongan dari kita. begitu juga India.

Mereka tolak UMNO kerana sudah terlalu lama menunggu UMNO untuk mencari pemimpin-pemimpin yang boleh diyakini.

Sya sedar yang mereka menyojong pembangkang bukan mereka suka-suka membangjang.

Mereka sudah jemu dengan kerenah UMNO..saya percaya begitulah.

exUMNO said...

Jijik..jijik..jijik! UMNO tidak akan pulih!
Rasuah tidak berhenti. Salah guna kuasa berlarutan.
Bukan salah rakyat. Salahkan diri sendiri.

Anonymous said...

Saya sedih UMNO tidak seta dalam pilihanraya kecil Penanti Encik Aspan.

Kenapa begitu hah?

mikee said...

Sdr ku Aspan,
Despite being critical, I know you are in love with UMNO.
My practical advise to you bro,
You can't tell this people what to do cos they are dumb and mute.
Some are taking your critics as an offense.
Macam mana dia prang ni nak perbaikki keadaan kerana mereka tidak betul.
Bro, in the end you will be like an injured dog licking your own wound.
Being straght doesn't pay in our country.
Remember bro, you can't walk sraight in a crooked path.

Aspan, I have not met you for a year now, lets take of our ownsselves.

I have left UMNO 6 mnths back with all my family. You may hate it but I feel UMNO is technically finished.

Aspan, common! don't get possessed by that party any longer.


Anonymous said...


The slogan 1Malaysia is in real practiced. There is only 1 party contesting in Penanti, that Pakatan Rakyat.

UMNO is giving walk over!

Ini lah tahap kecerdikkan kita. Pooh!

Anonymous said...

Hari ini hari yang bersejarah!
Pertama kali UMNO dirinya diserah,
Rasuah dan penyalahan guna kuasa terbukti sudah,
Parti dan kerajaan dah tak tentu arah.

exUMNO said...

I agree with mikee that in actual fact you are the ones who love UMNO to the max.

Those leaders like Najib, JJ, nazri, zahid and all of them are the ones who are killing UMNO.

If they love UMNO truly, they wouldn't have been corrupted as that make the people hate them and tha party.

They steel rakyat's money and please believe that once a thief they would remain thieves.

Who are we Aspan? Mereka dah biasa mencuri dan budaya itu tidak akan hilang.

Mereka tidak ada bezanya dengan Botak Chin.

zainalabid said...

Aspan, aku beru lepas tengok kartun dengan cucu aku.
Aku lebih enjoy tengok kartun dalam astro dar tengok pemimpin politik tanah air yang tak semenggah tu.
Kalau you nak tengok, tak silap aku buka channel 611. 612, 613 dan banyak lagi.
Rehatlah aspan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aspan the blogger,
BN has decided not to put up candidate in the Penanti bylection.
The reason for this expected decision is known to you and me.
The situation is also propagated else where and BN is going to face the same challenges like in Penanti in the coming General Election.

So...is BN going to contest in the Next General Election?hehehe!

gov.reiree said...

Badawi called for the General Elections 5 months after he succeeded DrMahathir.

Do you have any clue as to how many months does Dato Seri Najib needs to call for The GE?

The mandate that the BN has now is Badawi's mandate.

Can you say something about this?

jbholme said...

We in JB are just staying on the sideline.
After all our MP Shahrir is not given regards what so ever by UMNO members and delegates.
So why do we care about your UMNO Aspan?
I know you from far and I see you wanting something which is impossible to achieve.
You want UMNO leaders to behave? No way bro..don't suggest anything to them.
You want them to manage the gov and politics like what we experience before? No chance..no chance. If they follow the old ways they cannot be rich like Tunku, Razak,and Hussein.
But mind you, Razak and Hussein have their biological sons to retrieve their father's whatever they missed.
Orang orang macam kita juga jadi kerbau untuk pertahankan UMNO bagi mereka nak kumpul harta.
Aspan, belive me, they won't be long. Nature will take its course.
Only God the almighty can help..not you and me or anyone else.
Meanwhile take care of your health..I see you bloating!

CINTA suci abadi said...

Nampaknya hidup ni macam lagu tahun lima puluhan oleh penyanyi R Azmi,"Serba Salah" .You tulis yang baik pun salah tulis yang tak baik pun salah.Tak tulis pun salah (mesti ada orang yang akan komplen kalau You tak tulis...macam saya kalau tak dengar joke you , sunyi sepilah ).
Dari komen komen yang di hantar rata rata nampaknya orang tak mahu nak berdoa, lupa nak berdoa...Saya pun walau tak masuk umno baru tapi saya berdoa macam you juga agar UMNO akan kembali baik.Kalau semua orang Melayu terus berdoa untuk kebaikan Insyaalah tuhan akan kabulkan.Kita patut bersyukor kerana Allah telah satukan majority hati hati kita semua waktu menuntut kemerdekaan dulu dan kita patut terus berdoa agar Melayu Islam bersatu semula.
Memang lah kadang kadang terfikir nak tengelam terus dalam ilmu hakikat/marifat; bersendirian, jangan perdulikan kiri kanan jalan terus, tetapi teringat pula sebaik baik suhud/zuhud adalah dalam keadaan keliling hiruk pikok tapi hati tetap zikr /ingat Allah.

Aspan Alias said...

CINTA suci abadi,

Yang saudara perkatan tentang terikat/makrifah itu merupakan perjuangan diri yang sebenarnya diri kita. Perjuangan itu adalah maknawi.

Tetapi hidup kita ini dalam dunia yang nyata dan dalam penglihatan mata kita.

Makarenah syariat tetap dibuat kerana kita faham yang syariat itu adalah mercu hakikat.

Walaupun kita sibuk dengan kerja seharian diri kita yang sebenarnya biarlah tenggelam dengan zik... itu.

Kata orang tua tua yang dalam itu kalau berjalan kita jadikan tongkat dan kalau tidur kita jadikan bantal..bukan gitu sdr.

Ok sdr biar itu manjadi rahsia peribadi individu kita sahaja.


zainal n gang said...

Rightly or wrongly I admit you are a thinking man.
As I know you for over 3 decades, I am amazed that you do think a lot.
You are really not the person whom I know as I have never seen you to be sad.
We are always amused by your witty jokes and laughter. Bro, don't be serious! let us humor the problem that we see.
Hei Aspan, you think we dont see what you say?
Let us go fishing bro! We are going to Rompin next week. Care to join?

CINTA suci abadi said...

Ya ...sekadar ingin bergurau dengan Tuan Haji He he He

zainal n geng said...

You are giving me too much trouble bro. Since you write in your blog I've to spend lots of time reading it. Its lively and interesting at least to me.
But you have not answered ne, 'are you going join us for the fishing trip' in Rompin next week?

call me eh?

abuubaidah penang said...

You write well. Every article that you wrote before this later ones were the preamble of what you wish to say today.
I enjoy your sequence and put my hat off for your thoughts. Its so easy to digest what you write.
You are opening up our minds for active civil discussions.
Thanks Aspan.

CINTA suci abadi said...

Saya nak cadangkan dalam rencana Tuan Haji yang akan datang selitkan you-tube dimana Tuan Haji baca surah surah Alquran,bukan apa saya benar benar rindu kan suara Tuan baca surah surah tersebut,lengkap dengan teranumnya .TK