19 August 2010

Free for all politics.

Malaysian politics seem to be like free for all. Main players UMNO, PAS, DAP, MCA, MIC,PKR pare the main players for the Peninsula while PBB,SUPP, PBRS, UPKO, PBS,LDP SAPP and others are players for East Malaysia.

Individuals in the Peninsula who of good consequence are Najib, Tengku Razaleigh Anwar, Muhyiddin, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Haji Hadi, Tok Guru Nik Aziz and Dr Wan Azizah are all names that one cannot leave out in the list of the men and women for the country.

Each of these names has an individual attributes and with individual character for Malaysian to choose to give him/her the trust to lead the nation. Gone have the days when leaders of BN in particular UMNO were the determinants of the nation politics and the direction as well as the goal the nation has to agree on.

Judging from the mood and tastes of the voters they are going for alternative leadership with alternative directions and spirit for a nation that claims to be independent and sovereign.

Firstly there is a need to find someone who is in person nice and compatible to talk serious issues about the nation. The person must be the one who is able to make any leader who is in serious mood to discuss matters pertaining to getting all Malaysian to be united. In other words of saying it, that some one has be a man with huge element of magnanimity with the heart for the people.

Another attribute is a person who understands all issues surrounding us in Malaysia and knows how to act based on right and accurate priority. And to find this person one has to know who among the many is having the outstanding testimonial records in his long or short record of public services.

Try to avoid rebel rouses to be in the short listing of names. But don’t forget that he has to be Malay. Please delete any name that is perceived to be taking kick backs and any other forms of corruptions.

For the purpose of conducting elimination process on the long list, please don’t consider anyone who is subservient his spouse or spouses if he has more than one. This is to ensure that his decision is purely his and not contaminated by the influence of his house mate or his soul mate.

To ensure that his soul mate does not interfere get some one who is married to a lady from a slightly better family so that she won’t have the addiction for money and glamor, once her husband ascends to power.

We terminate the serious notes here. Let us go for a lighter side of our mood. Please exclude certain names for consideration to take on the mantle. The list is as follows; myself, Quiet Despair, Mahaza, schenker 78, bat8, red alfa, dinturtle, kluangman and a few more. We are automatic disqualifiers. Maybe we can include one of my fierce commentators’ shamsul Anuar who never talk nonsense. (Just joking bros).

Now, if kluangman offers us a ‘buka puasa’ treat at any clean ‘warong’, that would be more quenching for us. Let us all accept the treat if he offers.


joyce said...

i nominate schenker 78 to be the Prime Minister! Any seconder?


Anonymous said...

Apahal babit nama gua bro ! wa tatak kaciau olang pun...luluk liam liam. emmm ok ok, wa kaciau najib solang saja...

Anonymous said...

I think only Anwar fit the bill,

100% Malay, handsome, pandai berhujah, alim, pandai mengimamkan orang, bersih, ada nur, tak rasuah, tak kroni... he he

Quiet Despair said...

Aduh, duh,duh... Tall order bro.
Not a one will qualify.
Only Malaikat can.
Anyhow, thanks for including my name in your list. And my brother Shamsul too.
Schenker is our step brother.
But it's okaylah. We have to accept our father's second wife's only son.

Anonymous said...

Shenker78: PM
Quiet Despair: DPM
Aspan Alias :Spiritual Leader

Good combination. Well Check & Balance


Quiet Despair said...

Anon 22.52

Bersih, ada nur, tak rasuah, tak kroni.....wakaka. Anda duduk dalam dunia mana sebelum ini.
Tak tengok ke apa yang dia telah buat semasa menjadi PM dan Menteri Kewangan.
Alim kuchingpun, Mr Aljay ni.
Dan tidak disebut pula meliwat ya.
Mungkin itu kriteria terbaik untuk jadi PM.
Selamatlah Ma;laysia jawabnya.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Wow, satu penghormatan apabila disebut untuk belanja 'berbuka' puasa. Ikut hati, anytime, anywhere.

Tetapi kena ikut kemampuan badan, hanya mampu belanja berbuka jika ada sesiapa yang sudi datang ke Kluang atau singgah di Kluang atau tinggal di Kluang atau kawasan2 yang sekitarnya (Parit Raja, Batu Pahat, Yong Peng, Simpang Rengam.

No hal dan tidak terhad di Ramadhan sahaja.

schenker78 said...

me as PM...?? even if i am qualified, i dont want it at all...

sorry.... I dont like limelight....

I prefer to be the spiritual guidance like mahatma Gandhi instead of any power, name and money....

i comment here so that others wont kena ISA, the good guys in leadership, a better democracy, not a kuku besi type....and i want gov really focus on the citizens in the low end and middle class, not the rich bitchy arrogant bastards like Taek Low Jho and Rosmah Mansur.

These pariah should learn to do real humanitarian works and social works. Not for the glamor of the camera...

PS...Klinik Maha and Firaun Mahathir is one of worst doctors produced in this country/Spore....

Wish that fella give prescription medicine or did surgeon studies instead of joining UMNO....

Its a classic tale of Jekyll and Hyde & Dr. Frankenstein...