09 August 2010

UMNO Selangor faces perennial problems.

I am writing an issue that my fellow UMNO members and supporters will detest and abhor. UMNO’s campaign to topple Selangor PR government brings no noteworthy consequence and it is going to be bungled.

Short text messages (SMS) fly all around inviting everyone that the message could reach, to come all out for one political demonstration against Selangor State government but not many paid attention to the call.

UMNO Selangor is all out taking every opportunity to disgrace the state PR government by the same leaders who desecrated and despoiled their previous BN government of the rich state.

The potency on the side of BN is not anyway, nears the networking of the PR and without untainted leaders and issues BN’s effort to unseat PR government in the state will be futile and abortive.

This is the real perception of the public, as the public voted out the same people in the last GE for all moral wrong doings they were seen to be committing. They are not returning the support to the incurable BN government with the old corruptible traits with them.

Most of the members of the voting public do not trust the leaders and they don’t take UMNO seriously despite of the uninterrupted barking towards the PR government leaders in particular the MB.

UMNO must not stop searching for talents among the party members to demonstrate its seriousness in wanting to regain power through democratic processes. The kind of personalities must be untainted and these personalities would not have to go for demonstrations like what the current dubious set of leaders is taking.

UMNO have lost in the game of perception with its opponent and the miserly image seems to be irremediable. The only way for those leaders involved in the last BN government is to retire and play no role in the process of regaining power.

The current Selangor UMNO leaders can offer and contribute to UMNO for its recovery by resigning and retire perpetually.

UMNO must give utmost efforts to find new blood (not necessarily young) to take the mantle and give the people a fresh alternative lineup to make up the qualifier for acceptable substitute to the ailing UMNO front liners in the state.

The people want a revolution in UMNO first before they can offer UMNO to return power to UMNO. They want an entirely new facet in UMNO, nothing less. The rakyat does not matter who rules.

The people want strictly clean and systematic administration under leaders with accountability. The previous government leaders in Selangor had illustrated the reflection of irresponsible and dubious in character.

The people instead want those previous set of BN government leaders to face the Law for their crimes they commit instead of exerting their effort to return to power.

The public is already exhausted and drained by the immoral conduct of these set of failed and derelict leaders and they are not welcome to loiter around in the party any longer as they will further cart the party to the gully.

If we are serious to return Selangor to BN, the whole set has to be replaced without further delay. If this is done there should be a slim hope to regain the support of the people.

Anything less means than that, there is no way for Noh Omar and gang to redeem the embarrassment from the people of the state.


dwen said...

Abang Aspan,

Betul, kempen UMNO tidak memberansangkan. Ucapan pemimpin mereka hanya mengeji dengan kata-kata kesat yang memalukan sahaja.

Saya amat terkejut jika BN kembali memerintah Selangor. Ikhlas saya bercakap bang.


Anonymous said...

aku Melayu Aspan, pilihanraya lepas aku pilih pembangkang sebab dah fedap dengan Pak Lah, aku tak fedap dengan UMNO dan BN..

Pilihanraya akan datang aku akan pilih BN balik, no matter what u said about UMNO dan BN..dah tengok macam mana PKR memerintah.. cukuplah tu dah bagi peluang satu penggal

adnan said...

Stop being silly trying to tell what UMNO should do. The obstinate party and its leaders are irreparable.

Let's talk on the alternative of UMNO. We must not leave the fate of our future to that bankrupt party, honestly.

Anonymous said...

Ada lagi ke UMNO diSelangor?

Ali Imran said...

anon 06:10,

UMNO itu masih ada. Tetapi tinggai jasad saja. Rohnya sudah tiada.

Ali Imran

nick said...


Exactement (pardon my french)! Not only UMNO Selangor faces these problem, ironically all of UMNO leaders still "don't have the ability" to see the problem! It is as if they are in a state of trance and doing things that are completely laughable and ridiculous in the eyes of rakyat (who by the way, are already quite awake)!

I'm quite amused by the antics of these leaders (especially UMNO Selangor) who are oblivious to the facts that the rakyat despises them and until today still behaves like they are GOD's gift's to Malaysia and expect all Malaysian to heed their call or rhetoric or rambling (which by the way are full of hypocrisy)! Don't they know that the rakyat no longer believes them??? Don't they know that the rakyat treat them as liars and "talam dua muka"? Don't they know that we no longer believe anything that is printed in the MSM??? Are they so detached from the rakyat that they no longer inhibit the same reality as the rakyat? Are they now so delusional that they believed themselves to be the "dewa2 kayangan" who are not among the human but are "destined" to shape the future and the well being of the human (malays)??? (The nonsensical reply of "everybody needs a palace!" by Mustafa Mohamad when asked by students regarding the need for a billion RM palace is a clear evidence of this delusional sickness).

UMNO is an addict of power and of course corruption. And to make matter worse, they are denying the fact that they have this problem! The first step of recovery from an addiction is acknowledging the problem! As long as UMNO doesn't acknowledge it and even goes around denying the problem, it will remain an addict. And the reality in Malaysia is that WE HATE ADDICTS, be it alcohol, drugs, gambling and even worse of corruption.

And of course, all Malaysian are just waiting for the moment when we can (will) send UMNO and BN ("the addict") to the addiction rehab facilities (to those corrupt leaders that would mean...you guess it... SG Buloh! and that goes for all the past leaders too..Tun or Tan Sri or whatever!)

Have a good day Sir and Selamat Berpuasa!


P.s I'm thinking you have it all wrong on the hakikat and syariat part (actually not wrong but isn't it supposed to be the other way around..maybe??? but then again I'm not well versed in these thing anyway. Maybe we could ask those newly minted Imam muda about it?)

Aspan Alias said...

Thanks for visiting me again. The antics of UMNO and their leaders are unbearable for those who think straight with no politicking.

They won't be sent to Sg Buluh as they will make sure things are covered up and you must remember that Malaysian PM is even more powerful than the US President. Malaysian PM can send anyone to prison. AND he will have all immunity in all accounts of crimes.

No law can put him behind bars.

nick said...


Point well taken and again "Selamat Berpuasa semoga kita mendapat rahmat dan ampunanNYA".


schenker78 said...

Sorry Aspan,

when UMNO's previous MB like MM Taib, Abu H, etc caught with money in australia or some alleged to have affair with a close relative etc.... came a savior / penyelamat UMNO, seorang yang tidak dikenali dan tidak dijangka akan menjadi MB, ...doktor gigi bernama Khir Toyo yang masa itu dianggap sangat bersih etc...lepas pegang kuasa, perangai dia hancurkan bukit, hutan, tanah etc serupa setan gila....

so your argument that a fresh face for UMNO wont work out unless UMNO really flush out all the snakes from the very top and re elect the whole leadership....Just ask your party do an AGM, complete overhaul of leadership like MCA (except they bring again the oral sex actor again)