25 November 2012

It is our divine responsibility to get the mandate changed

BN, in particular UMNO is perennially in a state of hopelessness. There is still no hint that the coalition is regaining its lost support. Instead, it is losing reverence from the ordinary Malaysian. The veneration is so serious that citizens as young as school leavers do not have even a wink at that ailing party. They do not see UMNO as the party that can grant them hope for their future. While large numbers of these young citizens lean themselves towards the Opposition, some remain in abstention and are not inclined with any political party.

UMNO is losing grip over the young and thinking voters. UMNO has failed to keep abreast with the needs and aspirations of the young generation. Muhyiddin Yassin realizes this situation and he called upon all UMNO members yesterday to fight back the effective psychological war against BN by the Pakatan Rakyat, in particular by PKR de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

Like any UMNO leader, Muhyiddin blames Pakatan Rakyat for the desolation and anguish of the people towards UMNO and BN. UMNO does not accept that the party is facing dwindling support because of party’s own transgressions on the people and the country since at least three decades ago. Malaysians have been very kind towards BN, and have allowed them (BN) to govern the country ad infinitum since independence of the federation in 1957.

To all Malaysians, let us all come to terms that our support have been taken for granted and we have seen the misdemeanors committed by the BN leaders without qualms to the extent that the country have lost all attributes of a democratic nation. BN is the host of all mischievous accounts of financial scandals that milked the country dry. Our National debt stands at more than RM502billion, which was just at RM230 billion when Najib assumed the Premiership in 2009. Now, the national debt is almost 54% of our GDP, nearly reaching the 55% of the legislative ceiling allowable for the country to contain debts.

Let us be alerted that the figure does not include the loan and debts of the Off Budget Agencies which stands at RM120 billion. By adding these figures together, our country is in actuality indebted of RM620 billion. This is far above the allowable limit as legislated by the parliament. In reality, our national debt is now more than 65% of our GDP. It is a frightening state of affairs, indeed.

I am hopeful that each and every responsible citizen will address this worrying state of affairs of our nation by getting the mandate changed to another ruling party, which we hope to be more responsible and accountable towards our beloved nation. The leaders of the other party are not perfect, but as I have often stated, the worst of Pakatan Rakyat is a lot better than the best of Barisan Nasional.

We must not forget that it is our democratic responsibility for our country to do away with the higgledy-piggledy leaders of UMNO and BN. This can no doubt be achieved through a united stand against the hegemony of UMNO.


ordinary malaysian said...

It is typical of Umno to blame the rakyat for all the ills of the nation. They themselves never as much as look inwards to see their faults. This is their greatest weakness and one that will hopefully see their demise.

But because they command the MSM and tv stations, perhaps they feel that they can hide all theirs sins behind their journalist gloss and bullshit and hope that the rakyat won't see through them. But nowadays with the internet, it is a vastly different ball game altogether. No sins can easily be glossed over, no matter how many layers of it you use.

Malaysians are now generally cognisant of all the abuses and excesses of the Najib administration and those of his predecessors' beforehand, especially starting with the man who some say can walk on water.

We are aware that the national debt is over the legal limit permissible by law if you take into consideration, like you rightly pointed out, contingent liabilities.

It is a scary scenario, because it means that sooner rather than
later, our credit worthiness will be downgraded.

Of course, after more than 16 years of deficit national budgets that we never seem able to check because of imprudent and reckless fiscal and financial mismanagement, corruption and the rest, the country is fast on the track to bankruptcy.

Najib's administration can spin howsoever they like, but reality and spin are two different things and mutually exclusive.

It remains only to be seen whether the rakyat's indifference and even animosity toward Umno, will eventually translate to a critically needed change of government after more than half a century of Umno hegemony.

Malaysia’s debts a potential time bomb said...


BN 2013 Budget is putting Malaysia at real risk of undergoing a debt crisis in countries like Spain.

Revenue for next year is projected to grow to only RM208.6 billion, while debt is expected to balloon to as much as RM502 billion marking a whopping 107.4 per cent increase in debt over the past eight years.

Anonymous said...

Pak Aspan,

A change in government will mean life will be different.
It will be because there will no more pillage nor any plunder nor any conversion of public wealth into private wealth.
It will be a world without lopsided agreements that impoverish state coffers.
it will be the end of civilization as defined by Umno where the people will be manipulated and exploited.
All businesses gotten through unfair and ill-gotten means will be untangled.
All businesses through proxies will be exposed.

Alor Janggus pucuk putat said...

The young generations of today are IT literate.They have access to more infos on the economy of this country.The country is not only facing the threatening figures of its liability of RM 620 Billion but many of the young citizens are unemployed .Many of the young people are struggling to pay back their PTPTN.These people have been blaming our educational system on their weaknesses of english command.They put the blame on UMNO to change the medium of instruction after independence.In return the young people wanted to have political change. They have the hope only the PR could deliver the political outputs on oil reduction, abolition of road toll throughout the country,fixed income of average worker min RM 1100,to create more opportunities on employment etc.BN knows on why the young people lost their respect on UMNO ex leaders particularly Ma'atdeyy.Ma'atdeyy was corrupt during his 22 years of tenure. These people will definitely translate their supports for political change in the PRU 13.

Alor Janggus pucuk Putat

Anonymous said...

Dear Aspan,

You are so out of touch with the reality. I have been a very loyal supporter of your blog but of late, your writing on certain isssues are absurd and totally emotional. I hope that you can be more rational in your future postings. We all know who you are and we also know that you have reached a point of no return as far as your political career is concern. To turn around is a forgone option for you. Lets face it, its about you staying relevant and not about 'perjuangan' and all the crap that comes with it.
Just play your cards right and maybe you will be thereabouts in mainstream politic.


Anonymous said...

UMNO has a smooth sailing over the past 50 years. Its leader became arrogant and absorbed into illusion that they were the only persons capable of running the country. For so long, UMNO leaders didnot face serious criticism, thus led them to believe that running this country was their legitimate rights. When rakyat started to mount critics towards the government, it was considered a criminal act and treated harshly. In short UMNO treated this country is MAK BAPAK DIA PUNYA as they plundered its resources mercilessly.....


Anonymous said...

Salam Pak Aspan,

Just finished reading The Star this morning:

Headlined Najib says BN/Umno can change, so no need to change the government! He says so in front of about 1,500 representative of NGO's, most looked very much pensioners to me!


Joceline Tan's Insight: Openly curry-favoring Dr M-Najib's so called GOOD relations.

Can we believe BOTH the articles?

I have lived in umno (baru) led Malay majority Malaysia over 50 years and I bet what is written will change dramatically once the results of GE 13 is shown.

WE know far too much how Dr M can bully anybody, even Najib's father and The Tunku! So who is Najib that he called the boy! Sounds BOBOI to me!

They are said to have seen the light at the end of the dark tunnel that is umno's! With light, that will give them the sight of each other's hand! Who is holding what??

Joceline wrote they both have a common agenda to FINISH-OFF DSAI once and for all! How finish is finish?? Will that mean even DSAI's life???

Najib may not have much choice but to follow the old man's queue. He (Najib) knew how many cadres of umno old and new have 'died' in front of him!

Certainly, he has his own game of survival. Paklah and Ku Li is smiling I see, and Najib realised this very very very much!


Gheng lama

p/s - Dr M called DSAI the devil he knew and says TGHA is working with a devil!

My comment is better: Dr M is the devil the Jews of Harvard University in New York knew since 1968!

So who is the biggest devil here?

Can Najib trust him (Dr M) for his life?? A-haa!

Anonymous said...

'You are so out of touch with the reality'- Acardia.

At the present political environment, everyone has their own definition of 'reality'....what is yours?

The ordinary people want to know everything or fully informed before they vote.

Pok Li said...

Arcadia, its not about Aspan's political relevancy. Its about where the country is heading to. Seems that you are the one who is out of touch with realities. Just look at the comments posted in this blog and you will see that almost everybody is with Aspan's views except a few who do not have the ability to think rationally.