09 June 2015

Let's address the terminal diseases, not just the pain

We must be serious for a change this time around. What we are facing now is too grave and without exigent change we are going through the same problems in perpetuity.  In actual fact we have been facing the current problems for decades but were not paid much attention by the ruling elites.  

The culture of making money while in power was traceable since the early eighties. There were many among the ruling group who were unhappy with the new but unhealthy culture that was setting in the ruling elites. I personally was active in UMNO and along the way I heard many leaders realized that the elements of greed were growing at a daring pace.

At least two of the distinguished ministers in the Cabinet were whispering to me in confidence during the tea break at the annual general assembly of UMNO, ‘young man! sekarang sudah ada yang mahu jadi orang kaya’.  Those years all the UMNO general assemblies were done at Nirwana ball room at KL Hilton before moving to PWTC Dewan Merdeka in 1986 when it was equipped for the annual assemblies.

There were lots of efforts taken by dignified and decorous leaders then to circumvent those ungainly cultures to spread including taking on the President of UMNO in the 1987 general assembly. However the move was not successful, but was more than formidable prove that there was something very wrong with the way government was run by the ruling leaders.

What was needed then was just another 22 votes to erase the thin majority votes of 43 gained by the disputed incumbent Dr Mahathir. Half of the Cabinet and UMNO supreme council were openly supporting the need for change then.

The challenger Tengku Razaleigh a gentleman that he is resigned instantaneously when he failed to get the mandate from the delegates and that was a real act of democracy. To him he had to resign as the contest against Dr Mahathir was an act of vote of non-confidence and he ought to resign.  The whole lot of ministers who were with him resigned to allow Dr Mahathir to choose his new lineup in the Cabinet.

Tengku Razaleigh since then stays outside the cabinet watching and witnessing all the pranks and shenanigans committed by the victor. From that moment one by one the democratic institutions were occupied by the executives under Mahathir and that was the starting point where the whole democracy was in ridicule until today.

No one knows what their functions are as everything is decided by the executives ie the cabinet which the PM leads. Mahathir claims that is the democracy of our own mold and this kind of democracy is practiced by the current leaders in the cabinet that annoys everybody including Dr Mahathir himself. It’s a situation like ‘senjata makan tuan’ as the adage goes. Mahathir and his likes are now suppressed by his own mold of democracy that he personally designed and built.

The cabinet members were just passengers and rubber stamps to the PM. Any PM from Mahathir onwards makes used of the cabinet members to just rubber stamps and takes joint accountability on every decision made by the PM. If he goes everyone has to go. I keep on harping on this issue as we must understand problems up to specific before we even think of a change.  We should stop addressing the pain. We should start to address the terminal disease first.

So morally and ethically can Muhyiddin qualify to be a substitution to Najib?  It’s an erroneous move to make him the PM isn’t it? 


Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

It's just old wine in a new bottle. All of them come from the same mold. We are stuck in a rut. We need people like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Zaid Ibrahim, Ambiga, et al to drive the nation forward.

Anonymous said...

prime minister najib should add fresh faces to the cabinet like bringing in academias and corporate captains . giving the finance portfolio to ku li will add more creditability . the cabinet reshuffle is critical this time for pm najib.......so be tactful.

Anonymous said...

give ku li the finance portfolio or executive chairman of PETRONAS.......one bullet for two target.......

bruno said...

The opposition is in disarray.So how to expect them to be serious about giving Umno/BN a run for their money.All they do,day and night,even in their sleep and dreams is to yell and wail 1MDB.For what it is worth,I think 1MDB is giving the critics and opposition horrendous nightmares.

The critics of 1MDB screamed corruption.Public money has dissapeared into thin air.Pay down the loans.But 1MDB cannot sell to GLC'S,as it is considered bailouts.1MDB wants to sell some properties to Middle Eastern investors.1MDB cannot sell to foreigners,says Tony Pua.Then,why not say can only sell to his papa.

With the damn if you do and damn if you don't attitude,it shows that the opposition is bankrupt of ideals.People who do not use their brains should pack up and join the Morons Club.Period.

Anonymous said...

Sekiranya berlaku pertukaran kerajaan, pihak yang mengambil alih pemerintahan perlu mengambil masa yang lama bukannya lima tahun atau sepuluh tahun mungkin lebih dari itu bagi memulihkan semula ekonomi negara yang telah merosot dengan teruk. Ini merupakan cabaran yang amat pahit dan sukar untuk pemerintah baru bagi memulihkan semula ekonomi negara dalam satu atau dua penggal pemerintahannya. Ini adalah kerana perbelanjaan negara sebahagian bersarnya terpaksa digunakan untuk membayar hutang dan akibatnya perbelanjaan untuk kesejahteraan rakyat dan negara terpaksa dikurangkan. Akhirnya pemerintah baru menjadi "mangsa keadaan" di mana sepanjang pemerintahan mereka, mereka dikatakan tidak perform dan tidak mesra rakyat. Ini hanyalah pandangan peribadi dan ia tidak semestinya betul.