01 July 2015

Let TR and the Legislative Members start the move for change

New political configuration is on the way to reality if every responsible minded leader of all levels and all leaders from all parties from all level have come to term that the country is not just in need to replace the sickly Najib but to search for a leader who can move the country forward for a more responsible government.

For all intents and purposes what we urgently in need is a leader who can fit in the equation for the united nation with united Malaysians. Having a strong UMNO president with lines of undependable and deficient leaders around him is a disputed move as UMNO is already insulted and looked down not only by the ordinary Malaysian but by majority of its members. UMNO is now just representing UMNO Malays while more Malays are now set to see a new political configuration which has long been outstanding.

The move that was initiated by Mahathir to get Najib ousted should follow through rigorously as Najib’s move in defense of his position is creating more grave consequences to his party and subsequently to his nation. Najib is not resigning and is prepared to do anything even to the extent of disassembling the country and government to fractious and divided nation. Depending on the support of the Malays in already fractious UMNO would just dash the country to the drain.

The balanced political and leadership equation is certainly in the ownership of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah a leader who has already risen up as an institution in among the Malaysian political fraternity. It is evident that he has the support of Malaysian of all races both in the opposition front and NGOs and he can be the solution provider to the indecisive Malays in UMNO.

Muhyiddin who is supposed to be the mover within UMNO to oust Najib is a weak character and does not carry any punch for the change which the party in dire need. With the postponement of the party election until mid-2018 is a sure instance of UMNO killer ploy. It was a real insane move. Everyone can keep their disagreements to this notion to themselves. UMNO’s decision to reschedule their party election to mid-2018 is the actual and the concluding stroke of its demise.

Even if Muhyiddin is able to unite the UMNO members to get Najib ousted from its presidency, it’s not going to show any difference as Muhyiddin is only absorbed to UMNO and Malays in the party. WE are in need of having a Malay leader for all Malaysians.

The anti-Najib factions are too eager to see the change with the installation of the new PM has got to be done as early and taking the end of the year as the ultimate deadline for the change. WE are just stuffed by the political quarrel among its leaders but more important is to see that the gloomy economy be mitigated by good, proficient and skillful planner to circumvent the imminent plunge of the nation’s economy.

As long as the present leaders are still loitering in Putrajaya the nation is going to be in perennial economic malady. Our falling ringgit is frightening and the run on the Fund Managers are evidently due to the mismanagement of our economy and other lists of unmitigated issues of the nation’s economy.

It’s no more the issues of partisan political problems but the problems of the entire nation together with the entire slaying issues that we are facing. The rakyat have to come forward to resolve the problems and the rakyat are represented by the legislative members they elected in the last general election.

It’s now the time for the members of Parliament from all parties to burn their burners and start the action for the needed change. While the members of Parliament are busy to change the political landscape let Tengku Razaleigh sits at the drawing board to design and plan to resolve the entire problems that we face.

As long as the problems of politics and economy are not resolved we have to forget our ultimate to achieve national unity. Whether we like it or not the people have to act decisively. It’s not unfair to suggest that the current leaders in the cabinet and the government should be disbanded to give way for more realistic and hands-on leader to resolve the nation’s alarming state of affair.


Anonymous said...

To fix a good steering to a car that the engine and body are beyond repair, is absolutely not practical. Let put the whole at the junk yard. All what we need is a brand new unit.

tebing tinggi said...

Some trash could be reused for other purpose ,or its quality component could be recycled become new valued and admired thing .

Recycle of a leader ,does go with it's history as well ,are we being wise at time .

Aden ,kobou jantan pon den guno sekali joo.

hasnan robin said...

Yes Mr Aspan Alias

No more partisan politics in choosing a leader with present sitution. Ku Li is the best. He has outstanding record in the country's history.He didn't play just national politics but were on record as the only leadr outside the boundary of the US to be the chairman of world bank. His recognition then were widespread and no one in this region has the record that he broken almost 40 yrs ago.


Anonymous said...

All the companies and statutory bodies saddle with stupid problems are headed by hopeless UMNO leaders . I still do not know why the PM still have confidence in these people that have proven useless track records as a leaders .
I hope by now the malays in the traditional villages and Felda scheme that all the way supporting these leaders realised their mistakes to make good in PRU 14 . UMNO have been boasting and claiming that they have the expertise to manage the country and therefore not to support the opposition. Now we know what kind of expertise they have where the benifit all gone to them. Padan muka penyokong bodoh tak bolih diajar pandai tak bolih diikut. MARA pun dia songlap apa nama manusia ...So make sure in coming byelection and general election all BN candidates especially UMNO be beaten by KO...

Anonymous said...

If we can put forward a proper government, something good would emerge from this mess. Silver lining...?