27 July 2015

Men who abuse and manipulate huge public fund are traitors?

There have been no Cabinet meetings for the past many weeks as the Cabinet members are too busy repositioning themselves while waiting for Najib to finally own up his massive abuse and misappropriation of public funds especially through 1MDB and subsequently resign and live in repentance. In actuality the Cabinet are liable and accountable but Najib is shouldering the burdens they jointly commit all alone.

None of his Cabinet lineup takes responsibility and accountability. They lump it all on to Najib. Najib is the sole recipient of humiliation from the people while his colleagues in the Cabinet who are supposed to take the accountability with him are turning teir back on the ailing PM.

Najib fails to deny the allegations that USD700 million were transferred into his personal account before the last General Elections. This issue is the biggest of all issues surrounding the 1MDB fiasco to date. As the outcome of this latest issue many individuals who were alleged to be responsible to transfer the money into Najib’s personal account are now becoming fugitives. Some were rumoured to take on hiding in Indonesia and some are said to be in London. They are all wanted by MACC and the police but they are now nowhere to be traced.

BNM is seeking to arrest two individuals in their investigation on the movements of money from 1MDB through various companies where the fugitives are on the board and the management of those companies. Bank Negara has to act on the misappropriation and the dubious transfer of those funds as Singapore Monetary Authority has been alerting BNM on the dubious movements of funds surrounding the 1MDB. If BNM fails to act then Monetary Authority (MAS) of Singapore will do it.

Why do they choose to be fugitives? If they are truthful with no dubious intents on the money’s transfer there is no reason for them to evade investigations and choose to be fugitives. Being a fugitive will only affirms the allegations that 1MDB was committing serious and unpardonable crimes in the eyes of law and all those responsible has to face the consequence of their act including the advisor of the sovereign funds Najib Tun Razak. It’s an act of insubordinations to the country and the people. We know what the punishment on a traitor would be. The legal experts will give you the actual answer. If I am not mistaken, death sentence is the punishment to traitors of a nation. Do correct me if I am wrong here.

For that reason this blog have been emphasizing since years ago that leaders are not easy to find. We just can’t take in any Tom, Dick and Harry who leads the party to be the leaders of this sovereign nation.

This blog have been unfailingly reminding everyone that a leader must be a planner in attribute. He must be an institutionalized man of integrity and he must have the soul only for the people and country. Above all he must be acceptable by all races that populate the country and that need a real and crudely a magnanimous leader. He or she must be well bred by his family and appreciates what accountability means and as a law-maker he must not trespass or violates any part of the law they legislate. These attributes would are only be possessed by a perfect gentleman.

Muhyiddin told the UMNO members in Cheras two days ago that he had spoken to Najib years ago that he (Najib) should resign as the chief of advisors to 1MDB as 1MDB was a big and gigantic scandalous outfit. In actuality he should have resigned in protest from the Cabinet if he was that concerned over the seriousness of the 1MDB’s activities. Muhyiddin was trying to distance himself from the responsibilities over 1MDB event though he was the member of Cabinet that decides everything that the Government did for 1MDB.

Zahid Hamidi is more concerned about his position and has been telling the grass roots that he will be the next deputy Prime Minister. He fails to recognize that he is an automatic disqualifier to any position in the failed Cabinet as he was part and parcel of 1MDB by virtue him being a Cabinet member.

He should instead go around the country raising his hands and surrender his position as member of a failed Cabinet and retire gracefully. Zahid should assemble all the cabinet members to resign together with him to take the accountability on all the plundering of public funds committed by the cabinet.

Remember this failed cabinet contributes to the current failed Government and anyone of the current member should not even contemplate to substitutes Najib as the leader. Najib has to go but the replacement should not come from any of his Cabinet members he appointed. That is the basic rule to restart the nation afresh. Anything less than that, we are going to be in perpetual problem.


Anonymous said...

tuan, penubuhan imbd segala keputusan berkaitan 1mbd sehinggalah timbul krisis dikatakan semuanya berlaku di belakang cabinet x silap saya.

walaupn kita jelek dengan perangai mereka setelah timbul isu 1mbd (nampaklah perangai sebenar para cabinet menteri) adalah tidak adil menuduh mereka bersekongkol dgn 1mbd.

cuma barangkali tepat kalau kita berkata mereka pakat menyelamatkan diri masing2 dr turut tenggelam bersama najib. playsafe dan opportunist.

tiada satu pn dikalangan mereka yg layak menjadi pemimpin kerana tidak berani menegakkan kebenaran

Anonymous said...

This group will go down as a band of thieves. Their children and grandchildren will curse them for the shame to be carried by them for the whole of their lives. As for the Chinese ones, their ancestors will have already turned in their graves.

bruno said...

Muhyiddin knows that Najib is going to put him out to pastures.All this big talk is because he is hoping that Najib gets kick out before him,so he inherit the PM'ship by default.By Najib is going nowhere,at least not anytime soon.So most probably Zahid will get the DPM's job.

Do not underestimate Najib.He is hanging on and will be fighting back tooth,nails and claws.Do not forget Najib still got his last line of defence,the ever fearless silat exponents.

It doesn't matter what people say.A crackdown is surely coming.Tony Pua,Rafizi and Tong and Ho from the edge are definitely the first batch to be arrested.A few more will be joining them later.

The opposition and critics have to be very careful not to push their luck and cross the line.Malaysia is now in the same situation as Indonesia,Phillipines and Thailand in the 60's,70's and 80's.Soon,we will be having soldiers armed to the teeth,patrolling the streets,with orders to ....?Be careful,very very careful.

XUMNO said...

Those fugitives linked to the dubious money transfer into Najib's personal accounts are learning fast from Sirul. They have realised albiet late, that they were mere pawns, used by someone far too strong than Najib to do the dirty job. It is inconcievable that Najib is that stupid as to let the money flow into his accounts which can be easily traced as what is happening now. Surely those responsible, who are urinating in their pants now, received orders from the all too powerful person just like Surul did in the Altantuya saga.