10 July 2015

The emerging third force will build strong and united Malaysia

There are strong indications that politics has gone beyond the border of partisan politics as the need for real resolution to mitigate the nation’s complications would not be achieved through inter  and intra-parties both in both the BN and oppositions.  UMNO is beyond recognition while the senior members of BN (MCA, Gerakan, MIC) were almost in oblivion. Nobody is taking MCA and the other two members of the BN seriously. They are just sitting at the corners of politics like dogs licking their own wounds all alone.  

The oppositions were unable to take good advantage of weaknesses in UMNO and BN as they were embroiled in serious inter-party disputes especially between PAS and DAP. The moves by all members of BN and the oppositions are seen to be ineffectual and that make the politics of this country very improvident and calamitous. It is clear and evident that politics of this great nation needs to be rebranded through the shaping of a realistic and practical political third force.

It’s seen to be shaping up naturally. UMNO leaders are themselves not having the confidence to withstand their bastion of power while the opposition parties are realizing that they are unable to work together within their coalition but seem to be able to work with a new coalition or new political alignment to ensure the ultimate resolutions to the rapacious government is finally attained.

Hence the partisan politics at least at this transitory moment has to be sidestepped to give way for a gifted leader to lead a front for a real national correction plan to get into effect. The BN led government (Cabinet) now is imminently falling apart. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet are clueless lots and no one among them is a material for an effective Prime Minister that can formulate a feasible and doable plan to resolve the nation’s colossal quandaries.

In short the natural emergence of the strong third force has to originate from quality leaders from all parties from both side of the divide and momentarily leaving the parties behind and just to focus on reshaping the nation’s politics and government afresh which this blog has been emphasizing for a long while of time. The fragmented government and the people have to be urgently attended to before the country comes to further ruin.  

The tradition of picking up the substitute the outgoing PM by taking the Deputy President of UMNO needs to be done with at this particular situation. Muhyiddin who is sitting Deputy President of UMNO is an automatic disqualifier as the need of capability for the national correction efforts is far beyond what Muhyiddin has in him.

Every party needs to contribute strong leaders to fill in the fully united government and to put in Muhyiddin as the candidate from UMNO will retard the move in progression. His ‘Malay first and the rest later’ stigma that sticks on him is not suitable for the needed change.

There is nothing wrong being strong Malay in image, but by definition of strong Malay is Malay that can manage all races united under him for ultimate goal of national unity. Muhyiddin does not fit in to the real and actual need of this country under the present circumstances and many parties have expressed their apprehensions over Muhyiddin’s aptitude to change the country a new.

Muhyiddin was ascended to the Deputy Prime Minster through the conventional manner of election of his position. He was an automatic candidate for the position that he holds now by virtue of him being the Deputy President of UMNO. Other parties and races didn’t have a hand in putting him to the current position.

Furthermore Muhyiddin has never being looked clean if there are parties putting in a small effort to uncover his misdeeds big or small to the country. Muhyiddin is stucked with accountability problem as he has been in the Cabinet that decides on all the misjudged decisions that bring the country to the current situation. He was part and parcel of the decision making in the cabinet.


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Saudara AA

Let us all hoot for Ku Li!

Anonymous said...

salam Tuan, third force akan pecahkan undi. Lebih baik pada keadaan sekarang dan semua parti pembangkang kena hormat pada kemahuan rakyat.jangan ingat macam satu parti tu, bila dah menang banyak, rasa macam dah kuat, dan cuba belot dan berkawan dengan musuh lama mereka.

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All the best to G18... tak belajar dari pengalaman PAS dulu-dulu... Hamim, Berjasa dan termasuklah Nakhaie ... semuanya tersungkur tanpa penyokong kemudiannya.

What make you think the PAS supporters will give full support to the G18? They are bunch of sore looser actually. I for once will not vote for them. The next GE, me & my family members has decided that we only will vote for PAS. As for the rest, GOOD LUCK TO YOU. YOU REALLY NEED IT.

awang batu burok said...

Salam Syawal Tuan AA,

Idea 3rd Force ni masih di awan awangan...
Siapa mereka ni???