19 September 2015

Ultimately we will know who is the actual enemy of the state, Khairudin or Najib

To act responsibly for the nation does not mean you are good in the eyes of irresponsible leaders. That was exactly what has happened to Khairuddin Abu Hassan, the former Vice Chairman of Batu Kawan UMNO. He was arrested yesterday evening at his house in Mont Kiara after being barred from leaving for New York at 10.30 am yesterday. He was supposed to leave for New York to follow through on his report on the alleged money laundering committed by our PM Najib. The duo had made similar report in England, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore in the past months and weeks.

Khairuddin was arrested for alleged attempt to topple the government and that was not able to be digested to a right minded persons who follow all the sequences of Khairuddin's move in his attempt to get to the bottom of the truth that surrounds the 1MDB issues since a year ago. In actuality it's a political move taken by the Malaysian police and has been perceived widely as an attempt to circumvent Dr Mahathir in his attempt to get Najib removed from his premiership. The police is just focusing on protecting Najib from falling. 

Khairuddin and Matthias Chang have been trotting half the globe to make police reports as many perceive Khairuddin as a person who has in possessions all the documents that may prove Najib's involvements in massive financial scandal for the country, the worst in the nation's independent history. The total money involved is in tens of billions ringgit. If the allegations finally prove right at home or abroad, Najib is in real trouble as that will amount to committing treason  to the nation. He will then becomes the enemy of the state and not Khairuddin or Dr Mahathir. If there are proves to all or at least part of the allegations, then the whole line of Cabinet that support Najib are automatically the enemy of the state. 

To allege Khairudin to topple the government is too uncalled for. This former UMNO leader was trying hard to get to the bottom of the allegations against our Prime Minister and that is a noble act as it's an act of protecting the nation's wealth from continuously looted and plundered. In this issue it's much too easy to believe in Khairuddin than believing Najib. Najib has not come out with reasonable answers to all the allegations levelled against him. 

No one can digest all the answers given by many of his (Najib's) supporters especially on the RM 2.6 billion 'political donations' that was deposited in his personal account locally here. Big portion of the RM 2.6 billions were transferred to Singapore only to get it frozen by the Monetary Authority of the Island State. How could a clean and good money be frozened? Why was that money not deposited in the party's account? 

In the process of all these suspiciously dubious acts of corruptible activities it involves banks and financial institutions across the globe. That was why Khiruddin have been trotting the globe in search for the truth to what has happened to 1MDB. Arresting Khairuddin does not help to conceal all these dubious and debauched acts of Najib.

The truth will ultimately prevail. It will surface sooner or later. We will in the end know who is the real enemy of the state, Khairudin or Najib.  


Mr Bojangles said...

Khairuddin is exUMNO. As they say, you sleep with dogs you will rise with fleas.
Best this filthy crooked immoral and amoral party and its leaders be put away for good. Such sewage is bad for Malaysia's health.

Anonymous said...

With thieves and robbers ruling the country and applying the laws according to their whims and fancies, the answer is crystal clear.
This arrest is but a small incident compared to the dismissal of DPM, AG, Director of SB and the rendering the disfunctions of the Director of MACC, Deputy Director of SB, PAC, Task Force investigating 1MDB, arrests of MACC officers and DPP's.
This devil is bigger than any that Malaysians had ever suffered in the history of the country, and it would be even an understatement that the evil acts inflicted upon the country and its people is exemplary world class.

Anonymous said...

The HOT ie. Head Of Thieves and his zombies ie. PDRM, SPRM, BNM, AG, JPA can be HELL-BENT to defend the Fort but HEAVEN's forbid these up-high the hierarchy Mother of All Professional corrupts will see their fall be one hard-landing!

You can be sure of that!

Aku dok di America saw not some Tupai jatuh ke tanah but some get COOKED ALIVE getting shock the life of the Tupai being electrocuted tripping on LIVE powerlines!

Oh Malaysia Tanah Ayer Ku!

Anonymous said...

Up to the very moment, We still not understanding, is it toppling the government or just asking for one leader to step down? As a whole, UMNO would never die, opposition would never replace the government at the moment. It is just changing of leadership of UMNO and BN, why everybody saying and everyday blamed those "reporting elements" of toppling the government? Might be Zahid or Mohiddin or even somebody else would replace the PM and even there is no need for a complete change of the present cabinet if everybody is cooperating, which the above is our expectation, and there is actually no toppling of government !

Anonymous said...

The biggest culprit supporting the crooked Najib is the IGP! He should be arrested for crimes against the state.

Anonymous said...

UMNO is dead. So, The Malays must just accept that they are a bangsat race led by the most bangsat of them all. They are living on handouts by the non Malays and foreigners which they are happy to obliged. As they say, UMNO in the government, easy to do business. Red shirts only for show for those wanting special previledges from those in power. Somebody has to prove a crime has been committed then Najib can be removed. As long as he is in power, he will use all his powers that this will not happen.

Anonymous said...

Saya kenali saudara Khairuddin sejak di bangku sekolah lagi dari tingkatan satu hingga tingkatan 5 di Sekolah Menengah Tinggi Bukit Mertajam dan kami dudud bersebelahan meja. Beliau adalah seorang yang baik, pintar dan tidak membawa masalah kepada sesiapapun.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to prove the kind of person we have as a Prime Minister. After giving away the cows for korban, Najib and family gets the jet to London for holiday under the pretext of officiating PNB building as if it is most important function to warrant the prime minister or anybody from the government for that matter, to be in ptesent. After that, they are off to milan for the fashion show party. They are helping themselves to whatever Malaysia has as if it is they own it. Tak malu punya orang
I think Najib and Rosmah is suffering from mental disorder with no feelings of shame and should be lock up in mental hospital.