28 September 2015

Let's alternate Najib's leadership carefully and will have peace and security

Malaysians are just like any other nation’s nationality. They want life of peace and security and to secure that life the governing leaders must be of high dignity and free from ungainly perceptions from the public both national and internationally. Politic is a game of perception and any leader who loses the good and high propriety the nation he leads will normally tumbles eventually.

The nation with leaders of upright dignity will give good impulse for the nation to grow in all turfs and arenas.  We can assertively take words of dignified leader as a bond without many queries and one will be easy to deal with this kind or leaders as they are normally a gentleman and place his self-possession high above other things in life.

That was why we are now grasped in the situation that we are now facing with peculiarities for a democratic nation as we often claim. We have been fed with leaders oblivious of democratic morals and conned characters that put the country into a fertile ground for corruptions and misused of power to prosper unhindered. Who to be blamed for this to happen? Was it the mode and the manner selection of the PM that we usually practiced are already out-dated? Or what?

Since we achieved independence UMNO president has been the automatic choice of the PM and that creates heavy competition in the race to be the leaders of UMNO. As time passes the money politics became too overpowering as a result UMMO was laden with leaders who move up in the party’s hierarchy through money politics and that has gone unchecked until we face the current height of problems and if not checked it will bring the nation to kaput. UMNO has failed to produce leaders of self-respect and as such they become too questionable and doubted when he comes to power. 

Most of them were not there because of his or her dignified qualities but because of money politics and sycophantic moves to the top. If the self-dignity has been the consideration of leadership choices many would believe that Abdullah Badawi and especially the current sitting PM would not have been there in the first place. The culture of apple polishing and money politics compounded by personal inferiority complex feelings of the top leadership put away all the budding leaders to stay within the party’s top leadership echelon for the past almost three decades. In UMNO remains the sanctuary for uncouth and confused leaders spending all the time they have to create the culture of apple polishing for the top leadership.

This has been going on for decades and now the group of weak and deluded minded leaders are the once to inherit leadership of this country.

Now the question is will the ousting of Najib solves all the problems we now face? If Najib is alternated by wrong choice of leaders again, than we are on the way to another long haul of leadership problems that we are now fed up with. The choice of the alternative leadership of the country is accurately crucial material and issue.

As this blog have emphasized for a long while, alternating leaders by the manner and mode that we used to practice will in the end resulting in we getting another more mediocre to lead us. As it is we are now facing with the current most meritocratic PM that we have in our independent history.

Dr Mahathir has expressed regrets over his relentless efforts to put up the current sitting PM to the position he holds now. The question now, was his choice to put up Najib was the proper and appropriate move? Was his effort to put up Najib then was truly for the sake of the nation? Certainly it was not. So did his choice to put up Najib’s predecessor Abdullah Badawi.

The grand public knew that these two personalities do not hold the cut to lead the nation to face the current competitive world. It’s only Dr Mahathir who can answer this question even though we knew why he needed these two leaders to inherit his leadership.

We do hope that we especially Dr Mahathir now realized that a weak successor will only bring him disappointments and disillusions to him. But let’s us forget and be assured that our decision is not based on vengeance and revenge. Let us put aside our personal taste but instead get the feel of the public’s taste and flavor. Dr Mahathir knows the best person to lead the nation and he needs to own up his mistakes and be what a Malay fond of saying, ‘jadilah seorang yang berjiwa besar, hargai negara dahulu dari menghargai diri sendiri yang berlebihan’.

Then he will sleep well and die in peace. We will then sleep well too, and die to leave this country in peace and security for next generations to come. 

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