15 September 2015

What do we learn from Australian change of guard?

Australia has proven that if real democracy is at work there is no problem to the government and her population. The Liberal party changes their Prime Minister Tony Abbot with Malcolm Turnbill without much hoo haa. The government is in no trouble as the one that works for the government is the system. Malcolm Turnbill secured 54 votes among the Liberal party’s MPs while Tony Abbot secures ten less than that of Malcolm. So the new PM for Australia now is Malcolm.

Before that let us find out why Tony Abbot was sacked from the PM’s office? Did Tony Abbot involved or at least perceived to be corrupted? Did Tony Abbot involved with AUD 2.6 billion donation from the Middle East? OR did Tony Abbot’s aides and close friends being alleged to be involved with murder of a foreigner? We did not hear Tony Abbot sits as the advisor to the government companies by guarantee and stuck with debts to the amount of AUD 42 billion. No one hears that Tony Abbot trots the world like our PM.

So what was the problem with Abbot that makes him loose his job as the PM of the sub-continent?  The reason was not as serious as compared to our leadership here. The reason why Abbot was sidelined was just because of his failure to correct the economy of Australia.  There were no corruption issues against him. Abbott was not suspected of soliciting money from anyone home and abroad. Tony Abbot does not face the issue of political donation for the Liberal party that was deposited in his account and subsequently launders the money to Singapore just to get the money frozen by the monetary authority of Singapore.

What happened in Australia signifies how serious they are when come to managing a nation. The ethics of the government has never been questioned like what is happening here. Prime Minister comes and goes; the government is still there functioning as usual. Japan used to have her PM changed almost any other months but the Japanese government runs as usual. These countries are having strong system that runs their governments. The victor takes his position with commitment to improve the government while the loser extends his congratulation to his successor.

What do we learn from what happens in Australia? There were no personal interest and they were all meant to serve the nation. Abbot does not have any dubious acts that he needs to cover-up. They are drenched of any legal or moral problems. The systems just work accordingly and thus when faced with issues of changing Prime Minister the Australian does not need to organize red T-Shirts rally or any kind of that like.

After witnessing what happens to Australia now, shall we ask ourselves, do we have the chance to be a truly democratic nation at least fifty percent of Australian democracy? The answer is just at the lips of right minded men; not until Najib is replaced by someone more magnanimous, a planner and above all somebody who has the soul solely for the people he leads.

The replacement should then swiftly get to the drawing board to draw up solid and strong future plans for the country. 


Tangkup said...

The political system in Australia is such that any PM who is incompetent (worst still if the leader is corrupted) will be replaced at party level. It does not have to reach the Parliamentary level. In Malaysia, even if a leader is allegedly corrupted, cannot be replaced by the lawmakers at Parliamentary level [The Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Hj Mulia has made a ruling that there is no provision in the Standing Order that a Vote of No Confidence, against the PM, can be carried out]. The Malaysian Parliament is based on the British Parliamentary system and in UK a Vote of No Confidence is allowed. The Malaysian Parliament is made to suit the whims and fancies of UMNO and BN leaders and NOT for the Rakyat and the Nation.

Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

It seems to me the whole nation is held hostage by one person whose records are not only blemished but also totally tainted. On Malaysia day, he goes off visiting when the rakyat are left to bear the brunt of whatever outcome of the planned demonstration.

Have you seen any Australian party heads such as Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott who were PMs refused to step down when they had been rejected? They stepped down gracefully. Here, we have Mr Thick-skinned who just refuses to budge. We are miles apart from Australia when it come to democracy.

Anonymous said...

“Najib is replaced by someone more magnanimous, a planner and above all somebody who has the soul solely for the people he leads.”

Can you name one?

Forget about TSMY… He doesn’t has the courage to do it.
Forget about TRH… He has clearly wave the ‘white flag’ when he said this is his last term.
Forget about opposition’s figures …. BN will surely block it.

Well…. Cash is King…. or are we willing to put TDM into the equation? ….. again…..


Anonymous said...

It's very easy if our political system follow as what Quran said. (Sorry, nothing to do with PAS political system or their Islamic State dream).

Nowadays we are ashame of almost all leaders of so called Islamic countries who seems to act like a dictator equivalent to Kim Jon Ill of North Korea. See where the exodus of Syrian refugees? Do they dare to come to Saudi Arabia, Eygpt or Qatar or Nigeria? No. They all by hook or by crook struggle to come to Europe like Germany/France or UK. What is so special about these European Christian countries? It's not really about Christian....but it's about full democracy of their political system with Human Rights written in their society. It seems these Christian countries abide by the political rules in the Quran even there are some weakness in certain areas. At least there are no riots after General Election.

Malaysia a full democratic country? Well ..... as hard stone as red lips Najib willing to step down??

It's a pity that most Muslims only read Quran in Arabic, read during Tahlil, read during "kematian", read at the grave etc. But do they care to know more about the real meaning of the verses in the Quran - science, mathematics, physics, history, poltics, social science? It's a pity that most pak cik mak cik don't even know the meaning in Quran until their death.

Only read for pahala?

Anonymous said...

Najib should leave. He has become a liability. As long as he stays, the country and its people will suffer more.

Anonymous said...

Take religion out of politic and public administration and leave it at the followers' heart - that's what European countries are about.......

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia there is only bodek poltical culture which the malay umno is specialised. Take the red shirts stupid war cry for example. Its only purpose is for those proponents to gain Najib's favours at some stage. Their followers will only get the scraps.

Anonymous said...

Umno must remove Najib for kebangkitan maruah melayu. That will be the serious statement and message rather than wearing red t shirts and dancing with sticks and parangs in the streets