10 September 2015

Arrest TDM, it ends up with Mahathir questioning the police instead

Tun Mahathir told the media as he touched down from his overseas trip that he is okay if the police want to arrest him. He says that the police have the right to arrest and question him over his speeches at the Bersih 4 Rally on the 29th and 30th August. By all means Mahathir says arrest him and he is prepared to face the the questioning from the police.   

I am with the masses who are quite supportive if Mahathir be arrested as the police claims that they have a lot to question Dr Mahathir over the issue of his participation in the Bersih 4 rally. However if Mahathir is arrested there will be a tendency that the police will be questioned by Mahathir instead of the police questioning him.

I am sure Mahathir will question the police for acting as conduit to defend the indefensible wrong doings of Najib as the person in-charged of 1MDB deals at home and abroad. I am sure Dr Mahathir will have a lot to tell the police that the 1MDB issue has been made to be the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of Najib.

Dr Mahathir is cocksure that the donation of RM 2.6 billion deposited in Najib's personal account actually originates from 1MDB. Hence he can help the police with certainty where the RM 2.6 billion comes from and how it ends up in Najib personal account. Dr Mahathir can tell the police how a big portion of that ‘donation’ was transferred to a Singapore bank, only to be frozen by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

If the police do not know a lot of things let Dr Mahathir gives the police important inputs for the police to investigate on all the issues levied against Najib the PM.

Arresting Dr Mahathir is a good thing to happen as the police have a lot to know all the goings-on over all issues that the leadership is facing. Mahathir’s arrest will end up in Mahathir doing the questioning on the police instead and Mahathir is in actuality arresting the police for questioning then.

Now the police should answer all the issues surrounding the role of the police in defending the culprit that creates problems not only to Malaysians but also many quarters in the world.

Everywhere in the world, from Switzerland to Singapore and Hong Kong and subsequently crossing the pacific to the US investigations on Najib and his 1MDB is ongoing. So can one imagine the scale of dubious and murky involvements that our PM is involved in. 

Hence the police should arrest Dr Mahathir and help him (Mahathir) to get to the bottom of Najib’s scandalous deeds not only to Malaysia but to the world especially the financial and banking system.


bruno said...

In Malaysia,anything and everything is okay.That is why it is called the"Land of the Bolehs".

Anonymous said...


Finally a compliment for Tun Dr Mahathir. Give him the credit due by referring to him in FULL.

Anonymous said...

Should we all then lodge police reports on Mahathir so that he can get arrested and teach Mr Tweeter how to do his job?

Anonymous said...

Or can it be that they also know what has been going on all this while?

Anonymous said...

Najib has to consider many2 times what ever he want to do because public know all his final intention. The son of bugis worrior decided to remove UMNO membership of Mahyuddin and Shafei Afdal and few others but did nothing ..this round for rakyat. High on his agenda to question TDM ....nothing happened....this round also for rakyat .
If Najib has clean record surely he will get the rakyat support. Only those rakyat "with katak bawah tempurung from traditional malay villages " and UMNO people with interest supporting Najib but their number are on the decreasing.
TDM knows and have many evidences on this bugis worrior Nottingham University drop out.What do expect from bugis worrior compared with TDM and Lee Hsien Long when these two great leaders with excellent track record in politics and academics.
Now Najib have list of legal suits to settle will never have time to think of rakyats problems..

Anonymous said...

I wonder when will be our PM's next overseas trip? He used to travel without fail every month if I could recall correctly. But it has been a while since he last travelled to Europe/US. What is he afraid of?

Anonymous said...

What a turntable article, good one! But its not that kind of turntable which plays vinyl record that sometimes sounds broken. What is broken is the ultimate trust that Law has been made unto Najib! Thus, we`re seeing the dismantling of integrity by the action of one man only to legalised what is illegal in the first place ie. accepting of donation into a personal account and all 2.6 BILLION of it! If that is not illegal, then what is.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian showed their anger and embarassment via violent conduct at Shah Alam stadium. Malaysians are an embarassed lot but the people at the top who are supposed to be the lawmakers representing the rakyat have no sense of it all. They have become thick skinned.

AbGJaS said...

Yeahh...didn't realise that..