18 August 2010

We are not afraid to side DAP - Chua Soi Lek

MCA is obviously desperate. Its President said that the party is not afraid to side its main foe DAP on issues that would benefit its race. MCA seems to fire missiles to everyone and everywhere in its desperate attempt to be relevant to the Chinese and Malaysian.

Soi Lek slammed Hishamuddin and Muhyiddin and he called on these 2 leaders to understand the situation faced by MCA and should not be unnecessarily fearful with the 13 resolutions of the just concluded Chinese Economic Congress.

Yesterday Muhyiddin was stressing that inequitable distribution of wealth would run a chance of political cataclysm like what had happened in 1969. Soi Lek was agitated by the DPM’s statement and warned Muhyiddin not to play a war-drum and keep on reminding about the incidence that the Chinese themselves do not want to see it to recur.

Soi Lek detested the statement by Hishamuddin calling for MCA to continue on with the BN struggles and he (Soi Lek) took Hisham's statement as a reflection of UMNO's distrust on MCA as the main component of BN.

"In multiracial country like us, we can’t play the zero-sum game as we are going to be a nation which is continuously going to be trapped as a middle income nation" he said. Chua advocates that Bumiputra be given price preference in certain economic sectors when the economy is liberalized for open tender.

Chua also called for gradual reduction on the 30 percent quota for Bumiputra and replace it with price preference to let the Bumiputra to compete with other productive races in the country.

Muhyiddin dismissed the resolution of the Chinese Economic Congress that the government must do away the 30 percent quota in order for MCA to remain relevant and accepted by the Chinese.

Muhyiddin was in contention that Bumiputra is still lagging behind in equity and wealth holding of the nation and he stressed that the resolution of the congress is not suitable for this multiracial country.

With the latest exchange between Muhyiddin and Chua Soi Lek means a war has started between the 2 main leaders of BN. It looks like MCA is not duly worried about taking care of mutual regards for each other like it used to.

Both UMNO and MCA are mutually blaming each other for the BN incompetency. MCA has to blame UMNO for its weaknesses and it does not help to regain its dwindling support from the Chinese voters.

The quota of 30 percent for the Bumiputra allocation had been working very well and MCA used to be remarkably accepted by the Chinese then. That has been the way and that had brought togetherness in MCA and the coalition.

It is not fair for MCA to blame the special quota and the NEP for the fall in the party’s tolerability and acceptability by its own race. In actuality MCA is starting the war drumming, not Muhyiddin or UMNO. Soi Lek must be reminded that your failure is due to your own misdeeds and just accept it.

UMNO accepts the claim that MCA has been loyal to BN and no one should dismiss it. BUT MCA must also remember that UMNO and the Malays have been sacrificing at length for MCA if the party cares to read history which is still quite recent. Please remember that this is not the first time that MCA had been rejected by the Chinese.

In 1969 GE result, MCA was almost a defunct. MCA was totally in destitute politically. MCA lost in almost every Chinese constituency to DAP and the newly formed GERAKKAN then. MCA lost totally in Penang to GERAKKAN which made Lim Cheong Yew as the new GERAKKAN CM in place of Wong Pau Nee.

It was UMNO which gave MCA a new lease of political existence when MCA leaders were sent in to be the BN candidates in Malay dominated constituencies in 1974 GE to ensure them victors. Can MCA accept this fact? Soi Lek must be reminded for all the sacrifices that UMNO had done for MCA.

UMNO on the hand is also not without issues. UMNO has the most issues that it fails to address. UMNO leaders have not been sensitive on all negative issues against the party for more than 2 decades and now it has come to a point where the Malays do not trust almost every word of its leaders.

UMNO had been treating the Malays as their servants and therefore they lag in solving the tribulations within the party while it was in small scale. They could have solved it issue by issue when the degree of troubles was within the manageable level. But the leaders chose to procrastinate in solving it while at embryonic stage

It is already too late for UMNO and MCA to do all the needful to ensure victory in the next GE. There is a huge apprehension to move for a change; the big leaders themselves do not have the cut as they are themselves are the responsible lots for the current disorder.

Anyway, there is no harm done to initiate some changes. It’s better than not doing anything at all. Do something, at least in preparing to be an effective opposition after the next GE, if I may say.

Had UMNO and the leaders initiated the repair jobs earlier, the perils could not have been this bad.

‘A person who has not done one half of his days work and duties by 10 o’clock, runs a chance of leaving the other half undone’, so said Emily Bronte.


Anonymous said...

Its true then. MCA is waving the divorce certificate at UMNO's nose.

Jeng Lord

Quiet Despair said...

Jeng Lord

Dont hope for it. It's UMNO who will give MCA the divorce certificate.
And Uncle Lim is cool watching this MCA side-show.
Move over Uncle Lim. Uncle Chua is the new you. MCA is the new DAP.
But sad to say, MCA is still shunned by the Chinese.
Stop the posturing Uncle Chua.
Dont forget you have a past which UMNO can use as trump card when the right time comes.
Tak de apa-apa this new broom. Wanna show he's got fangs is all.

rais jason said...

Apa nak jadi tuan,

Surat khabar hari ini penuh dengan cerita MCA ni.

MCA nak lari, orang UMNO nak lari dan semuanya nak dicerai dan diminta cerai.

Your last few postings were too telling that there will be a new political alignment which is imminently going to happen.

In the last GE many of your readers blasted you for forecasting that BN would lose more than 75 seats. But you proved it right.

Now you are saying that there will be a new political alignment and I am steadfast in believing that is going to happen.

Bro, tell us some more.

Jeng Jeng Jeng said...

Quite Despair,

What is Rosmah going to do with MCA? I should ask you as you know a lot about politics as you subtly claim.

Can you answer me quickly?

abu zar said...

MCA move is predictable. They can't sustain themselves in BN as they feel that UMNO has too much heavy baggage to carry.

Dulu Abdullah ada isu Khairy sekarang Najib ada isu bini. Kita letih dengan isu isu seperti ini.

Biar kita yang lari. UMNO tak payah lari.

abu zar

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Muhyiddin dan Hisham tak perlu beri reaksi atas emosi MCA yang sedang hilang kemaluan. biarkan mereka bercakap sebagai tin kosong.

UMNO perlu berhenti bercita cita mendapat undi Cina di PRU 13 nanti. tumpukan perhatian kepda kawasan majoriti Melayu atau ada potensi menang di kawasan yang ada saki baki India untuk menambah undi.

Biar Chua jadi yang patinya gagal dalam pilihanraya, biar dia dihamun oleh bangsanya sendiri, kalau dia menyeberang ke pembangkang pun, DAP tentu tidak akan berkompromi dengan kerusi mereka, lalu dihimpit kawasan PAS dan PKR - akhirnya mereka bertelagah sesama sendiri. lantaklah, itu bukan masalah UMNO.

UMNO melalui kerajaan perlu memberi lebih banyak kepada Melayu dan Islam jika mahu menang di PRU13 nanti termasuk mengurangkan cengkaman PAS yang sudah mula songsang.

Sejauhmana pembentukkan kerajaan selepas PRU13 tidaklah sepenting UMNO harus menang pada semua kawasannya, tidak perlu risau untuk memilih komponen baru dalam pembentukkan kerjaan nanti walaupun tanpa MCA.

schenker78 said...

Bro Aspan,

truthfully...malaysia x layak jadi negara demokrasi. the citizens are so PONDAN like this one Quiet Despair who are so afraid to Change.

In real democratic countries, they change leaders and parties in Elections as if changing Clothes....

grow up, or if you UMNO people want to rule till kiamat, pls convert it to a Junta state like Burma or Singapore.

For me, there is no diff in either party...if Pakatan wins, we might see the country change direction towards a new destination....if UMNO continues, we can safely say Malays and other races and citizens will be continued to be fucked , be dumb and bendul....that 18% will continue to be the same till next 100yrs and beyond....silap haribulan, negara pun lingkup mcm GREECE.

Anonymous said...

Another notorious "Ops Lalang" in the making.
Remember in 80s, The clash of Umno youth chief (Najib) and MCA Deputy President (Lim Kim Sai) over the racial disparity issue. Both exchanged fiery racist remarks.
As usual Najib waves the keris in TPCA stadium Kg. Baru and same goes to Kim Sai fought back by harsh statement...

In the end, "Ops lalang" was conducted for the sake of curbing racials sentiment played by politicians and those arrested under ISA were only the opposition teams.

Najib and Lim Kim Sai were seen playing Golf together after the incident with big smiles...

Anonymous said...

Salam Bro:

Jika MCA mahukan perkara 153 di lupuskan. Minta 2juta nama2 ahli MCA dan dilupuskan kerakyatan. BARU adil. Kan British ( Tunku ) pertukaran perkara 153 ini dengan memberi Kerakyatan pada mereka dari tongkang......

vinnan said...

Is bastard UMNO running dogs MCA helping UMNO to stir up racial sentiments so as to start another round of May 13? Do you UMNO idiots understand now why the Chinese hate the MCA and Gerakan? That's right the Chinese HATE THE MCA AND GERAKAN. Lastly, do these bastards who are trying to stir up racial riots understand that this time though UMNO's May 13 shit is not going to be a stroll over the bodies of the non-Malay? I pray to God the Malays know that if this time the country goes to hell there is no turning back. Not in a globalised world with all the investors watching. People like Anon 18 August 2010 17:27:00 GMT+08:00 will believe anything the mainstream media tell them and this is the saddest part of the Malays and Malaysia.

Quiet Despair said...

Never fail to mention me eh. People say if you keep on mentioning that person's name, you are in love with him.
Do you know the song 'Song of Freedom' by Cliff Richard.
Remember he says: Changing for the better
And it starts with you and me.
But we cannot change if we choose a sodomizer as our leader.

Anonymous said...

I prefer DAP and I choose PAS as an alternative Malay party. I feel to guilty to vote for BN as I feel that I am promoting thieves and vandals.

Godd if we can avoid listen to propogandas of BN.


Fooart said...

"Chua also called for gradual reduction on the 30 percent quota for Bumiputra and replace it with price preference to let the Bumiputra to compete with other productive races in the country."

What did adulterous Soi Lek meant by the above sentence? That we Bumiputra are not productive like other races????? No to Chinese!!!!!!!! And UMNO leaders macam tikus, tunduk pada Cina!!!