19 May 2015

Just waiting for the forum to find a people's PM

I am in the opinion that the system of selecting and appointing the Prime Minister that we practice presently is out-dated as it creates more harm than good. Najib claims that he is elected to the position by the rakyat but that is fallaciously mythical.

Constitutionally Prime Minister should be appointed by Parliament. Whoever enjoys the support of the majority Parliament should be the Prime Minister. The majority could be a simple majority to make one of the elected representatives to be the head of the government. Hence Najib like the previous PMs of the country were elected by few thousands delegates in UMNO annual general meetings. The members of other component parties do not have the say in determining who should be the PM.

The delegate system of UMNO in determining who to be the PM is ridiculously irrelevant especially when party is now burdened with irresponsible and deluded mind leaders especially at the top stratum of the party. UMNO is suffering from the huge vacuum in leadership as such that anyone who is elected to lead UMNO is inevitably incongruous to lead the nation.

It has been proven that the last two PMs were not eligible and decent enough to lead the country as the PM. UMNO has had vacuum in the leadership as the leader of UMNO had not focused on leadership development since 3 decades ago. As I have said many times no one in the UMNO Supreme Council is fit to assume the country’s leadership while we are in anxious need to have a new PM to save the country.

Now this blog is very captivated to find that at long last there are strong voices concur with this blog that we need a PM for the people irrespective of all races and ethnicity. We want the people to find a new PM, not just the proposal and names from UMNO and BN. Zaid Ibrahim seems to be very vocal on this issue and his effort to assemble the thinking and the real voice of the people in a forum on the 23rd May should be responded with enthrallment from all walks of life.

The forum as Zaid has politely ascertained, will choose none other than Tengku Razaleigh as the alternative to Najib to lead the country and he is an UMNO man and Malay. Hence there is no reason for UMNO leaders not to support the move as the choice will enhance UMNO itself. Since UMNO is unable to find its own leader, let us find one for them.

Let us be rest assured that the predicted choice of the forum is the best leader for Malaysian yet to emerge. The fascinations among the ordinary people are building up since hearing that the forum will be organized as a serious memo to the nation.

We need a new and fresh government badly, nothing less.


Anonymous said...

As a temporary measure, Ku Li as PM, chosen by the Dewan Rakyat after a vote of no confidence on Najib. Muhyidin to assume the role of Acting President until the next party election. Obviously, a few ministrial position will have to be allocated to PR.

Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

Yes, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has my utmost faith and support in restoring the nation to the right path. He should be allowed a free hand to hand pick his Cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Salam Sdr AA,

1. TRH has to declare his stand, publicly, now. Merely, declaring,"who would not want to be PM (something to that effect)", is non-committal. We are looking for a Leader, and not a Joker (No pun intended, TRH!)

2. Though our system is that of 'Westminster-type', we could begin emulating the USA in selecting our PMs like they do theirs' with their Presidents viz. via public referendum or public opinion.

3. Once TRH accepts or declares his stand, I am sure the Rakyat and other like-minded MPs would rally behind him, and bring this rally to the Parliament. I am certain in the interest of democracy, the Speaker cannot reject the motion of confidence against Najib especially so when the majority rakyat is behind it.

3. Waiting for GE14 to remove Najib and his gang is akin to waiting for a time bomb to explode on our faces! Voting for PR is not a choice for most Malays, as there are in disarray and lacks leadership. TRH and his like-minded MPs and politicians are our only hope now.

4. While the Tun loves UMNO, the UMNO does not love him and us, the Malays! All of UMNO just loves money, money, money!

5. Until TRH declares his willingness to take on Najib and his powerful machines and robots, I am not coming in support of Dato' Zaid's initiative albeit noble in his intentions, for Najib and gang would wipe out every initiates until then with all sort of unscrupulous and heinous actions just like they do to the Tun.

6. We need to build momentum, and have to be committed to our cause, as we are tearing down a protective wall that had been built for over 60 years to protect the ruling aristocrats!

Anonymous said...

tulisan tuan ni untuk orang malaysia ke untuk orang luar negara.


Anonymous said...

Anon 13:23

Kalau tak tahu English balik kg cerita dan bercakap dgn buruh kasar kat sana.