16 May 2015

Najib's instantaneous retirement an irreplaceable gift for the rakyat

We know with certainty that Najib’s claim that he still enjoys the support of the people is not true and all those facets and facades are made-ups.  The four thousand crowds in Tawau were inflated to forty thousand and that four thousand were mostly Indonesian workers who work in the plantations around Tawau.

The MP for Kalabakan apparently was provided with financial support to assemble as many people as possible to stand in front of PM Najib to clap and to scream for support after every word that came out of Najib’s mouth. The support was faked and stage-managed for the purpose of media publicity. Those who came for the rally were paid and of course the money originated from Putrajaya.

Way back in Kuala Lumpur Najib was ‘forcing’ the Cabinet members and the opportunistic MPs to be with him to impress the public that he enjoys the support of the people. Initially Muhyiddin was seen to advance away from Najib and was ready to lead many Cabinet Ministers to jump off from the PM’s sinking ship but was chickened out after the four-eyed meeting with the distressed PM before the Supreme Council meeting few days ago.

What transpired and transacted between them in their four-eyed discussions are somewhat easy to guess. Muhyiddin is in no exception in committing falters and offences to the people and the nation. He too is carrying baggage heavy enough to take any addition of burden with him. Thus Muhyiddin has no other choice but to swim and float with the flow like a dead fish.

As an adage goes, the good is for the good while the bad will go for the bad. That is what the actual reason for Muhyiddin to chick out and so do the rest of the confused leaders with him. As I have mentioned in my last few postings the divide now is between the rakyat irrespective of race, religion and their political inclinations against the ruling leaders in particular Najib.

All Kit Siangs and Hadis as well as Anwars and disillusioned Malays, Kadazans, Dayaks and others are all out to show an exit door to Najib. Najib should take this opportunity to live in repentance ever after.

Every ordinary man and woman wants Najib to go if possible instantaneously. Najib’s retirement is the most irreplaceable gift for each and every Malaysian.

How not to be? His immediate retirement can be of help for the country to reborn as a new and vibrant nation led by an astute and exemplary technocrat. Don't you agree with me that this is a great contribution that Najib can offer to the nation? 


Anonymous said...

"Thus Muhyiddin has no other choice but to swim and float with the flow like a dead fish."

Perhaps. But if he swims with the weakened Big Fish now there will come a time when the shark regains his powers and turns around and devours him.

Does anyone really think PM and especially FLOM will forgive TSM for his Milan statement & other independent moves recently? That they will ever trust him again?

Make no mistake this administration ranks up there as one of the most vengeful and vindictive in our political history. Witness DSAI & countless other pro-oppositionist, journalists etc charged and remanded.

TSM should fight now while the enemy is weakened and injured. Waiting for DSN & FLOM to regain their strength and reconsolidate their authority can only prove fatal for him. And more importantly, for our entire nation.

bruno said...

From what has happen since the Kajang circus flopped big time,leaving the PKR and PR's house in disorder.Then what about PAS's hudud this and hudud that.Hudud did cost PAS some seats in GE13th.It is time PAS woke up from it's trance.Just look at Brunei's hudud laws and the Brunei sultan's harem of.whores.?What hudud law and for whom?

Now we have the 1MDB fiasco.Chasing out Najib will not solve the problems of corruption in Malaysia.Corruption is already an outright widespread epidemic in Malaysia.It is totally out of control.We have to send in the marines to clean up this mess,first started by Mahathir.

The only way to solve this widespread epidemic is for the three strange bedfellows of PR to get their houses in order.To be ready to rumble come GE 14th.To be able to land that KO punch on Umno/BN down for the count.

Chasing out Najib now and replacing him with another fox to look after the whore(chicken) house will only be a continuation of the same old,same old Umno legacy.Then come GE 14th and it will be a ready to rumble Umno.And who will Umno floor?Of course the stupid PR for helping them got rid of Najib.

Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

When the rakyat scream that the emperor is stark naked, the latter still believes the he is clothed in style! The nation will remain dysfunctional as long as there is no real transformation. So far, we only get to witness staged transformation as a result of the propaganda machinery working at full steam.

Anonymous said...

brilliant insight
couldnt agree more

Anonymous said...

Look at this big - eyed fish swimming in the sea oh
How it dreams to be a bird swoop and diving through the breeze
So one day caught a big old wave up on to the beach
Now he’s dead you see beneath the sea is where a fish should be

But oh God
Under the weight of life
Things seem brighter on the other side

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Unknown said...

Mahyuddin memalukan orang Melayu Muar.

Anonymous said...

I dont quite understand the mind of malaysians. If najib goes who will succeed him? Muhyuddin if cos.
but what guarantee do you have that muhyuddin is not worse than najib?
Have you forgotten how many acres if land in johor fell into singaporeans hand? During his tenure as MB? Have you forgotten how the sultan od johor rejected him?
Even if najib goes we still have UMNO PM. Show me where in UMNO we can find a clean one? As mahathir said, umno is full of corrupt people. So why are you so hystrical about najib. Let the wounded general keep leading the army. If you all really want a regime change.
Have you all forgotten that in 1987 ku li had been shouting about umno's corruption.where werr you all that time? And UMNO still in power till now. And now when the same wolf that bit you sheep 25 years ago ,shout,you all applouding him. Dont you see what this wolf ,mahathir, ulterior motif? You think mahathir love this country? No
He just fear that UMNO will be wipe out
He and his family will be in great trouble if this really happen.
So let najib stay and pru14 will be the time to ,not only replace najib,but umno.

IrWrWs said...

100% agreed.. this kind of strategy dap n pkr would never think of as they are not that matured in malaysian political game..bravo bravo..