07 May 2015

TR should alternate the present leadership

For the past months it has been very eventful period especially with matters regarding the weakest PM that we have in almost six decades of independent Malaysia. As I have said in my earlier posting we are in real need of a genuine leader for definite and expeditious rectifications of the current disquieting environments that everyone is facing.

It’s now a conclusive outlook that the country needs a new alternative leader that fits to revamp this disordering country. This blog have been unfailingly emphasizing that this country truly needs a special leader who is capable to redraw the country’s plans and paths of progress right from the drawing board. In essence we are in need of a new nation, saying it candidly.  

Let’s take all debacles and shambles that befall on us presently as blessings. Nothing good can come before we go through all the mills of evils. When great evils occur great good will soon follow. I have also been saying that we are at the darkest part of the night, but the darker the night the nearer we are to the dawn. I am for one believes that the worst will soon be over and we are drawing close to the dawn and experience a new light of hope and optimism.

We have already heard of suggestions by certain quarters to have a leader who owns high judiciousness and benevolence to bring all disputing parties and groups together and live in co-existence and respecting each other for the purpose of achieving our ultimate goal that is national unity.

For the first time ever in fifty-eight year independence, some opposition leaders are voicing their positive judgment on an UMNO member to realistic tenacities in mitigating the present difficulties. They name Tengku Razaleigh as the most suitable choice as he has had the sterling record of contribution to the national politics and nation building while he was in the government before he was systematically sidelined by some UMNO leaders in the late seventies and the early eighties. I am not going to write about his excellent testimonials as those have been extensively elaborated of late by many quarters including this blog and to those who take the pain to do exercise some soul-searching.

As a Malay and a perfect gentleman that he is, TR is the most practical and hands-on leader to accomplish our national goal and to repossess the ambiance and atmosphere that we used to rejoice before. He represents the Malay and the indigenous which forms the huge majority of the country’s populations. We must resign to what a Malay proverb says, that is ‘berpijak di bumi yang nyata’. We must stand on reality that the nation needs a wise Malay leader who is capable in achieving and delivering national unity based on the Malay perspective.

The clear defect of the present ruling Malay leaders was the main component that contributes to the present depravity to the country. The Malay ruling leaders have miserably failed to earn respect and regards from Malaysian from the diverse and dissimilar races that we have.

The main pillar for united Malaysian is when we have judicious and well regarded Malay leader to lead this blessed nation perpetually. Again I emphasize that we have to ‘berpijak di bumi yang nyata’. If the Malays fail the country is going to fail.

That was why the suggestion by some quarters that TR to lead is the most sensible proposition that comes by in recent weeks. He should have been leading the country long time ago anyway. He just fits in to the current needs of drawing away from the current intemperance and depravities.  

It’s reassuring to hear that even an opposition party is prepared to spare Tengku Razaleigh the rectitude and space for this UMNO member to alternate the present UMNO leadership to lead the nation. 

That simply means that there is not much problem with UMNO even to the opposition. It’s the current distasteful appeals of the UMNO leadership that apprehend their support for the governing leaders.

Hence it’s TR who can retrieve UMNO back to relevance if the Malays and UMNO care to soul search intensively.


sariff said...

Pak aspan perlulah mengorak langkah meminang TR menjadi calon presiden umno

Anonymous said...

Teruslah bermimpi disiang hari.Tun Mahatir cannot do anything this time to get rid of the the Bugis Lanun. . Lanun ini, tidak saperti Imam Hadhari,telah membeli kesetiaan daripaa Paglima2nya and Ketua2 Bahagiannya dengan harta rampasan dari jajahan takluknya..

Anonymous said...

We are also must resign to what a Malay proverb says, that we have to ‘berpijak di bumi yang nyata’, because Tengku Razaleigh alone will not succeed to perform in the bundle of rubbish. His excellent history was passed in the good governance team during those time which a lot of differs as compared to present. The objective to put our nation on the right track, only can be achieved if and only if the present ruling party being replaced/changed as proven by other developed countries and there is no 'pijak kepala rakyat' among them as the result.

Anonymous said...

tak perlu menjadi presiden umno.dengan cukup sokongan dari para wakil rakyar,TR bolih di pilih menjadi PM yang baru