01 May 2015

If Najib is replaced by his own cabinet member, that will be another devilish government

Najib’s claim that he has the solid support from his fellow Cabinet members is debatable. No one in his correct and sensible mind will bite his notion that he has the true support from the Cabinet members he appointed. In actuality most of his appointees in the Cabinet are playing double game behind the Prime Minister Najib. His fellow colleagues in the Cabinet are trying to disown the spirit of collective responsibility and accountability and wanted to let Najib to surface with the problems alone and unassisted.

Most of them wanted Najib to answer the question posed by Mahathir in the issue of 1MDB and various other issues that engulf Najib since months ago. When Najib’s chips are down his own appointed men in the Cabinet are hesitant to stand by him. Some are going in the open asking Najib to answer the entire questions put forward by Mahathir to answer. Muhyidin, Shafie Apdal and the youth chief are among the Cabinet members who came out joining the chorus of Mahathir asking the PM to answer all the queries from Dr Mahathir.  

It is morally and ethically flawed for Cabinet members to unfasten their responsibility in answering Mahathir’s aggravating questions to the Prime Minister. Muhyiddin and the whole Cabinet members should be jointly accountable and be able to answer all allegations against the Prime minister. All Cabinet members should be able to answer on behalf of the Prime Minister as all deals in 1MDB were collective Cabinet decisions.

It abhors when hearing Cabinet members denying their liability on the 1MDB as they should know the entire goings on in any company that is owned by the Ministry of Finance. In the quiet some of the Ministers give inexcusable reason that Najib had never informed the Cabinet on the deals of 1MDB. How could that be?
They should have demanded from the PM in the weekly meetings about 1MDB as this issue had cropped up in the open for the past four years. By not querying the PM about the deal is as good as collaborating with the dubious act of the Finance Minister and the PM.

It is unspeakably irresponsible for any Cabinet member to deny responsibility on this issue by asking Najib to answer all queries from Dr Mahathir and other pressure groups.  Muhyiddin and the rest in the Cabinet have lost all their dignity by denying directly or indirectly their accountability in the awful deals of investment arm of the government.

In reality if Najib is ousted by this issue the whole Cabinet lineup should quit as they were appointed by this ailing Premier. It is depressing to discover that there are groups are in the act of installing Muyiddin as the PM once Najib is ousted.  Please realize that he is part and parcel of the weak Cabinet that made all the decisions on 1MDB.

Muhyiddin and the Cabinet were working hand-in-glove with Najib and the Cabinet to approve the proposal by Najib and 1MDB to give RM950 million as standby credit for 1MDB. If the Cabinet including Muhyiddin were at all honest to circumvent the conned act of the PM they would have shot down the stand-by credit of RM950 million for 1MDB proposed by Najib.

Hence replacing Najib with Muhyiddin will put us at risk of returning to more insurmountable problems in the near foreseeable future. Then we are not solving the problems but instead giving another lease of evil, devilish and irresponsible regime to manage us in perpetuity.

Let us admit that the spirit accountability is already out of fashioned these days.


Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Saya percaya semua urusan 1MDB telah dibincang dengan teliti oleh kabinet ketika Menteri Kewangan membentangkannya.

Sudah tentu Perdana Menteri telah mengambilkira semua perkara sebelum bersetuju.

Rakyat tidak perlu terpengaruh dengan apa yang disarankan oleh Tun Dr Mahathir kerana selaku Perdana Menteri, Dato Sri Najib selalu berhubung dan mendapatkan laporan semasa dari Menteri Kewangan.

Malah Perdana Menteri sendiri boleh terus mendapatkan maklumat yang lebih telus dari Penasihat 1MDB.

Anonymous said...

Kau ni merepeklah kluangman.Najib buat salah dalam semua blog kau masuk kau pertahankan dia.Kau dapat upah dari najib ka sampai bermati-matian menyokong najib?Kluangman ingat sini, rakyat malaysia bukannya bangang nak dengar Najib dengan kabinetnya.Sebab rakyat lagi pandai berfikir dari PM yang ada sekarang.Sudahlah jangan buang masa rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Pak Aspan, i agree with your statement, collective responsibility by all members of cabinet. Answer all simple questions with credible answers, where's our money went to, who order the brutal murder, GST. Najib answerable to all this, so do cabinets.

Anonymous said...

Wahai kluangman jangan buat andaian kalau tidak ada fakta . Kalau 2 + 2 tak dapat dijawab Najib itu kita bolih jawab tapi 1MDB ianya perlu dijawab olih orang yang tahu dan ada fakta bukan buat andaian macam orang tak sekolah.
Dalam kes 1MDB lembaga pengarah syarikat yang perlu jawab bukannya Najib kerana Najib tak ada local standi dalam syarikat.Kita belum dimaklumkan siapakah ahli lembaga pengarah 1MDB untuk bolihkan kita buat andaian mengapa keadaan tersebut berlaku .
1MDB dari akhbar nampaknya INSOLVENT yang bolih kaitkan lembaga pengarah dengan segala hutang syarikat yang ini ada peruntukan dalam AKTA SYARIKAT .Tapi adil kah dipersalahkan pengarah2 syarikat kerana mereka itu wakil kerajaan samalah modus operandinya dalam pembunuhan Altantuya dibuat olih Sirul atas arahan orang tertentu .Kalau dijepun menteri letak jawatan bila kereta api berlanggar jadi tuduhan TDM lagi serius memanglah wajar Najib letak jawatan...

Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan,

I do agree with your statement in this article, that none among the Najib's Cabinet members is suitable to replace Najib as the PM. So, the person should be chosen must be not anyone from the existing cabinet members and I like to strongly suggest that the only right person to fulfill the nation need is Rosmah Mansor, what say you?

bruno said...

If Najib has to go and he is replaced by a more incompetent moron,than what the heck do Najib has to go?At present,there is nobody better in Umno/BN who can take over from Naji..Just apes and monkeys jumping up and down.

On the PR side,we have clowns screaming like crazies,getting chased and arrested for all the wrong reasons.We even have an MP whom can bite like a monkey.Leadership wise,the PR is as bankrupt and leaderless as the Umno/BN.

Anonymous said...

hardly two weeks after the dpm stated that therevwill be no bail out for 1mdb, 1 billion standby credit was approved and almost fully used up within three days by 1mdb. this just show the position of the dpm as far as 1mdb is concern.

Mns said...

PM Najib, Menteri Kewangan Najib dan Penasihat 1MDB pun Najib jadi sapa yang Nak d Salahkan

Anonymous said...

Dia ni bukan BUGIS tapi "BOGUS". Memalukan kaum je. Apa punya kaum.