11 May 2015

Najib hates check and balance but loves cheques and whatever balance in the government kitty

Najib is retorting inhospitably towards Dr Mahathir and called the former premier as an ungrateful being.  Najib reminisced that Mahathir too was undergoing moments of difficulties like he now going through.  And his (Najib’s) support for Dr Mahathir then saved the former premier being thrown out of power and would not have been able to rule for twenty two years, claims Najib.

Najib recalled that while he (Mahathir) was sitting PM, he was pressured by half of his Cabinet members and UMNO supreme Council to quit. Najib claimed that his last moment U-turn and supported Dr Mahathir gave him (Mahathir) another  long lease of power that stretch for twenty two years.

Everything now seems to turn personal and Najib is hanging to every bit of object that floats in front of him to survive from sinking. Now he chooses to go a head-on clash with Dr Mahathir by labeling the former Prime Minister an ungrateful being. He reminisces and recalled the time when Mahathir was in total desperation when almost half of the Cabinet turned against him and called for his resignation.  Najib recalls how he made a U-turn and gave Mahathir the support he in dire needed.

In actuality Dr Mahathir had already reciprocated by paving the way for Najib to be the Prime Minister, the position we now realize he meagerly deserves. By his own admission, Mahathir told the crowded audiences in the K Club Taman Melawati last month that he was indulged to give the opportunity for Najib to lead the country to reciprocate the deeds that Tun Razak accorded to him in the early seventies.

Najib can’t be going on asking for return of the favor his family offered to Dr Mahathir as Najib has proven to be a colossal burden to the nation. Najib has failed miserably to seize the opportunity to be remembered as a good and truthful leader to the nation that can be read by the future generations. It is not just Dr Mahathir who realizes the flaws in his leadership but that flaws are generally perceived by wide cross sections of Malaysian irrespective of races and religions, the urban and the rural Malaysians.

To Najib politics and positions in it is personal ownership for any leader who leads. His conduct and moral is of no significance to the nation and the people. In Tawau two days ago he shouted and yelled at Mahathir for not giving him the freedom to act exuberantly managing the country owned by the people by his whim and fancies. He can plunder the nation’s resources and manage the country without strategic and accurate planning for the people. 

He takes the country and everything in it as his personal ownership and he does not like check and balance as part of democracy we practice. He only loves cheques and the balances in the country’s treasury and agencies and disallows anybody to watch how he spends. He doesn’t want anybody to get involved in spending.

He only wants the public to get involved when he feels that there is a need to tax the people. He wants the people to get involved to support any move to tax them. Any move to resist the new taxes will end up in police arrests and locked-up in police stations and subsequently charged in court.

I think the people should do some counseling on Najib just the way he wants to see a student Nur Fitri of Imperial College to be counseled for keeping thirty thousand of child porno in his computer in London. If Najib wants Nur Fitri to be counseled for keeping that huge number of child porno, he himself should be counseled for allowing hundreds of billions of ringgit lost and evaporates in the thin air from the government treasury and its agencies through their dubious acts that were criminal in nature.  

I think the crime that Nur Fitri committed was too trivial as compared to the political and economic crimes he commits unendingly.


Badrol Uyop said...

minat dr dulu, tpi sekarang dah dlm BI..

Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

This is the primary problem with the culture of political patronage. Dr M has got a shoe thrown at his face by Najib. Like Dato' Mohd Ariff Sabri says the rakyat as a whole, must put an end to the practice of political dynasty, and this can only be done by liberating the mindset.