29 July 2015

Stay united, please save our country

The Cabinet reshuffle yesterday was a reshuffle to ensure all the misdeeds of the government are concealed from the knowledge of the people. The reshuffle affirms the allegations that the 1MDB issue and all the allegations on Najib’s role in it are all true and real. The Attorney General was terminated just two months before he was due for retirement and the AG was taken aback by his sacking without notice.

They were wild rumors that the AG was prepared to charge Najib over the 1MDB issue and by his sacking just few weeks before he was due for retirement adds a firm believes that Najib was very terrified to face the reality of the 1MDB’s case. However the prerogative of the PM to appoint anyone for any position in the Cabinet has got to be recognized and accepted by all. The alleged dubious role by the PM in 1MDB issue now is very predictable and his action to cover up all the misdeeds by appointing fresh leadership under him is too telling that he is involved directly in the 1MDB fiasco.

As ordinary people understand what the goings on in 1MDB, the effort to put off Najib from power is mandatory and it must be done through the various political and democratic institutions available has to be applied immediately. There must be a consolidated and united effort to save this country from the plunders of irresponsible and deluded minded Cabinet lineup. The nation is in serious danger as the current new line up is giving blind loyalty to the disputed PM and it is going to have serious repercussions to the sovereignty of this beautiful nation that we have.

On the opposition side there must be a united stand and the opposition has to bury all differences within intra and interparty disorder for the sake of saving the country from further falloff and destructions. The rakyat has to repossess the power now in the hands of the irresponsible and undependable leaders. The building of the nation didn’t come easy, hence any group that works to destroy it has got to be circumvented and displaced.  

All the eighty odds opposition leaders in Parliament have got to stay united and put up strong stand to work on the disposing the illegitimate leaders that control us currently. Warring Hadi and LGE as well as Kit Siang has got to be submerged deeply and leaders from PKR have got to put up ‘save Malaysia’ as their main agenda. If this effort succeeds the following and subsequent moves will come in much easier to arrive at our ultimate, a new government and protected Malaysia.

Ultimately there must be enough numbers to push aside the illegitimate leaders led by Najib Razak currently. Please save this country.


bruno said...

Aspan,it is always not easy to chase out a sitting PM,especially a Malaysian PM.In Malaysia,since the time under Mahathir's rule,there is no longer any independence left of our public institutions.Their are all answerable to Umno.Just look at the Penang and Selangor gomen officials.They feel scare and merciless at the hands of the police.Just look at Umno sponsored mobs running loose in front of LGE's office or state assembly.One time there were armed ski masked cops stopping Khalid's car and arresting his passenger.

For so many months Mahathir had been leading the charge to kick Najib out.If Mahathir cannot chase out Najib when he is been attacked from left,right,center and belakang too,how can we chase Najib out now.After this reshuffling Najib's strength and power in Umno has doubled.Before I have said that if PR cannot kick out Umno/BN in GE13 when they were on their knees,how are they going to kick out a stronger Umno in GE14.And sure enough,PR screwed up and never even came close.And if Najib cannot be kick out then,how can he be kick out now.

The opposition and Mahathir's gang do not have enough numbers to kick Najib out,even with PAS tagging along.And now we even hear Bersih and Ambiga talking about taking to the streets.Taking to the streets will not solve the problems.And with the opposition working with SR and the Edge buying stolen documents to topple Najib,this time around the gorillas will not be so kind to the demonstrators.Many people will get be beaten up so badly that they will be spending days or weeks in the hospitals.

Anonymous said...


I think after recent political events, it's time for all Malays/Bumiputras especially the hardcore supporters of UMNO/BN all over the country to re-evaluate the leadership especially En Najib himself and the party itself.

Please .. think carefully what had he done to the country now? Do we still have to just let go his ego and elite style with arrogant behaviour? Can't we read his style,his message and many wrongdoings under the sun?

We want UMNO/BN supporters to be the real people who can criticize .... not just like a foolish donkey. It's a shame that we still think like under British rule.

saksama said...

Save Malaysia......please

Anonymous said...

no worry yo !!!!semua rakyat melayu cina india sudah benci dan menyumpah najib dan umno lingkup la semua hehehe....

awang batu burok said...

Salam Tuan AA,

What Ku Li is doing???

Anonymous said...

These are the same people who talk proudly about their patriotism. They even ask people to be stripped of their citizenship. They tell the Chinese to "Balik Cina."
These are the same people who are destroying the country and men who can do something about it - Kuli, Tun Muasa, Abdullah Badawi - are fast alseep.
If these men stand up together with Mahathir, Najib will fall.
If we can't get 112 parliamentarians to vote out Najib then this country deserve whatever fate befalls it.
Their children and grandchildren will cry in shame.