13 September 2015

Najib breaks the country, if we want to make it worst let him fix it back

In reality Najib is already a political ‘vegetable’.  It’s only his ego and his individuality that keeps him clinging on to the position he holds. Some others say that it’s his worry about the repercussion that befalls on him if he was to retire gracefully or by force.  As has been said in my last few postings, Najib is now riding on the back of a tiger that makes him impossible to dismount. He can’t move forward and he can’t retreat either.

Maintaining him and to continue leading us is acutely expensive for the country. As up to now there were already huge billions of ringgit gone and evaporated through thin air from our kitty and God knows how much more wastage the country is going to incur if he still loiters around in Putrajaya.

PM Najib is the most famous Prime Minister of the world but for wrong imageries. The latest about him appears in Aljazeera deliberating his wrong and heinous doings and he reacts by telling us that the TV station was all out to rebuke him. Hence WSJ, Sarawak Reports and all international media are working against him. That’s all he could answer to all the allegations against him.

If all the allegations are all untrue and paralleled by spiteful intentions he still has avenues to defend his innocence by suing all those media houses in court of law. Why was that not done? He may even earn a lot of money which he is much in love with through his innocence verdict by the court. Najib is helplessly assaulted by one after the other allegations by the world biggest media houses and the latest by Al Jazeera TV that touches the issue of Altantuya’s murder. The report links the involvement of Najib and his colleague Razak Baginda to the murder.

Najib has been alleged for all kinds of wrong doings, from corruptions, misuse of power and involvement in murder. All these allegations are building up strong perception on him that he is a leader who does not deserve to be called a leader.  He has developed in him the image of a pest instead. His dubious acts have created massive problems for many quarters not only in Malaysia but to the world at large. Now Najib and corruption are already synonymous.

Some of the international senior bankers involved in giving 1MDB loans were fired from their jobs for carelessly giving out to 1MDB huge loans that 1MDB decrepitly presented. Scores of companies that deals with 1MDB are at risk of losing support and facilities from international banks they used to transact with.

I just wonder how Najib is getting to close the impregnated issues against him and his government. Certainly he is not the right person to resolve problems he creates. He can only make it worse.

This blog has been saying, let Najib breaks the country to pieces, and if we want to make it worst give him and any of his cabinet colleagues the job to fix it back.  


Anonymous said...

Najib is an embarassment to the Malays and Malaysia as a whole. I don't think he dares to venture outside of Malaysia and is regarded as a Pariah in the international circle. Shameless bugger and the Malays are beginning to be perceived the same, corrupted race in the full sense. Pity.

Anonymous said...

This article should be translated to our national language. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Apa orang UMNO sendiri kata :


Anonymous said...

Nagib RAzak is a HUGE dissapointment. He has disgrace the ofc of the PM of Malaysia, disgrace the memory of his father and disgrace himself by clinging to power using UMNO as his citadel. Saddest things of all he is dragging UMNO and BN into the bottomless pit of political wilderness comes PRU 14. So if those politicians in UMNO and BN has an iota of courage, you guys should put the nations above all and do the RIGHT things.....unfortunatly COURAGE is an ALIEN word to the present rank of UMNO and BN politicians.....very sad.....


He can still fulfill his promise to full autonomy for Sabah Sarawak on 16 September 2015 when visiting Kota Kinabalu where the peoples are waiting in anticipation.