23 May 2015

Najib is ready to be replaced, but not by his disloyal mate

At last Muhyiddin is saying it. All board members of 1MDB should be sacked and call in the police to investigate all the goings-on in 1MDB. The closed-door meeting with quite a number of UMNO leaders was videotaped and the video is going on viral in the social media presently.

To many observers it is a strong signal from him that he is not with Najib anymore and we do not know how to reconcile with the decision made in UMNO supreme Council meeting two weeks ago that wanted Najib, Muhyiddin and the rest of the supreme council members to unite and move forward with the agenda to transform the nation in a team. The council meeting agreed to the notion that people outside UMNO are trying to split the leadership lineup.

However in the closed door meeting Muhyiddin in the open wants the whole bunch of board members of 1MDB to be sacked and call in the police to investigate. Well, it’s good to say that but the question is why that kind of statement came out too late when 1MDB is already devastated and damaged? Calling for the board members to be sacked could mean to include the advisor of the devastated company that is Najib himself.

Nonetheless we have to come to term that Muhyiddin statement was part of the movements in UMNO to oust Najib as the party president and the head of Malaysian government. Of course it is also the gracious move to put Muhyiddin as replacement for Najib. Muhyiddin says he stands by his words and something has got to be done to put 1MDB issue to bed.

By the words of Muhyiddin in the closed door meeting, we can simply deduce that the non-existence of accountability in our leadership these days. 1MDB issue is the issue against the whole Cabinet because it’s the government that decided to form 1MDB and decision was cabinet decision.

Muhyiddin and the rest should have quitted the Cabinet if he had been in disagreement on how 1MDB was managed by Najib and the whole board members of the MOF company by guarantee. But he was not ready to quit the job and to leave the glamorous job in the Cabinet but instead he severally decided to approve the RM950 million standby credit for the ailing 1MDB. Wasn't that a irresponsible act?

If Muhyiddin and the rest of the Cabinet were smart as he claims in the video the Cabinet should have mitigated the issues surrounding the Cabinet approved company 1MDB years ago before turning too sour like today. By keeping quiet and allowing the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister to do anything without hindrances is very irresponsible on the part of the Cabinet.

Muhyiddin is like distancing himself from Najib and it is an act of disowning accountability on the devastated 1MDB. It’s very discriminating act to lump all burdens and accountability on Najib alone. Each and everyone in the Cabinet should be severally accountable over the 1MDB issues. If Najib goes all should go together with him.

We ought to resign to the fact Najib had made erroneous decisions because of the weak and clueless Cabinet members. The other bigger problem is the Cabinet members do not understand to appreciate the spirit of accountability. This is a very huge disappointment of the rakyat towards the Cabinet members. 

Najib should now realize that he is at the verge of licking his wounds alone without anyone in the Cabinet to support him like the way they used to apple-polish him before 1MDB issue surfaces. Muhyiddin and many Cabinet members are now finding excuses to place Najib in isolation. They are moving against Najib with the absence of decorum and ethics.

Surely one of the turn coats is desirous to replace Najib who subsequently would put our nation in perpetual jeopardy. Business will be as usual. We will be going for roadshows again and again unendingly as long as the replacement is from leaders within the same mold and frame.


Anonymous said...


I do agree with you that all the ruling party cabinet members must be accountable to the problem which is seemed to us only is pointed to Najib alone to hold the responsibility. Why they as a bunch, didn't voice out their vocal prior the decision was made? It is too late to remedy the damages which occurred that they together had agreed before. As a result, the decision they had made now is putting the whole Malaysian peoples and this country at stake and high risks.

Anonymous said...

Since when this whole bunch of self serving hipocrite understang the concept of collective responsibility as members of the cabinet or ethical conduct. If all of them are men of honour our beloved country will not in such dire and shameful situation. I weep for my country everytime i read the endless scandals that knocks us back further while other countries keep progressing upward.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder...collective responsibility goes together with collective authority. Weakness of many leaders is giving responsibility without authority...common to autocracy.

KZSO said...

What tsmy is saying that umno mt members are in the dark of 1MDB operations except a few? Who are the few? Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

The existing cabinet members are all equally liable for the 1MDB fiasco. It is totally unfair to simple blame Najib alone for decisions were made based on consensus.
Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah should be romped in to be the new PM, forming a new non-partisan cabinet. Given a clean sheet, TRH can then set the nation on the right course again.

Anonymous said...

Sdr AA,
Whether NR is replaced by MY, ZH,HH, or for that matter whoever from the present UMNO leadership, will that make any difference? They are all from the same acuan, so how to be different?

Anonymous said...

If we look at the history of 1MDB we noticed that only Najib made all decisions to the extent that the board of directors we made dumb terminal " do what I have decided " .That is non of the directors opened their mouth even they are highly qualified compared with their advisor with part completed degree from Nottingham Univ .
Cabinet ministers know nothing so it is extremely unfair to blame them.The blame should to :
1.Najib ....bring in the government as a guarantor without the consent of the cabinet ,
2.The whole ministry of finance senior officers including their ministers and deputy ministers since they have copies of the audited financial statements but did nothing .We know Husni and Ahmad Maslan can not understand financial statements but at least have the opportunity to get other officers to interprate the implication of the financial statements ,
3.The whole board of directors are personally liable for allowing the company to continue borrowing knowing very well that there is no way the debts can be settled .
I am still an UMNO member can easily say that most them knows nothing of 1MDB . What they know support Najib blindly by accusing those in the know have hidden agenda .
UMNO through bahagian should give altimatum to Najib to resign or face vote of no confidence .So tell which UMNO bahagian has the gut to initiate such vote of no confidence .If this can not be done then BN member of parliament should have voiced their concern by telling Najib to go ...are these people brave enough . If police man or government clerk caught in corruption of rm300 and found guilty definitely he will lose job and go to jail but if PM committed an offense cost tax payers billions of ringgit ....NO ACTION CAN BE TAKEN AND ALLOW TO CONTINUE TO HANG ON TO THE JOB...What kind of democratic country is this...
We have the established infrastructure that have been accepted which we have to honour by making the existing deputy to be made PM . TRH can come in through coming umno election ...

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:18 May 23rd, your opinion that 'it is extremely unfair to blame other UMNO leaders in the cabinet' is totally conflicted head on clash with the suggestion for vote of no confidence as mentioned by you, yourself. Once the huge malpractice done by Najib being exposed, the other UMNO cabinet members MUST perform the right thing to initiate vote of no confidence towards Najib, but that still didn't happen until now and more over, they are giving their support to Najib, what does it mean to you? Then, it is a logical method to put all of them as a bunch in term of taking the 'accountability' without exception(s).

Anonymous said...

Since when have the UMNO Baru cabinet and the the Council have been accountable. Only to themselves and the children and never to the rakyat.