28 May 2015

Najib was not elected by the people to be the PM

Najib is on the offensive attack on Dr Mahathir incessantly through his blog writings. The latest of his writing Najib alleges Dr Mahathir as telling lies and all the claims by the former PM against him were untrue. However Najib does not put effort to explain why USD1.16 billion were transferred to Jho Lo’s account from 1MDB. It has been validated that any money transacted in 1MDB has to get the approval of Finance Minister who is also the advisor to 1MDB.

The public has conclusive perception that Najib as the advisor of the 1MDB was the sole person who decides everything on the money dealings in the debt-ridden Company by guarantee now known as GLC.  There is no necessity to for Najib to deny the fact, as no one can believe him any longer. Najib has to tell lies stage by stage until he believes his own lies.

Najib insists that he was democratically elected to the position he holds now and Mahathir should stop attacking him as attacking him is attacking the people. He emphasizes that Mahathir should keep away from the government’s goings on and just leave it to the current generation to deal with politics of this country. This is the point that I want to touch briefly as it is not true that he was elected by the people to the PM’s position.

The Prime Minister of this country in actuality is not elected by the people of all races. He was made to be the Prime Minister not even by all the Malays. A Prime Minister Najib is elected and made to be the PM only by Malays in UMNO.

That is the system practiced in Malaysia ever since we achieved independence. Whoever the President of the party is will be elected to be the PM as UMNO is leading the ruling components. The president of UMNO who is also an elected representative to parliament will be endorsed by the Federal Legislative as they have the command of the House.

So by convention whoever among the Legislative members wants to be the PM must strive to be the president of UMNO as that was agreed among the component members of Barisan Nasional (BN). For decades the presidents of UMNO were elected by few thousand delegates in the annual general meeting of UMNO. The almost thirty million Malaysians have got nothing to do with the election of the Prime Minister.

The president of UMNO used to be decided by only three thousand odds delegates. It was only in the last party election where the number of eligible UMNO Malay voters for party leadership was moved up to forty six thousand delegates.

Hence Najib’s claim that he was elected by the cross-sections of the rakyat was utterly baseless and unfounded. When budding and good quality leaders in UMNO were ostracized and systematically ousted from the highest governing lineup in UMNO the choice of the party presidents and their lineups were the choice between the weak and the treacherous leaders.

UMNO has been in vacuum of leadership to the extent that the party has to be dependable on the scums and lowly categorized leaders like Najib and his colleagues in the UMNO Supreme Council and the Cabinet.That’s why UMNO is looked down upon by the ordinary people as the party fails to propose and to upfront viable leaders for them to rest their hope upon for their generation.

The current system of electing a Prime Minister is only good if UMNO can produce to the public the most viable and astute leader to manage the whole nation with high magnanimity and great patriotism for the people to lay their hope for better Malaysia.  


Anonymous said...

Saudara AA,

Najib's rebuttal was just a bunch of baloney. But as usual, he answers by creating more questions.

bruno said...

Malaysia is in this mess,firstly because Mahathir's "Malays (pronounced as Malaysians) have poor memories" have become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Malays(Malaysians) get raped once every four to five years,till their asses are torn to pieces and needed hundreds of stiches.Yet,every four to five years they came back begging for more from their rapists.

Why?Because the sleepy heads called the PR have shown that they are no better an alternative to the corrupted Umno/BN.

kampong lad said...

1. najib jadi presiden umno (baru) dipilih oleh ahli umno tapi bukan semua. (presiden & timbalan tak dak pertandingan)
2. najib jadi wakil rakyat pekan diundi oleh pengundi tapi dia tak menang 100%.

kerana 2 diatas dia jadi perdana menteri. bila rakyat malaysia pilih dia?

Chengkau said...

Pak Aspan,

Blog PM ditulis oleh orang lain. TDM tulis blog sendiri. Sebab tu la lain ditanya TDM lain dijawab oleh PM. The sad thing is PM believed that he has done beyond the necessary to be transparent. Two plausible reasons. 1. He is totally blur blur. 2. He is putting a brave face whilst clearing the mess. The unconditional love of a husband and a step father perhaps!!!!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I still dont understand why cabinet can not make decision to pass vote of no confidence since PM had cost public unnacessarily billion of ringgits.Cabinet may be waiting thrillion ringgit blunder to decide which is too late .I thing we also have bunch of hopeless cabinet ministers . It doesnt make sense to me the 1MDB money just disappeared like that .Is it being robbed or the money was stolen in safe box in RM house or bombed into pieces then it make sense . If the transaction passed through the banks surely there are evidence . There must be audit trail where the money has gone to .Even billion of cash were withdrawn from the banks we will know who withdraw the money .
It is no point arguing with hopeless person unless you want to be hopeless as well.I have the cabinet decide today friday once and for all to throw that hopeless person.If no decision being made by cabinet it is time we take appropriate action to give signal to PM that he should resign immediately....

Anonymous said...

Najib and wife are the Malaysian pariahs period.

Anonymous said...

Najib is the king of felony...