20 May 2015

Forbid Najib to continue leading us

Najib is now the busiest Prime Minister of all time, not to govern the country but to ensure he retains his current position as the head of this corrupt government. He is too busy defending himself ever since the rakyat uncovered all his pranks and they are not trusting him any longer. The most serious disease of the PM is the crisis of confidence the worst faced by any Prime Minister of the country. He has serious and believability problems which he is unable to mitigate, however hard he attempts. 

Malaysians are not paying attention to him any longer. He is perceived to be a compulsive liar and he is now wasting his time trying to retrieve his lost reliability. He is now portrayed as a man who does not have any truth in every word he utters. Telling lies is his full time duty and he is unable to get back even a slight of trust that he had lost totally.  Lies and Najib are now synonymous.

Najib had not answered anything to questions posed by Dr Mahathir and many others down here. When asked who instructed Sirul to kill Altantuya he gave a very evasive answer by saying that he was not involved with the murder.

He has been with his ‘cock and bull’ stories in avoiding the questions posed on him. 1MDB is owing RM42 billion and when asked where was the money that was retrieved from Cayman Island hidden, but he came up with another big  lie by telling us that the money was parked in a Bank In Singapore. Before long we found out that the money was not there.

Najib can never answer issues against 1MDB as there are elements of looting and stealing money from 1MDB. As I have said many times earlier that 1MDB looks like a SPV (special purpose vehicle) company used to siphon out money for certain people and this company was set up with this intention right from the first day of its inception.  

Instead of giving simple and direct answer Najib chooses to attack Dr Mahathir to deviate our attention to questions posed by Dr Mahathir on him. He plays personal sentimentalities by reminiscing and recalling the time when he (Najib) used to save Mahathir from heinous defeat in the hands of Tengku Razaleigh in the ’87 battle in UMNO. He is now using every possible mean to tell the generation that Mahathir is not grateful to him for not returning his favor when he is in misfortune.

To Najib Mahathir must return his favor at all costs even to the extent of allowing him to plunder and to mismanage the resources of this rich nation that he has milked dry. Najib wants Dr Mahathir to clap his hands when the PM buys a jet liner bought by the government for him and his wife and family members to use while the country is in overly indebted situation.

Najib wants Mahathir and everyone else to consent him telling bunch of lies in Parliament by admitting that he keeps the money in Singapore for the purpose of circumventing BNM’s interferences in the money movements. In the end we found that the money was not even there. So where is the money?

Hence the ousting of Najib from the leadership of this country is truly a noble purpose. In fact it is sinful to keep on permitting Najib to stay on as the PM even though the effort to oust him can be tougher than ousting the colonial masters before we achieved the independence.

Let’s forbid Najib and his platoons to inebriate the country into deeper and harmful complications. Please protect our country from these bunch of perilous felons.


Anonymous said...

I really wish that you will produce all the evidents to support your allegations.. good luck.. to you and Najib.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 15:18,
After all the lies upon lies , the kangkung himself has admitted to having money in Singapore n then only having paper assets,, there r still wankers out there who need evidence..it's obvious that your education has failed you..blogger bangang!

Anonymous said...

NAJIB itu kan pilihan Orang Orang Melayu.

Biar lah NAJIB buat kerja nya.

Turun Naik Jatuh Bangun Negara , Melayu tetap tidak hilang di dunia.

Biar lah NAJIB buat kerja nya.

faqqirulkhoir said...

Anonymous 17:34 . Sangat2 ajaib kamu macam percaya ''melayu tetap tidak hilang di dunia''. Sila mklum bahawa melayu pasti hilang, bukan saja melayu hilang, ttpi dunia ini juga akan hilang. Sekian.

Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan

Upon my view, both Najib and Mahathir have their own personals' interest but against each other and at the same time still burdening the Malaysian peoples. In conjunction relating to the said issues either Najib is wrong and Mahathir is right or otherwise, the peoples are still being the victims. There is no situation that both of them are right. As what I've noticed, they both are wrong.
The fact shows that, Mahathir also was wasting our country wealth to make his cronies and family became super rich by his wrong doings during his premiership. Now, Najib just follow the track which was learned from his mentor. The difference is 'who is the person that swept more'. There are several points why Mahathir looked like a very caring person for this country and peoples, but I don't think that he behaved sincerely. There must be prawns behind the rocks. They and many more UMNO representatives had been formed from the same mould, aren't they? So, to maintain the ruling party to manage our country is not significant. For the benefit of the peoples, the only alternative is UMNO/BN must be replaced at least a term.

sariff said...

Rakyat kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. Masih ramai tertekan sebab desakan untuk hidup..pendekatan menyeluruh

Anonymous said...

Whatever the outcome is...we are all at the losing end (taxpayers)...PERIOD!!

Anonymous said...

Our leaders nowadays screamingly have put pride in their pockets in the same way as they refused to be responsible for something that went by the board! Unlike Japanese who take courage in their free resignation.

Anonymous said...

Our country need major overhaul. The only way is never to let BN/UMNO to rule this blessed land. First and foremost, Najib must be forced to resign and follow by all his Cabinet members. They are all useless!