15 May 2010

Dave and Nick Government is working - congratulations!

David Cameron of the Conservative Party finally becomes the Prime Minister of Britain, after a week of hung parliament when no one party managed to secure good majority in the Parliament.

Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrat has been the most flirtatious leader rushing to and fro from Cameron to Brown as he knew he was the most important man to decide who should be at the 10 Downing Street.

David Cameron is the youngest British PM in 200 years and this is the first coalition Government for Britain since the 2nd world war. The 21-member Cabinet comprises of 16 from Conservative while the rest are represented by the Liberal Democrat. Nick Clegg himself is the Deputy Prime Minister and Britain is undergoing a new and hopefully sustainable power sharing.

The British Media seems to be quite skeptical about the durability of the coalition but Cameron and Nick Clegg are confident that they can prove all the skeptics wrong as they need to co-exist with each other for common purposes and intentions.

Both Cameron and Clegg admitted that they have to eat up a bit of tough exchanges of words in between them just for the sake of handling the new politics that currently prevails in Britain where both agree that the nation politic should be at the fore front and leave partisan politics not far behind.

Both party leaders came out in the open with joint press conference in the garden behind 10 Downing Street pledging allegiance from each other to prepare the route for successful new politics and this kind of coalition is necessary, the first of its happening in 65 years.

By this new understanding of the coalition Lib Democrat is represented with 5 representations in the Cabinet and in total the party would be having 20 representations from 57 members in Parliament at all levels in the Whitehall department.

In any hung parliament the smallest represented party can become very important and significant.

In this just concluded British General Election, Liberal Democrat which had never tasted power now essentially could share power through strategic coalition with the Conservative under David Cameron leadership and both parties are determined to protract the coalition at least until 2015.

At sharp twenty past seven on Tuesday, Gordon Brown was seen leaving the Buckingham Palace and subsequently announced his resignation from the Premiership at 10 Downing Street before leaving for his private home for good.

Within 90 minutes Cameron was already the new Prime Minister with Nick Clegg as his Deputy and there commenced the new facet of British elected government and politics.

The British have not been experiencing coalition administration, hence giving different opinion on this Dave and Nick government.

Once Deputy PM under Mrs Thather , Lord Heseltine said that this administration would be of a short lived one as both Dave and Nick are two different men with many variation in believes and approaches on how government should be governed.

Answering to some critic, Clegg responded by saying that his decision had caused much surprise and come with it, with some offense. BUT to him the truth is still the truth.

By any Parliamentary arithmetic the coalition between Lib Dem and Labor is unworkable and it would be taken as illegitimate by the British People.

Clegg said, “There would of course be bumps and scrapes along the way, there has been significant sacrifices from both sides, the Lib Dem and the Conservative and there will be a need for more”.

In the Thursday Cabinet meeting, Cameron and Clegg have been exchanging words of compromising with real reflection of seriousness to go forward without much problems.

“I think we have the opportunity to think for the long term in this new government” said Cameron.

Clegg responded by saying, “There was a huge overlap, a shared agenda and common purposes between the two coalition parties”

So, that is how the British and leaders responding to critical situation s the result of last week General Election.

President Obama instantaneously had a phone conversation with Cameron, congratulating the new PM and he was praising Cameron as an intelligent and workable PM with the current situation in Britain.

What do we in Malaysia think about the new British politics? I don’t know…..but don’t let any one from here to be the political consultant in Britain…or else there will be crossovers and buying of Law-Makers in London like what had happened in Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.

Then we would see the jumping British Law-Makers having fleshy holidays in Washington before coming home to hit back to their party both in and outside their House of Commons in Westminster.

Okay folks, that is all for now.

Thanks…………………………………………….Aspan Alias


ibrahimkoyan said...


I like yr last 2 paragraphs bro!!


Anonymous said...

Those cross-over move did'nt only happened in Ipoh and KL, it happened in Sabah as well way back in 1994.... And yes, politics in the UK is way too matured compared to politics in Malaysia....

HamBa Allah

d'enricher said...

Well, what can you say ... people learn to work together for the better of the country.

Malaysian politics should learn from their big brother (like it or not we follow the UK system).

Brown is a gentlemen, knowing very well he lost the right to form a government, but here in Malaysia, you see that some people just cannot accept when the 'Rakyat' decide.

Maybe, the independents (now you add wee as a new member) in our parliament can start a party that would hope to be "Lib Deb", a kingmaker ... "Deputy PM" for its leader ....


Anonymous said...

Aspan. so soothing to know how real democracy works in Britain.They are forbidden to give money and announce projects and the media is very balanced.

Right here the PM will come and splashes money and my people in rumah panjang down here in Sibu are paid rm600 each to vote for BN.

You believe me....this has been going on since Taib Mahmud became the CM.

Briam Maria said...

Saya berharap BN leaders akan baca tulisan ini untuk belajar bagaimana demokrsi yg sebenarnya berjalan.
Sudah lebih 50 tahun kita merdeka tetapi mentaliti pemimpin kita masih seperti mentaliti serarus tahu dulu.
Taku kpd kekalahan.

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, UMNO and BN should go.

Anonymous said...

This coalition will be a failure. I give the most one year then it will collaspe!!

rudy said...

anon 21:39,

Reason for the failure? you must substantiate your reason why it is going to be a failure. Baru komen tu ada nilai.