19 May 2010

I smell Cabinet reshuffle

I smell that the Cabinet reshuffle is just dots away. Some say it would be today or this Friday or anytime soon. If that is true than we would be seeing some new faces in the lineup and also witnessing some faces rolling out.

I am sure this is the most testing time for some of the incumbents who are still hopeful to be retained and some others are behaving saintly with the hope to be appointed in the Federal Cabinet.

I have been stretching my ears to know who are going to be in and who are going to be out. BUT this time around there is not much talk about of the reshuffle in the market place.

“Don’t bother who is in and out. It won’t make any difference lah bro. All of them are in the same mentality group. How to change?” said one Dato’, a retired senior government servant.

“It is just the shuffling among the same ill informed and irresponsible lots. It has to be lah!... as all the good Parliamentarians won’t be considered and if Najib is serious to have strong Cabinet lineup, he has to take many from outside. The good ones are outside there.” he continued.

“But Najib won’t take strong ones as they might outshine him. He will be somewhere and somewhat akin to Mahathir’s style. Mahathir cleared off every one he thought could outshine him from the lineup and the party. After all the people couldn’t be bothered as they don’t know which is right and wrong. They have been taught just to nod” he mumbled.

Even though that is the actual feeling and perception out there at public places, I do hope that this time around, for the first time we can see some difference after almost 3 decades of putting up yes men and 'entertainers' up there.

I do pray that there are at least a few among them who are not yes men but to show some positive difference. All these while we have been stuffed with ‘dead fish’ whose capability is just to swim with the flow.

“Rosmah will definitely have a lot of say in the Cabinet reshuffle and I can bet that would be the scenario” said one Member of Parliament from BN.

If what the MP’s claim is true than we are again going for another long haul of having misfits to take charge of Ministries and departments and we will be all over again listening to current and old maladies.

Ok folks, this is the problem when a leader is affectionate in giving daily ‘bed-side’ briefings. I hope Najib is not of the kind that everyone thinks and believes. It is incumbent on his part to care for the nation above even a family member he loves.

I am certain that Najib by now knows that we have a nation to manage. BUT let us watch and wait. Or wait and watch.

Let us all see……….

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias


joyce said...

Yes, let's hope! But that's far fetched.


mike said...

You are saying it bro!! boleh tahanlah lu!

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

KJ, Johan Jaafar antaranya yang dibawa masuk..
Nazri dah tendang diri sendiri..
Mohamed Nor Yaacob rasa nak terkencing sangat..

Quiet Despair said...

Trim the bloated cabinet. No need for too many ministers just to fill quotas. Small country, big bureaucracy.
MIC with only 3 MPs should be happy to have one, Subra.
Don't appoint the non-fuctioning ex-MP Palanivel. Warming the seat in Dewan Negara is good enough for him.
Get rid of Mohd Nor Yaacob, Ong Tee Kiat, Rais Yatim and Kayveas.
Hishamuddin, of couse cannot drop or else drop water-face my cousin kan.
Transfer him to an unimportant ministry.
Bring in Khairy and some other corporatemen.

Najib must be mindful that these are the people who will carry him through the 2012 elections.

If what is said of Rosmah is true, wow we have Evita Peron or Madame Chiang in our midst.
If she's not bridled, she will soon be singing Dont Cry For Me Malaysia.

Quiet Despair said...


Johan jaafar untuk apa ya?
Nazri anak jantan yang diperlukan.
orang lain play safe. Dia boleh jadi shooting duck.

Anonymous said...

Kita harap sangat Najib tidak namakan kembali org macam Nazri, Rais pengampu, Noh Omar dan beberapa org lain.
Letih kita dibuatnya.

Ramli Mohd Yunus said...


I have to agree with that retired government servant Dato! He is quite right about the whole situation.

Mai kita kena tek tarik lagi bagus!! We rest our case..and pray to Allah to bless us.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect too much from the current leaders. All must go and replace with a whole crop to be of any use.

Anonymous said...

Betul kata ibrahimkoyan.

Kalau isteri yang seorang tidak tahu salah benarnya dan suaminya tidak mampu mengawalnya, bagaimana nak kawal 27 juta rakyat?

Sesungguhnya ini isu besar!