06 May 2010

Khairy, Ezam in the lineup- Mukhriz, full Minister.

For the past week I heard and read about the imminent Cabinet reshuffle to bee soon announced by PM Najib. I heard it is a major one, some are expected names and some are not expected ones which are meant to shoulder responsibilities in place of the current leaders in the states who are not performing.

Bear in mind PM Najib has the unambiguous and explicit rights to choose and announce anyone whom he feels to be at the accurate place and position, even though some quarters may not be delighted to acknowledge it.

Of course there will be some who will feel crippled if the names announced are not to their predilection and their fondness.

There will be some or even many who would be getting the signals that he or she is no more of consequence to the party and government and they should admit that time to retire and live in repentance is the only choice they have in front of them.

It is time for Najib to tell himself, “heck, this is my Cabinet; let me choose whom I think fit. I don’t want to be indecisive anymore. I have enough of being nagged by the retiring power brokers who are trying to influence my decision. Just wait, I shall prove that I have ‘balls’ and I shall just announce it without any exertion”.

PM Najib should continue telling himself, “Hey, it is time for me to stop doing cover-up for the mistakes committed by my predecessors, as I have a lot to cover for my own self too”.

Okay, as the no1 leader of this Federation he has his own way of trying to get back Selangor and other states controlled by Pakatan Rakyat.

If he thinks by appointing Ezam Mohd Nor to be in the government can lead the party to put up a strong challenge to Selangor PR government in the coming GE than Ezam has the liberty to be chosen and be in the government.

AND if he feels that Khairy Jamaluddin is needed to play big role to save Negri Sembilan of the ailing UMNO/BN ruled state than Khairy should be there. After all he is the National Head of UMNO Youth, and the party delegates were the ones who put him there, not Najib.

PM Najib should be fully aware by now that most of UMNO members and leaders can switch allegiance instantaneously and would support Khairy unequivocally and all the prejudices against him in the yesteryears and months would be forgotten.

That is the main attribute of UMNO members. DS Najib should just announce, then the fluid politicians in UMNO would just follow.

One should be by now understood that leadership in UMNO is far and long gone. Let us just read Selangor in brief. Who is fit to take on the mantle of the state? Let us not mention names here but the fact remains that UMNO has zero viable leadership here.

So far there is no name that fits the slot to shoulder the responsibilities in capturing the state government. Let us be frank to the utmost. Can one tell the public who is the fittest?

What about Kedah? UMNO is facing the same problem. The only one shinning potential is Mukhriz. No one sees anybody else there. If Mukhriz is the pivoting leader in Kedah, where is the wrong, if Najib appoints him as a full Trade Minister?

In all morality Perak is still a PR government…say whatever one likes. Let us all find one leader here. Give one name…Nazri? The definite answer is no. He is the candidate to be retired. Zahid Hamidi?..He is already been given mountable task in Penang which the result is already predictable.

In Perak PR is still the choice of the people there but if I were to say this I would be grounded…but that is the fact. It is not that PR is strong in the sate, but UMNO does not have a viable and trusted leader.

All good leaders are outside UMNO. They have preferences for PAS and some prefer to be in PKR while the rest of the good leaders feel they should stay outside and smoke cigar.

What about MCA? Yes MCA leadership seems to be united after their last party election in the EGM, but the party is not acceptable to the Chinese any further as most of them recognize DAP as more viable and conducive for them.

Even many Malays prefer to vote for DAP if there is a fight between MCA and DAP.

As for PM Najib, there is no moral unfairness if he were to appoint Khairy and Ezam Mohd Nor in the government in the imminent Cabinet reshuffle. Appointing Mukhriz as the full pledge Minister is also not a political offense.

As there is quite a slim chance for BN to recover in the PR ruled state it is always important to defend the states which they are still in control and NS is the state which is at touch and go possibility.

So why deny Khairy. After all other leaders are no better than him…almost everyone has issues against them as well. There is no more clean names in the list of candidates.

Lastly we must appreciate that DS Najib and Khary know each other very well.

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

So honestly written

Mukabodoh said...

Khairy ???? No...No...No

Anonymous said...

Najib is going to choose new faces but there wudn't be any better.
It's just new faces whom he can control.


Anonymous said...

Why not KJ? Others are no better!
Pleeeeeesz lah Aspan.....tek.....

Zaidi Zain said...

This is a very good opinion and magnanimous in nature.
How I wish everyone thinks tyhe way you do bro....

Zaidi Zain, subangjaya

Syed Badar said...

Congrats for writing an honest opinion, but that truth would in the end kill our political system.
Positions and glamor are proven for the benefit of the sons of former PM of this nation.
Time to find other political model of this country.
We are made silly by the system.
Sorry for being unforgiving Aspan. I know you don't like it either.

Syed Badar

Anonymous said...

tajam macam pisau cukur!astute,fair and objective assessment of the current state of despair..

June said...

the choice is just among the hopeless lot. It is just going to a different set.


Anonymous said...

Cukuplahh. The only UMNO good for the country is a dead UMNO. No disrespect. The current UMNO is not the UMNO of 1946 remember??? It is not the UMNO of Tunku, Razak nor Hussein Onn...but that the UMNO Baru of Mahathir, Badawi and Najib....hopelessly corrupt, lost, fat, sleazy, plain and simply criminal. Its a large horrible boil on the face of Malaysia that needs to be incised and be rid off. Otherwise it may burst on its own.Either way its dead. Its time this company just gulong tikar, pass the torch to more capable people and move on. Goodnight UMNO. PLease stay dead.

Anonymous said...

Anon 012:29

UMNO dead and you are dead. Jangan jadi bodoh sombong!!

Unknown said...

Pity Najib does not have the luxury of choice. If there is such a terminology, may i say Umno is suffering from an 'acute leadership deficiency system'. During the leadership of Tun Razak and Hussein Onn they had quality second echelon leaders they can choose from to promote.
I find it difficult to concur with the names you mention for promotion. Perhaps there are other quality umno members who are outside the patronage system, not current MPs or divisional heads, who, like you said can be appointed senators and hence into the cabinet.

Aspan Alias said...


I have been saying what you just said many times in my old posting which I can't remember when.

But in this article I was just imagining that I am in Najib's shoes.

He does not have any eligible candidate even to be his deputy Ministers if we were to go to the real equation of leaders in other developed nations.

I have been telling everybody that Mahathir was responsible for this as from his time of administration he laid off or he manipulated all good leaders so much so there were only yes man attitude and din't use their grey matter to think what was good for the nation.

Mahathir inherited leaders who are weak and of course Najib is one of them.

So what now? But I see wuite a number of leaders with lots of brain in the opposition.

Thnx bro