16 May 2010

Labour is Strengthening its exiestence - Ed and David contesting for top position.

What are the initial and early reactions within the labor party since its dismal and drab performance in the recent GE?

Firstly Gordon Brown who had been the Chancellor of Exchequer for 10 years before he relieved the outgoing PM then, Tony Blair and became the PM of Britain for 3 years resigned gracefully last Tuesday at 7.20 pm just after an audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Now the Labour party is an opposition in the Westminster and this is a normal occurrence in the history of this world oldest democracy.

Taking turn sitting at the government or the opposition bench has been the way of politics in Britain and they don’t take losses like sour grapes by the losing side like what is seen in our country.

In Malaysia the BN is perceived to be the only recipient for power to rule and taking others to take to rule is considered seriously and deadly offense and any state which is ruled by parties other than BN will be mutilated by the BN ruled Federal Government with vengeance.

BN is sour grapes in Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan and anything that these states government do is taken offense by the Federal BN Government.

The spirit of Federation inked by all States to form the Federation on the 2nd of February 1948 is clearly prostituted by the Federal leaders and they never respect sovereignty of each of the individual state, let alone to respect the wish of the people of the state.

The Federal Leaders take the nation like nation of a unitary government and the states have no say in administering the nation.

The Federal leaders consider the cash in the kitty of the Federation as BN money and not the money which derive from taxing the people of the nation, and that include taxes paid by the PAS, DAP and PKR members.

The top leadership spent tens of million of tax payers money in just one trip to the US to meet Obama with elaborate advertisement for the so-called first lady of the nation coupled with huge dancing troupe to perform in front of ‘we don’t know who’ in Washington.

All these contribute to the decay of the spirit of responsibility and accountability to the people of this country. Rais Yatim may be able to tell the rakyat the actual cost of bringing the dancing and the cultural troupe to Washington recently.

Rais may amuse the PM as he likes but don’t spend on our money and as he is in charged of culture, what he should focus on now is to develop a proper culture in thinking and perceptions towards the love for the nation by the rakyat; not by sending cultural dances and troupes to Washington.

I reckon Rais should stop the culture of amusing his big boss by spending tens of million of the people sweat and tears without guilt.

The Prime Minister of Britain like Malaysian leaders too goes abroad to meet leaders of nations worldwide but we never see large crowd sending him off other than his wife and few related officers and he is normally accompanied by relevant officers and staffs.

Tony Blair or Gordon Brown also went on official trips abroad and one could not see any Labour leader from Liverpool, Clacton-on-sea or from Dover sending them off at the airport kissing their hands before boarding the government aircraft.

Now the labour is an opposition party in the Westminster and the party accepts defeat gracefully and they are in the process of rebuilding the party to the level it should be to be an effective opposition and to give the British alternative of choice in 2015.

Like Dave and Nick in Britain Najib is going to go for massive Cabinet reshuffle in short due and I hope the whole Cabinet should be given civic courses to build in them the feeling of guilt; that spending lavishly for one trip of the PM and his super power spouse is an annoyance to the tax payers.

They should be told of the dos and the don’ts when they accept the appointment as members of the Federal Cabinet.

Do have a bit of sympathy to the needy parents who have missed the opportunity to send their children for tertiary education local and abroad.

If the tens of millions spent on unnecessary expenditure for the Ministers and their glamorous and thrilling wives are channeled to the needy students it would help the nation’s future development.

We should learn from the Conservative and the Labour leaders when they face the unexpected.

Labour party accepts the defeat without the vengeance feeling and now they are set to get new leaders through Democratic processes.

Ed Milliband is going for the top position which is going to vacated by Gordon Brown while his elder brother David Miilliband is also eyeing to assume responsibility to strengthen the party, also taking on for the top post in the Labour.

Both siblings are the present Law Makers from the Labour in the Westminster. Their earlier speculation that Alan Johnson Harriet Harman, Yvette Cooper and Jack Straw are going for the top position is not true as all of them want every one ignore the rumors.

They are focused on strengthening the party. They don’t go around purchasing the Lib Democrat and Conservative Law-makers to crossover like what our leader did in Perak and now in the process of doing the same in Kedah.

They (Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem) always want to secure legitimacy of people’s support. They don’t buy support.

What they care is legitimacy of support and a dignified leaders in the administration.

This is what dignity is all about….nothing less.

Thanks………………………….Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan...

Mereka juga bukan pun beragama Islam malah mungkin tidak beragama langsung tapi banyak nilai tranparensi, integriti dan terbuka yang jauh lebih baik dari pemimpin di Malaysia yang rata-rata beragama Islam tapi sentiasa hendak merompak harta rakyat semaksima mungkin.

Malah mereka tidak segan silu menghalalkan yg haram dan melakukan perbuatan rasuah yang terang terang dikutuk agama.

Lepas itu dikatakannya orang barat tidak bertamadun hanya mereka yang bertamadun. WTF.


danien lim said...

What you wrote here is an eye opener for those who are broad minded but not for those who is narrow minded who don't want to learn anything from good referral example like what is practiced in Britain.

Aspan, please write something like this as it contains elements of political morality.

You are brave and we learn a lot from yr writing all the while.

damien lim

frank said...

I like yr writing. You manage ti learn through applied learning and to know the goings in British politic shows that you can be a source of learning.

The tentacles of your mind is well spread bro. Share with us all what you know.

Anonymous said...

British democracy is enlightened by by voters with moral. Democracy here is through vote trading with biding for money.

george lim

Anonymous said...

good info,keep on share with us bro.. nothing more or less, just the way you are. Thanks...


Anonymous said...

Bro, the expenses on Rosmah is exorbitant bro. She spent like she owns the money in government kitty.

Siul aje

Anonymous said...

dear sir,

while applauding the greatness of democracy in Britain, we must bear something in mind

in UK, even if a white man goes down, a white man will replace him without any pressure from other races i.e. blacks, Muslims etc.

in our country, if the incumbent goes down, there's a high possibility that a leader of another race will dominate, if not stepping up him/herself in the administration

this is the current dilemma facing our society today.The Perak Pakatan government, for example, is viewed as a DAP government, even if a PAS rep is the MB

Bottom line is the country's in a political deadlock. Only by cutting some slack on both sides of society can this problem be dissolved.

Kris Everaldo

Anonymous said...

So rare to find ppl like you and Sakmongkol AK, Razaleigh.....loyalty but not at the expense of integrity...morality....