16 May 2010

DAP wins - Sarawak BN in trouble.

DAP wins in Sibu with 398 votes majority. Whether we like it or not the people in Sibu have given BN a strong warning and caution that the government coalition is now at the edge of high cliff waiting for a high fall.

This is no small matter and let us all admit that the confidence of the people in Sibu in particular and Sarawak as a whole towards BN is fast deteriorating and fading.

The PM, DPM, the CM and every big leader with big names and decorations were there in Sibu since two weeks ago to defend the seat but the people and voters have made their decision to give DAP this vital seat.

Please bear in mind that the seat was won by BN with over 3200 votes in the last GE and the result of today’s by election shows a big swing against BN and this will be another big lesson for us if we continue to manage a nation purely by addressing sentiments.

I have been calling for every one to do soul searching and introspection but very few want to digest and think sportingly but many reacted with sentiment of hatred and stay put in the state of denial.

We are so afraid to admit our weaknesses. We are still thinking and absorbed by the power we experienced in yesteryears. We don’t want to admit that we are already rejected and the rejection is not without reasons.

In Sarawak nobody dares to admit that Taib Mahmud is already a serious liability and anywhere we go in Sarawak the Rakyat already want to see him to go for retirement. All budding leaders are all in oblivion as he does not want to abdicate the seat.

People in Sarawak think that he wants to be the ‘Raja” perpetually. He never put up effort to prepare for a viable leadership succession.

Answer the following question for a quick introspection.

1.How long more do we need the uniform personnel to give us the needed votes through the postal boxes?
2.Do we have the stamina to provide hand outs in all by election in tens of millions of ringgit?
3. Why are we not coming out with strong and solid policies that are applicable in long term period, rather than giving and dishing out development allocation just to address short term sentiment of the local voters where the by election is held?
4. Are we strong enough to admit that the 1Malaysia slogan is a total flop?
5. Do we want to resign to the fact that the current environment shows that there is a serious crisis of confidence? AND if we admit that there is a crisis of confidence, do we have the courage to start the nation anew, meaning to have table talks among the heads of racial leaders initiated by a strong character Malay leader?

The situation of the day is serious and I am wondering how Najib’s leadership can handle and address the decadence of support towards BN leaders and government.

This is my blog with my opinion and I am prepared to face any dialog even in the open with big names and decorations to find out the gist and substance of solution to the current political ambiguities.

I have to say what I have to say and I appeal to every concerned individuals and organization to come out with ideas and thoughts as how to address the quandary and political setback the nation is facing.

In the peninsula no one party in BN is of consequence any more. UMNO/BN is just resting their laurels and glory on the power of the executive; nothing more and nothing less.

If UMNO becomes an opposition at Federal Government, only god knows how this party is going to recuperate the support of the people in the following General Election.

Please don’t lie to our own self. We are at the tip of a high and slippery cliff, and a small misadventure would see a high fall for BN in just a moment.

In the meanwhile let us stop amusing ourselves as we are going for perpetual regret.

So sorry for anyone who is irritated by my view, but I am sure that I am writing with my heart.



Anonymous said...

En Aspan

Saya mengharapkan apa yang berlaku kepada Labour dan Gordon Brown akhirnya berlaku keatas UMNO/BN.

Biar mereka belajar menerima kekalahan dan menjadi pembangkang untuk mencari kesilapan.

Rakyat semakin matang!.


joyce said...

Bro Aspan...benar kata sdr. Kami di Sarawak sedang mula bertindak untuk menuju kepada karajaan yg bersih.
Kami sudah jemu dengan keadaan skg ini.
Tahniah bro Aspan.


Anonymous said...

Hope UMNO/BN can learn as below

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the ppl all the time BUT you cannot fool all the people all the time".

Anonymous said...

Ha..beli lagi undi. Beli lagi perasaan manusia.

Duit dan projek ambik, undi jangan.

morshidi, kuching

bat8 said...

Bro Aspan,

1. Satu luahan hati yang ikhlas dan perlu direnung oleh setiap pemimpin UMNO(Baru).

2. Pemimpi kita terlalu mabuk dengan kuasa yang ada. Apa yang kita lihat di Sibu, sejauh mana mereka sanggup buat demimengekalkan kuasa. Tak silap rasanya jika kita simpulkan, mereka telah pun menyeberang jambatan of no return dalam usaha untuk mengekalkan kuasa.

3. Indeed, cara UBN cuba meraih undi begitu memualkan dan simply memomokkan sistem pilihanraya demokrasi. Bribes ditawar secara terbuka. Not to say ugutan on the grounds kepada pengundi-pengundi.

Lebih memualkan kita lihat bagaimana SPR terutamanya bertindakan secara partisan, seolah-olah SPR juga komponen BN.

4. Apa yang kita lihat di Sibu adalah preview bagaimana UBN akan go all out, no hold barred untuk memenangi PRU 13 nanti. Diharap satu je- tidak akan berlaku penipuan secara institutional nanti.


Aspan Alias said...

ada pihak menganggap SPR itu adalah komponen BN sama seperti sdr katakan itu.
keadaan ini tidak akan kekal..rakyat akan membetulkannya.

Aspan Alias said...


saya yakin apabila rakyat memahami keadaan sebenar, apa yang sdr harapkan itu akan berlaku.

Thanks bro.

jamlus said...

Bro Aspan,

Pahit tapi jadi penawar.


Anonymous said...

I recall our PM when he succeeded Pak Lah said no more "instant noodle" project in by-election but he is campaigning to the contrary. Also in a parliamentary by-elections politicians should be talking about national issues not the "longkang" problems. Talking about longkang, I suspect the rural voters must be real mad when they had to que up in flood as shown in the Star newspaper. Guess who they vented their frustration and anger? Sooner or later the Sarawakian would ask where have their state wealth gone?
"West Malaysian Observer"

Anonymous said...

Hentikan rasuah, hentikan salah guna kuasa, hentikan membeli undi dan perasaan orang.

Kurangkan mengata pihak lawan denga tidak ada perikemanusiaan.

kalau boleh jgn beri Rosmah masuk campur hal politik. Dia duduk dirumah buat kopi untuk suami.

Beliau ni lebih sudu dari kuah.

Anonymous said...

Voter turnout only 60%. Usually, at this low level turnout, opposition wouldn't stand a chance but BN lost the open vote (i.e. non-postal votes) by a whopping 3000 deficit!! This despite BN had all the top guns on site, with the PM flying in 3 times (a record for a by election, I think). SPR's actions today with the changing estimates of voter turnout, withholding of results were so embarassing. If this is not the end of BN, it surely is the beginning of the end.
Labelling Sarawak as BN's fix deposit is a grave mistake as it puts the people of Sarawak as mere donkeys ever willing to be pulled by the nose. The people that has given the most number of Pahlawan Gagah Berani will not take the insult in perpetuity.

Aspan Alias said...

Anon 01:02,

Your analysis is a perfect one. I agree with you that without the postal votes DAP could have won a handsome majority of 3400 votes.

The act by SPR withholding the result far too long make some people think that SPR is another component of BN.

With the lost in this by election, it simply means that BN is starting to cash out its fixed deposit.

If not properly addressed the FD might deplete by next GE.

Anonymous said...

Aspan, can you imagine if BN were to win the Sibu by election?

Do you have the templates of what BN leaders like Najib and Muhyiddin would say?

iskandar azmi

Zubir said...

Good morning Aspan,

I slept early last night and did not know the Sibu by election result until I woke up at 5.45 this morning.

It's shameful to learn of the BN's defeat and immediately I sensed that BN is deep trouble.

What happen to Muhyiddin and Najib's ability to govern the nation.

Anyway congrats to DAP. You won the hard fought battle.

Anonymous said...

Kita terpaksa akur kepada kenyataan yg UMNO/BN sudah hilang hidayah.

PM Najib mengingatkan kita tentang kemungkinan kita menghadapi situasi seperti diJepun dalam mana LDP kecundang kerana kelemahan kepimpinan. Tetapi beliau sendiri menyumbang kepada situasi itu disini.

Pandai berkata-kata tetapi tidak sekata dgn perbuatan.


sohail said...


yet to hear what our nation's big boss, Rosmah has to say about our shameful defeat.


joe said...

Say it bro...say it aloud. You are in fact doing favor for the party.
Don't listen to the blinded supporters who only know how to nod and nod.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about the money and pledges that leaders upstairs offer to the Sibu voters.
They want good governance in the government, they want good policies and they want t see corruption being wiped off.
That is what the concerns of Malaysian.
In Sarawak they want the Taib regime to go. Taib is losing grip of the people. That is it.

Quiet Despair said...

Bro Aspan

No need for apologies. Your summation is spot on.
I ask myself too, does this mean Sarawakians reject IMalaysia? Not. They are the least racist people and there have been inter-marriages and intermigling among them since a long, long time.
It's more a signal that its time Taib Mahmood quit.
There was a time when Adnan Satem or Effendi Norwawi was mentioned as possible successor. But it died and Taib still reigns supreme.
He overstayed his welcome. Even his compatriot Harris Salleh has long fade into obliviion.
A post-mortem must be done why the Ibans and the Melanaus chose not to vote this time. The poor turn-out tells a story.
Are they fed-up that they are not given much attention despite beig fixed deposit BN supporters?
Mistake, mistake for Najib for once-again throwing goodies to the Chinese when you jolly well know you will not get the good deeds returned.
I always feel Najib, in his zest to get chinese support, has forgotten the Bumis including Malays, Ibans, Orang Aslis and other indigineous groups.
That is why people like Ibrahim Ali have come out of the wood-works.
Its clear as day the Chinese want a DAP gobvernment and a Chinese PM.
This should be an eye-opener to the Parti Kian Runtuh, PAS and especially UMNO.
It's stricltly a DAP win. DAP is THE dominant force in the PKR coalition.
Pak Najib, ingatlah pepatah Melayu: Yang dikejar tak dapat, Yang dikendong berciciran.
Pay attention to the people who believe in you.
If the Sibu election is anything to go by, all is not lost still in Sarawak. If only the turn-out is higher and with the 232 votes of Idependent and the 208 rejected postal votes, BN could sail through.
At first I was shocked,. But when I thought about the unprecedented racist campaigns imported by Pakatan like Allah issue, burning of churches and Chinese education, its no surpise.
And do you feel kike voting when your area is flooded?
One thing is certain - Sarawakians have lost their innocence.
Their mind-set have been corrupted by the racist DAP.

Col Roseli said...

Biarkan lah Rosmah terus berkata, since Najib does not have a person like KJ to assist him in his downfall.

Syabas DS Rosmah, teruskanlah berkata. TV3 and NST, plz give the nec coverage..., at prime time and front page of course.

Anonymous said...

It's pitiful when the rakyat had to walk thru flood waters to cast their votes. Wasn't that one of the key issues facing Sibu folks. Call that Devine intervention, the whole world saw the problem affecting the folks years and years of promises not kept. Fancy the PM using this as a campaign material....give your votes, problem solved tommorow. What did he take the Sibu folks for?

bat8 said...

Bro Aspan

1. rejection of election goodies by chinese in sibu ia akin to the rejection by kelantanese of development carrot by UMNO in every PRU or PRK. Nothing unsual about it. But some UMNO goons prefer to make it a racist issue.

2. Rakyat kelantan menolak ugutan pembangunan setiap pilihanraya kerana mereka tahu tugas mengagihkan pembangunan samarata kesetiap negeri adalah tanggungjawab kerajaan persekutuan dibawah konsep federalisma.

3. Setiap kali PRU atau PRK, modal itulah yang dijaja. samalah dengan masalah saliran disibu yang berlarutan selama 28 tahun.

Tup..tup bila ada PRK, baru nak pasang umpan. hanya orang bodoh je termakan umpan seperti itu.

Dari komen-komen puak UMNO nampaknya mereka begitu marah sekali dengan masyarakat cina di sibu yang hanya makan umpan tetapi tak sokong mereka. Macamlah duit-duit umpan tersebut dari poket UMNO sendiri.

4. cadangkan bandar kota Bharu dan bandar Sibu menjalin hubungan bandar kembar....hehehe


Anonymous said...

BN memang syok sendiri mengaku diri kuat tetapi menekan pembangkang lebih2 hingga mendapat simpati pengundi tidak berparti.

Berapa lama nak mengharap kemenangan dari pertolongan undi pos dan pegawai kerajaan terutama dalam PRU. Harihari dalam semua channel TV mengatakan BN mendapat sokongan rakyat, BN yang terbaik yang boleh beri pembangunan, Pembangkang digambarkan sebagai organisasi haprak seolah2 ahli2 mereka ini tidak sekolah dan tak tahu berfikir. Mereka tak jangka bahawa pengundi atas pagar yang tidak berparti lebih mengambil berat tentang good governance, independence of judiciary, indepencence of Election Comission,exucutive power,doctrine of separation of power, Rasuah, Perlembagaan Negara tentang sistem federalisma sejauhmana di patuhi, Akta Pilihan raya sejauhmana dihormati.

Isu isu ini semua menjauhkan rakyat dengan BN. Oleh itu berfikirlah sebaik2nya dan tariklah pengundi dengan cara yang paling meyakinkan. Sedarlah bahawa rakyat hidup di abad ke21 cara berfikir sudah berubah, taraf pendidikan, maklumat IT pun dah berubah. Kaedah tahun 70han 80han dan 90han sudah tidak boleh pakai lagi. Propaganda syok sendiri dan projek mee segera semasa PRU atau PRK ini elok dihentikan kerana ia tidak berkesan malah seakan merendahkan taraf berfikir rakyat.

Wasslam, rusli