18 May 2010

UMNO/PBB - Orphanage parties.

UMNO in recent development looks like it is going to be an orphanage party. So does PBB in Sarawak. What is the common attribute of these two parties? Both are parties for the Malays and the indigenous.

What is the common danger that faces both the parties for the indigenous? The answer is, both look like going to be the orphanage parties respectively for the peninsula and Sarawak

The third and the most vital question is; what is the common and familiar disease that both are experiencing now?

Both the parties are facing serious intra and inter party antagonists and without immediate efforts with appropriate face-saving devices for each and individual party can lead the coalition to an eventual dilapidation and disrepair.

UMNO, until today is still trying hard to find its actual identity, which the party has lost since Mahathir’s leadership.

Now UMNO is BN and BN is UMNO. MCA, GERAKKAN and MIC in essence are of no consequence to BN, as they are parasites to UMNO.

UMNO has been blamed by its components in the peninsula since the 2008 GE for the dismal performances and now the core component of Sarawak BN, PBB is noticeably blamed by the voters and rejected Taib Mahmud in the open in the 8-day campaign period in Sibu by election.

Najib and Muhyiddin camped themselves in Sibu to make up a win and defended BN with all their might with lofty promises and dishing out hand outs to Sibu voters but that was not good enough to coax and charm the voters to retain the seat within BN.

Najib in essence is jilted by the Chinese voters in recent by elections. Our Chinese friends know what they want and nothing can shake their stand and struggles. They are not easily hook winked by short term monetary hand outs and do not take Najib’s offer seriously.

A personal friend from Sibu commented that the offer of rm5 million for the Chinese and missionary schools was taken as an insult as the rich Foochow community can make up the amount by themselves.

The local sentiments against Sarawak State leadership is starting to show up after 29 years of tolerating his tight-fisted rule and corruptly perceived CM and the State Cabinet is the main issue that was effectively used by the DAP to entice them to vote against SUPP/BN.

Like UMNO in the peninsula PBB is now negatively perceived by the people of state and for Taib to be the Samy Velu of Sarawak is highly probable. Taib has been over staying and to right minded political opinion, he has to start packing for retirement without interruption.

It is apparent that the Sarawakian is giving a very strong and strapping notice to Taib; either he leaves or BN has got to go.

Taib and PBB seem to put Sarawak Component parties, PBRS and SUPP in tight spot; torn in between the allegiance to the coalition and the actual needs of the Sarawak public to see Taib’s departure. To them Taib is just a paper tiger.

Conclusively we should agree among ourselves that UMNO is an orphanage party in the peninsula, while PBB is a newly born orphan, and that may cause power for the present State Government.

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias


dindin said...

Kalau MCA, Gerakkan dan MIC tidak membantu BN bubarkan sahaja BN ni.

Betul kata encik Aspan. UMNO adalah parti yatim.

Anonymous said...

UMNO can survive but there must be sacrifices from the leadership.

DS Najib/Muhyiddin sgould go..they cannot manage the country..let us admit it.

Najib should manage his home first before managing other things.

Sorry Aspan...I have to say it.

kadir said...

Najib said in one of the by election campaigns "you help me and I help you"

What do you think of this statement?..and came from a mouth of a PM.

Can anyone comment?


Anonymous said...

The voting trend is along racial line and it is a very dangerous political trend.

By this it means that the concept of 1Malaysia is not going anywhere.

The old maladies is now on the air again bro

Anonymous said...

Salam Sdr Aspan,

Anon 53:00

Absolutely agree with you.DS Najib/Muhyiddin should go.Let us give Hishmudin a try.After all he secured the most votes in the last election for the VP post in Umno.

If you feel that he is not good enough,then I think Lim Kit Siang should be your next choice.Apa macam,boleh terima?

Askar Tua

kadir said...

Askar Tua,
you must be joking. hishamuddin hussein? yek!!!

Quiet Despair said...

Good morning Sdra

Kalau memikirkan nasib Najib dan UMNO, nak menangispun ada.
Berhempas-pulas nak mengambil hati orang Cina. Tapi No Go.
Sentimen kecinaan mereka makin menebal. They want to assert their supremacy.
But we are not allowed to even mention our so-called supremacy.
The Malays have to become an apologetic race.
Now we have to apologise for saying we are Malays.
All in the name of IMalaysia.
Nampaknya IMalaysia dah salah care-off, salah address.
DS Najib, jaga-jagalah hati orang Melayu pulak yang merupakan pengundi tegar BN.
Hati orang kampung terguris kerana nampaknya PM lebih memberi tumpuan kepada transformasi korporat dan orang Cina.
Enoughlah dishing hand-outs to those who reject it, smack in your face.
Buat mengabihkan boghae jo.
Berpada-padalah. Jangan menjadi beruk di hutan disusui, anak di pangkuan mati kelaparan.
Dahlah tu yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendung berciciran.
UMNO parti anak yatim? Tapi ramai lagi mencari makan melaluinya.
Anak yatim yang dari PKRpun masuk UMNO dah mendapat habuan.
Mugkin yatim dari segi ketandusan fikiran dan orang berkebolehan.
Mungkin juga yatim dari segi merayu meminta :"You help me, I help you."
Teringat pula lagu P. Ramlee: Tolong kami bantu kami,
Kami anak yatim piatu.
Boss UMNO dah jadi macam peminta sedekah.
Kalau orang miskin diberi sumbangan, mereka menerimanya dengan mengucap syukur dan berterima kasih.

Quiet Despair said...

Askar Tua

You must be hallucinating.
Hihamuddin should be out of the Cabinet.
Sekarang dia bergayut kepada dagu sepupunya.
Kadang-kadang cakap macam orang tak berpelajaran.

On Taib Mahmud

He has adamantly said he's not quitting.
The Sibu elections is a parliamentary contest and not a reflection of his popularity in the state.
He said he had done so much for Sibu.
"Sibu is not what it is today without me. Ask the people of Sibu."
Bro, nampaknya kita ada Samy Vellu di Sarawak.
Saya rasa dia menunggu anaknya yang berkahwin dengan anak Tan Sri George Chan, deputy CM, mengambil-alih tampuk negeri.
Looks like, political dynasty in Sarawak is thriving.
Much to the detriment of the people who wants change.

Aspan Alias said...

Quiet Despair,

Yes. Taib has done a lot for Sibu as he claims, but the development he did for sibu is paid by people's money not his.

You see, right now he is one of the longest serving head of government in the world.

He has the right to stay on but the people have also the right to vote him out.

Bro, these days words of truth is is painful to hear, let alone to accept it.

Quiet Despair said...


So true. But why are our leaders so reluctant to quit, when the signs are all there.
That Samy fella went silent after promising to quit when Kamal won.
Yesterday he said he will quit in May or June 2011.
Phew, long time more. Then there will be another postponement.
Do they want to stay on for the love of the party, the people or the nation? Feel they have unfinished business?
Or is it the prestige and perks and scared of being a nonentity, fading to oblivion?
Do they have things to hide which the successor can expose?
I wonder.

Quiet Despair said...

Bung Mokhtar has been sentenced to one-month jail by the Syariah Court.
Will there be another by-election?
Whatever, this will spell the end of his YB title.
Thank You Zizie for bringing him down.

Anonymous said...

Quite Despair you said,
"Berhempas-pulas nak mengambil hati orang Cina. Tapi No Go.
Sentimen kecinaan mereka makin menebal. They want to assert their supremacy.
But we are not allowed to even mention our so-called supremacy.
The Malays have to become an apologetic race.
Now we have to apologise for saying we are Malays.
All in the name of IMalaysia. "

Quite Despair,

I don't get it...are you saying the chinese cannot be like a chinese. It's like saying a malay cannot be a malay ?
Are you saying chinese assert supremacy but malays do not assert supremacy ?

From what I gather about 1 Malaysia (with so much confusion thrown in)

Is that we cannot change our race nor our culture nor our tradition.( a little bit of assimilation perhaps)

But we have to think "as one" meaning as Malaysians for the welfare of everyone in terms of security and economically. We fight alongside with each other against invaders, we work hard alongside together so that the country prosper, people prosper .

Next question.
What is an apology ? An apology is given when someone did something or said something wrong.An apology is deemed given when the person sincerely apologises .

A) Was there ever a mistake done?

B) Was there ever an apology uttered ?

If the answer to both question A) OR B) are "NO" .

Than there was never any apology given nor was there a need to apologise in the first place .

I hope this clarifies what is an apology.

Quiet Despair said...

Anon 17.51

A very good and sound reasoning which I share. We seem to understand what 1Malaysia is about.
We keep our race, our culture, our religion. That's our identity whch we shoud be proud of.
But if you go to pro-Pakatan blogs, you can't even say you are a Malay. Ref: Muhyiddin's I'm Malay first.
To me, it's all right for you to say you are a Chinese first. You should be proud of that.
As an example, the first-seller in Petaling Street talked to me in Chinese. I have to say I am a Malay since I can't carry on a conversation with him.
Only when we are overseas do we proudly say I am Malaysian.
About apology, my experiences with the pro-Pakatan blogs made me wary about saying certain things. I made an innocent remark that Kamal's wife is fair-skinned.
Ooh that erupt into a hooha that I have to say sorry. When it is a fact that Kamal's wife is indeed fair-skinned (and I didnt even say for an Indian).
So do we have to apologise for everything when it's common before, for us to make racist jokes about each other especially among friends.
Then there are demands made like Chinese want this and that.
So we reply remember some of the Malay rights.
Ooh they shouted Ketuanan Melayu which again we have to apologise.
Hope you get my drift.
We are stretching the 1Malaysia a bit too far.
Sometimes I sense jealousy towards the Malays and at the same time ridiculing Malays as cheapskates in the Hulu Selangor by-election for example.
Luckily all this only happened in the cyberworld. Our closeness with our non-Malay friends are as good as ever.
Thank you. Cheers.
p.s. Pardon me for saying if we trade races, like you are a Malay and I am a Chinese, I don't think you can accept whatever we Malays have to accept for the love of IMalaysia.

Anonymous said...

Quite Despair,

it is to my opinion, the reason why there were so much hoo haa about being a specific race first and not a Malaysian first is because "if we put race first before being a Malaysian, we are actually dividing ourselves into several groups, taking care of our own lot first, instead of thinking as one, as a whole Malaysian "
It would put us all out of the perspective of being a Malaysian even within Malaysia itself.
Note the double standard in service in serving locals and foreigners within our own country itself ?

But don't get me wrong, we can defend our race when it's being bullied, we can ask for support/assistance for our race when we need help, however it has to be a win-win for whole of Malaysia too.

Whenever an issue about the "economic pie" crops up...you must admit it's never about abolishing one's culture, tradition or even race.

It's about working hard together and sharing the wealth together.

If we trade race, it's possible for me, it would not be major shift of paradigm. Reason being, I always puts myself in someones shoes first before I make a comment.

For me "Right is right, wrong is wrong."
There are no two ways about it.
Bro Aspan is a good example as a loyalist but not at the expense of integrity and morality.

So brother, I will defend and support you even if you are a malay or even a chinese or even an indian, a Kadazan, an Iban
What about you ?

p/s Ha..ha... chinese has been labeled greedy, kiasu, racist, stingy even before the HS by election. Calling people names is common for opposing sides. I read someone commented in the newspaper " this is a bad Malaysian culture "
Booing and calling people names during a hockey match ???

It seems as Malaysians this is something we all have in common ?

As Malaysians we have a long way to go....

Quiet Despair said...

Concur 100 percent. You are a decent Chinese(I presume) like other Chinese outside the cyberworld. So am I a decent Malay like most Malays including our blog host.
We all have to cari makan too. Very few Malays rely on UMNO. Majority Malays don't know any top guns, just like you too.
We each have our culture, race, religion and we need to preserve that identity.
Life goes on. We should be comfortable with each other since we have lived years together just like family. loosen up a bit. Bring back the old times when we can joke and trade insults, but never loomed into a racist divide.
Emulate our parents and grandpareNts who can live with others with ease and comfort. My dad and grandpa are close to their Chinese pals. If a bit shortage of money, they borrow from their Chinese pal. Vice-versa.
Back then people don't need Ah Longs. When they die, pals of all races went to the funeral and give cash and kind.
We are as united as ever. I believe we will all stand united when our nation is under attack.
Take the recent Indonesian threat of attack on us. Everybody were in unison over the issue.
Yu know what. The reason Thomas Cup finals, My family and I rooted for China. We did not cheer for our supposed serumpun simply because of a tit for tat. They always say 'tak bisa sokong Malaysie dalam apa-apa game.'
I gather Indonesia is rather jealous of our success. They are used to being Big Brother. Before and After Tun M, they were.
So it is my fervent wish Najib will be a force to be reckoned with globally.

You are right about us Malaysians respecting the foreigners more. Note the kow-towing to foreigners at hotels and shopping malls. Even the trampy, filthy hippie-like tourists getspecial treatment.

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