13 May 2010

It's belated - Happy Birthday UMNO.

I was criticized by a few for not being together to celebrate the ‘64th anniversary of UMNO on the 11th May.

Some say that I only talk much about UMNO but can't even remember the birth date of the party.

Firstly I would like to seek an apology for not writing on it. My reason is this; I don’t celebrate my own birthday and I always forget to celebrate birthdays even for my own close family members.

On the last 2nd of May I forgot to wish my own lovely grandson, Danny a ‘happy birthday wish’ and I myself did not realize that I passed through my own birthday unnoticed on the last 4th of April until many of my readers wished me ‘a happy birthday’ through my e-mails and my face book.

My late mother didn't celebrate birthdays as she didn't know when her birthday was and as persons who hail from an Ulu place birthday anniversary was not an inbuilt culture for us.

That may be the reason why I always feel young as I don’t pick up the habit of counting my age through my birth-dates.

Even if I remember the date of the birth of this living UMNO, it should be on the February not on the 11th of May as february was the month when this current UMNO was born.

AND to top it all UMNO (B) is just 22 years old and it is many years younger than my youngest son’s age.

I only joined this UMNO in January 1998, 10 years after the party was born and that may be the reason that sub consciously made me forget about the birth date as it takes a long while for me to adjust to the goings and comings of the party.

BUT I must say that I am a bit senior than Dr Mahathir in UMNO as he just rejoined this party in 2009 as he left UMNO in 2008.- in protest against his protege successor turned enemy Abdullah Badawi.

It is not 64th birthday in the first place and it is quite uneasy for me to accept that the party is already over 60 years old.

I was told that the party organized a ‘tahlil’ ritual in PWTC and I think that was a great thing to do to recite prayers and ‘tahlil’ for the party which has gone in oblivion more than 2 decades ago.

I may suggest to Dato’ Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor, the party's Sec General whenever I meet him that at the Annual General Assembly scheduled to be held at the end of the year, UMNO should put it clear at the back drop of the Dewan Merdeka something like this; PERHIMPUNAN AGONG UMNO YG KE22 – 2010’, OR something like that.

That was just what we did in all General Assemblies of UMNO (old) since its inception in 1946 until its demise in 1988.

I remember in 1987 when UMNO had its last AGM before the party was dead,the back drop of the Dewan Merdeka was; PERHIMPUNAN UMNO YANG KE 38 – 1987.

I think this could be the best way to get UMNO leaders and members to remember the UMNO (B) anniversary dates.

I think Dato Seri Tengku Adnan should be honest about the age of UMNO. Doesn’t he feel proud that the party is still young?

Be like a lady who always feel nice when friends and close ones see her as younger than her age.

To those who complain that I forget about UMNO’s anniversary date, I from now on, shall always remember the birth date of the party.

The only difference is that others celebrate it in May; I shall do that in February.

I feel too guilty to lie to myself and I hate to change facts of history.

Thanks………………………………..Aspan Alias


Quiet Despair said...

I have already wished UMNO a Happy 64 in your previous posting.
As a faithful member, why should I forget.
Anyhow, I sense sarcasm with regard to your deliberate forgetting of it's aniversary.
To you it may be dead, may be in oblivion and only 22 years old in February.
I don't think we should be petty in this issue of UMNO baru or UMNO lama.
It's the same old party peopled by the same members and with the same objective.
For sure it needs some fine tuning and revitalising and firming of its wrinkles.
Neverthekess, it's still a grand old party.

Aspan Alias said...

Quiet Despair,

I am delighted to have you as one of my commentators with good heart and intention bro.

The only think now, I am quite adamant in historical facts not only for the party but for any other thing.

To me bro history is history. I love the subject even though I didn't do well in the subject in school.

May be this is the only point that I am different from you.

The rest seem to be almost mutual bro.

How is your day today, may be we should see each other in short due.

Quiet Despair, we have to admit some wrinkles can't go away, but to have you to visit my blog is an honor bro.

Anonymous said...


I used to work with you almost 3 decades ago, and you never change with things you believe fondly.

i appreciate the value but in this country things do not go the way you believe.

The minds and thinking meanders like water and the fluidity in the minds especially the Malays is unchangeable.

But all in all we still admire your truthfulness in thinking.

ir Din.

Quiet Despair said...

Saudara Aspan

Thank you for the honor of being your friend. I receive it gladly.
I read very few blogs which include you and Sakmongkol, whom I regard have the same mind.
Hmm, can I flatter ourselves by saying great minds think alike. Or maybe we are baby boomers so we share the same ideals.
Some of my views are not shared by my kids. But I enjoy bantering with them.
Indeed, I do welcome differing opinions. That's why I visit blogs of guys with intellect. To learn and discourse with you and the other commentators.
I hate to see blogs where like-minded people go on rampage lampooning others and later patting themselves on the backs for doing so.
I already recognized your face and Sakmongkol's. If i bump into you guys, I will say hi and introduce myself.

Anonymous said...

After all the months, i now start to appreciate the vast difference of the old and the new UMNO.

bat8 said...

Bro Aspan,

1. I beg to differ dengan Quiet Despair, dimana isu UMNO lama dan UMNO(baru) ada isu yang remeh temeh.

2. Sebenarnya peristiwa yang membawa kepada pengharaman UMNO lama, penubuhan UMNO(baru) dan perjalanan UMNO(Baru) sejak penubuhannya hingga hari ini penting kerana dengan meneliti perjalanan-perjalanan tersebut kita boleh memahami what went wrong dengan UMNO(baru) sekarang.

3. Dengan memahami kedudukan perkara-perkara ini, nescaya solution yang sesuai dapat dicari.

4. Kefahaman mengenai perkara-perkara ini hukan sahaja penting untuk UMO(baru) sahaja yang mengidap penyakit kronik hari ini. yang lebih penting adalah untuk perjuangan dan kelansungan bangsa melayu dibumi tanah tumpah ini dimasa hadapan. Dimanakah relevanya perjuangan UMNO lama atau UMNO(Baru) jika bukan untuk bangsa melayu.

5. Saya tidak bercadang untuk mengulangi sekali lagi mengenai perkara ini. Ibarat mengubat penyakit, doktor perlu mengetahui sejarah pesakitnya juga untuk memberi rawatan yang sesuai kepada symptom penyakit yang ada depan matanya.


Aspan Alias said...


Saya pernah menulis tentang menghilangkan sakit dan mengubati penyakit bro.

Saya bersetuju dgn sdr yang selama ini kita hanya berusaha menghilangkan sakit yang ada tetapi tidak mampu untuk mengubati penyakit.

Selalunya jika sesorang itu mengidap penyakit darah tyinggi, kepala kita selalunya berasa pening dan selalunya kita makan panadol untuk menghilangkan sakit kepala itu.

Kadangkala kita terasa sangat tengkok dan kita makan lagi panadol.

Tetapi, selagi kita tidak ubati penyakit darah tinggi itu kepala, tengkok dan mata akan sakit bergilir-gilir dan kita akan terus menerus menelan dua biji panadol.

Kita terlupa yg panadol itu hanya lah ubat menahan sakit bukannya untuk memberbaikki penyakit.

Didalam UMNO pemimpin kita hanya mentadbir sentimen yang sedang berlaku, dengan memujuk pengundi dan rakyat dengan memberi projek dan subsidi, seperti subsidi gigi dan sebagainya.

Sampai bila UMNO hendak mentadbir sentimen yang hanya boleh memberikan bantuan semasa kecemasan sahaja.

TETAPI dalam jangka masa panjang UMNO akan tidak bermaya lagi dengan pengurusan sentimen itu dan akhirnya tidak cukup kudrat untuk meneruskan pembelian dan pembayaran kepada upah mengundi kita.

Akhirnya rakyat akan tahu juga yang duit bantuan itu bukan duit UMNO tetapi duit pembayar cukai termasuk cukai yang dikutip dari ahli PAS, DAP dan sebagainya. Itu duit rakyat.

UMNO selalunya begitulah, ambil semua sambil lewa. Asalkan selesai masalah yg ada dihadapannya itu walaupun untuk seketika mereka akan lakukan.

Maka itu sebabnya kepimpinan pada hari ini berhadapan dgn banyak masalh kerana menjadi pemimpin tanpa 'legitimacy' yg sebetulnya.

bat8, like you and me, we have gone through all the mills and sufferings, that is why we are more resilient in gripping to what we believe.

Aspan Alias said...

There 2 persons who asked me why I am so particular about UMNO lama and UMNO baru.

They asked me what the differences are.

i have been writing on it so many times that I don't want to do hat any longer.

BUT to explain it in a quick manner just think on one analogy as follows:

Ziela the film star is the original Ziela who have a lot of fans.

There was another Ziela introduced by Sabaruddin Cik when he was the Tourism Minister.

That Ziela was the Mascot for Visit Malaysia Year in 1991. She was org utan.

Do we see the difference between Ziela the film Star and Ziela the Mascot?

I am sure the 2 persons who asked me the difference between UMNO lama and UMNO baru should see the difference now.


Anonymous said...

Salam hurmat saudara Aspan,

Oleh kerana saya salah seorang peminat tulisan saudara , Saya meminta izin mengeyorkan(diluar tajuk posting saudara kali ini) supaya saudara menulis dimasa akan datang mengenai pendapat saudara berkaitan sistem dua parti, kebaikan dan keburukannya kepada orang melayu dalam konteks malaysia pada masa depan(BN dan PR) diandaikan PR telah diluluskan pendaftarannya. Ini kerana senario sekarang nampaknya kita menuju kearah itu walaupun cuba dinafikan oleh mereka yang tidak bersetuju.PRU 2008 sebagai asas buktinya.

Tajuk ini agak penting kerana jenerasi muda lebih tertarik dengan idea ini dengan mengambil contoh Negara2 maju berpolitik dan berdebat memilih kerajaan.Dengan kata lain rakyat mempunyai pilihan dan parti parti tersebut akan bersaing secara positif seterusnya menguntungkan rakyat. Siapa yang kurang baik dan kurang bersih akan kalah dalam pilihanraya.

Wassalam, Rusli

Quiet Despair said...

Haha funny, that analogy of Ziela and Orang Utan. I got your point.
It is indeed a sad, dark history that Umno was de-registered. The culmination of an internal crisis.
Some people then accused Tun M was behind the death of that Umno. But I dont buy that.
All I can say is the judiciary was so independent that they dare strike out the ruling party.
I like to gloss over that sad episode and still think of UMNO being 64 years old. The party is much older than most of us.
Of course at that age you may have arthritis, gout, high cholestrol, high blood pressure which can lead to stroke or heart-attack.
So it is with UMNO. It needs a thorough medical check-up before getting a clean bill of health.
As to wrinkles, you can't rid it with L'Oreal Revitalift Creme or Olay Regenerist.
So is Vitamin C injection and Botox which are just temporary reprieve..
Just accept the ageing process.
The least one can do is treat it like Quran buruk. Letak atas rak atau para tertinggi sebagai tanda hormat.

Anonymous said...

Quiet Despair,

This is what I expect from commentators. A man of wisdom with no emotional inclination to condemn every damn thing about UMNO well being!! Worse still when you are still hanging on to UMNO as a member. Syabas!!!

bat8 said...

Quiet Despair,

1. Kita entittle to our opinion - itulah ciri masyarakat moden kita yang unggul. Alamdulillah kita mempunyai ruang untuk berdiskusi secara baik. Jika tidak bersetuju pun, kita masih boleh bersetuju untuk berbeda pendapat.

2. saya cadangkan saudara membuat kajian sedikit mengenai akta pertubuhan yang menyebabkan UMNO lama diharamkan.( kalau tak silap saya akta pertubuhan 1966- lomay be wrong!)

Secara asasnya, akta tersebut menerangkan sebab-sebab mengapa sesebuah pertubuhan itu boleh dibatalkan pendaftarannya.

Dibahagian lain, akta tersebut memberi remedi untuk memulihkan pendaftaran pertubuhan yang dibaatalkan pendaftarannya kerana melanggar akta ini. Ini berkaitan dengan kuasa menteri dalam negeri yang tidak boleh dicabar dimana-mana mahkamah.

3. Sebelum perbicaraan terbuka antara geng 11 dan TDM, hakim telah memanggil peguam kedua belah pihak untuk mencari kata sepakat ruang perkara yang mereka setuju bangkitkan didalam mahkamah terbuka nanti. Juga untuk untuk mencari persetujuan apakah yang tidak akan dihujahkan memandangkan kuasa akta tersebut begitu luas.

Diakhir perbincangan tersebut, kedua belah pihak bersetuju dalam 13 perkara. Persetujuan yang dicapai ini telah dilaporkan secara meluas oleh akhbar perdana masa itu.( kalau rujuk akhbar masa tu kat arkib negara pasti ada).

Antara yang dipersetujui adalah kedua pihak akan berhujah mengenai sah atau tidak sah pemilihan jawatan presiden/timbalan presiden pada hari pemilihan sahaja. Mereka bersetuju untuk tidak berhujah bahagian akta tersebut yang boleh menyebabkan UMNO lama dibatalkan pendaftarannya.

3. Sesuatu berlaku pada hari terakhir pengulungan yang mengejutkan orang ramai oleh peguam yang mewakili TDM. Kita sentuh kemudian nanti. may be bro aspan can write about the trial nanti kerana ia memerlukan sedikit research.

Sdra Quiet Despair,

4. Dalam akta tersebut, terdapat satu peruntukan dimana, Menteri dalam Negeri mempunyai kuasa untuk memulihkan mana-mana pertubuhan yang dibatalkan pendaftarannya oleh pendaftar pertubuhan atau mahkamah dengan mengeluarkan surat MENGECUALIKAN pertubuhan yang telah dibatalkan dari akta tersebut.

kalau tidak silap saya , presiding judge dalam kes UMNO lama ini ada sebut dalam oral judgementnya.

5. let be reminded that penggunaan kuasa tersebut ada precedentnya recently dalam kes SNAP di sarawak 5/6 tahun dulu. SNAP telah dibatalkan pendaftarannya oleh pendaftaran pertubuhan dibawah akta yang sama disebabkan oleh infighting in the parti.

Tun AAB selaku telah menggunakan kuasanya sebagai menteri dalam negeri untuk mengecuali SNAP dari akata tersebut.

AAB menyatakan tujuan dihidupkan kembali SNAP agar parti tersebut dapat menyelesaikan masaalah dalaman parti. Beliau menyerahkan kepada SNAP untuk menyelesaikan masalah dikalangan mereka dan jika gagal SNAP akan dibatalkan pendaftarannya sekali lagi.

6. Kuasa yang digunakan oleh AAB dalam kes SNAP adalah kuasa yang dia inherit dari TDM dahulu juga.

Bagi mereka yang menyalahkan TDM argue mengapa TDM tidak menggunakan kuasa tersebut dalam tahun 1987 untuk menghidupkan UMNO lama masa itu? Instead dia berhempas pulas untuk menubuhkan parti baru "UMNO(BARU)" tanpa memikirkan betapa UMNO lama dan orang melayu adalah sinonim!

Jawapannya - survival politiknya at the expense of orang melayu? anda pembahas jawaplah!


Quiet Despair said...


Thanks. Tepat sekali. Saya setuju 100 peratus.
I can be said to be very involved during that time.
That caught both Umno feuding sides unaware.
Therefore I don't believe Tun M who loved and cried for the party will do such thing.
We wait for Aspan or Sakmongkol to offer their viewpoints.

Anon 09.42

Thanks too. I take that as a sincere opinion of me.
Yep. As i said in Sakmongkol's blog, I will take UMNO anytime, warts and all.
Umno is not perfect but it's still the best party for Malays. A safety net. An umbrella.
Tak dapat apapun tak apa, janji dapat berteduh!

Aspan Alias said...

Quiet Despair,
It was a total power play. Mahathir didn't want to continue to have another round of contest for the UMNO President post as instructed by Harun Hashim's court.

If Mahathir was sincere that he was a genuine UMNO, he would have Akta Pertubuhan 1965 sek 70 where the minister of home affairs could revive UMNO by a stroke of his pen.

BUT he didn't do it as he wanted a new entity or party which he could lead and continue on with the power.

He made used of the saintly name 'UMNO' to deceive UMNO members who had lost their party.

Mahathir subsequently formed his own party called UMNO baru, and by doing so he could deny all his opponent to be in the new party.

That was why TR, Tunku. Hussein Onn, Rais and many others who were in the lineup of the team B then.

When we put up appeal to the supreme court to revive the old UMNO, the Lord President and four other Supreme Court Judges were victimized and from this point you can continue the sequent yourself.

It does not need a genius to understand the rest.

bat8 said...

Bro Aspan,

terima kasih atas penjelasan diatas. bro lebih berupaya untuk menjelaskannya dengan lebih baik.


Anonymous said...

Dah UMNO kena haram dan sepatutnya nama UMNO tidak boleh pakai macaman masih bergelar UMNO, sepatutnya UMNO Baru nama parti...