21 May 2010

Old Sg Besi Airport - Please build Hyde Park of KL on it

The ensuring manner of managing a nation appropriately has long been forgotten to the extent that nobody understands what that means any longer.

One of the profound and insightful duties of leaders is to ensure the nation’s wealth and possessions are securely protected and managed for the good sake of the people and their generation.

For past 3 decades Malaysian have too often been deceived by the pranks and shenanigans of their leaders and government so much so they don’t trust anything that their leaders and government do as they are often perceived to be traitors and thieves who only work for money and personal glory.

Almost every leader is professed to seek every opportunity to take advantage for money and personal wealth with anything he does while dispensing their public duties.

The entire amount filched and walked away by political leaders and implementers are huge sum of public funds, and it is costing the people and the nation’s future immensely.

The corrupt political leaders and implementers work hand in glove to inflate cost of development projects to in build the sum for corruption exchanges and ultimately make the public pay the cost of a vineyard for a crate of apple and oranges.

The introduction of express projects through negotiated government jobs (project) becomes a contented and expedient means of practicing corruption to the tune of hundreds of million of ringgit for a project.

AND it does not need a genius with elaborate calculating machines to get to the extent of public money snatched by our leaders since these expressed projects were introduced ever since by Dr Mahathir during his administration.

The political leaders and implementers with big power are the biggest ‘consultants’ and these ‘consultants’ more often than not are the ones who earn the biggest ‘profits’; even bigger than the contractors out of these projects that are paid with public funds.

If we are to look from the angle of moral microscopically, it not hard to learn that these so-called leaders spend their entire time and efforts to unearth new methods of screwing up public funds by introducing low priority developments in the name of propping up nation’s image and illustration.

The highly inflated costs of these projects would facilitate the ‘consultants’ to reap quickie huge profit by assigning and selling the projects to a third party who subsequently sells it to another party who ultimately being paid the real and actual profit.

One awarded project can be treated like a multi-level business and the final contractor who implement the projects still make worthwhile amount of return and proceed after changing hands and ownership.

The preceding owners coldly make good sum without doing anything other than juggling costs and figures that the public ultimately have to pay.

The latest which I heard not long ago is over the old airport land in Sg Besi. The ‘consultant’ is now doing the wheeling dealing and now is talking the deal with an affluent and influential lady while the third party is waiting to purchase the project.

Somebody or a few of them are going to get a whopping amount of profit when a third party buys from the group and it is expected that the project is going to change hands a few times before the final party implements it.

Now, the question is; do our leaders see that it is going to put the ruling government into real trouble? Do we accept the fact that it is an actual day light robbery if the talk in the market place on this plot is a realty?

The new administration promised that there won’t be any negotiated tender anymore in response to the massive complains and huha from the public all these years.

The present government promised that there will be an open tender and the public don’t have to have worries anymore.

BUT corrupts have innovative mind. They know how to walk away with part of the project cost as their big part-time money other than the remuneration he officially earns.

The Project Management (PMC) will manage all government contracts and in the process what can stop the leaders to talk to the PMC to decide to whom the project would be awarded to with the inbuilt cost inclusive of the extra prices for sum of kick-backs to the person or persons in authority?

Let us look very tediously and mind-numbingly to the manner the big and gigantic contract jobs and development are awarded to the predetermined companies of cronies behind the appointed ‘professional’ PMCs.

I passed alongside the Sg Besi old airport almost daily to and fro and I can see that this is the most valuable plot of 500 acres of flat and beautiful land.

Some people with the minds and heart for the generation to come would certainly want to see that kind of valuable land be reserved for a gigantic park and that park can be stretched until the border of Istana Negara.

Why must we just see every stretch of valuable land available is for money-making development? Why can’t our national leaders learn from the advance countries they visit year in and year out on how they decide on land of this size and strategically located?

Why can’t this stretch of land be turned into green and flowery park like the Hyde Park in London let say.

The Hyde Park of 2500 acres is located right in the middle of Metropolitan City of London, where Londoners and Tourist spend their time resting and walkabout with their families within the parameter of peaceful environment.

Why do we have too much apprehension to give the public opportunity enjoy good part of the city and that is the only good and available spot KL can provide for the purpose.

Can the business society and the self claimed leaders of the nation and people sacrifice for the general public by providing a reasonable opportunity to bring their children and family members a conducive place and facility for weekend retreat?

It is heartache to see every inch of land in the city is meant for money making by businessmen and corrupts at the expense of the people.

To those who are involved in the attempt to put up a commercial development on this plot of land, please be reasonable and give the voting public a chance to see some good decision making by the authority who claim to be balanced in our development strategy for our nation.

I would seek DS Najib to take special attention to ensure that the public at large is the final recipient from this plot of the nation’s property which is now so scarcely available not only in KL but also in other major cities of the peninsula.

For those who are familiar with this location, let us imagine how it would ultimate look like if greens and flowers are planted with all facilities for the family retreat are provided on this huge acreage of land in this bustling city.

Than we would not have to go to London or many other major cities in Europe and America to get the feel of staying and enjoying life in a well balanced city.

It is now obligatory on everyone to get this message across to our leaders in Putrajaya as this is not a small issue to the people.

This is the only chance for people in KL to have the opportunity to live like those in major cities of the world with big acreage of green lungs among the jungles of bricks and solid buildings.

Thanks………………………….Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

In Malaysia they dot fancy Hyde Park.

They like 'Hide Park". That's why they build just apartments to hide and park their concubines.

Anonymous said...


Our developmen concept is Cinamen-like. Every inch of land must bring in money

Anonymous said...

If Rosmah wants it to be built buildings and rocks nobody can stop it.

Anonymous said...

Bro Aspan,

I challenge all those that made EXorbitant PRofits at the expense of the Malaysians, to give back something....before they meet their maker.

Give something back for our future generation. Don't just make money and take it out of the country. All you people can make Malaysia a better place to live in

Anonymous said...

Hello bang, awak siapa, "that lady" siapa. 'Jangan ganggu rumah escalator orang la', laki dia punya, jangan ganggu atau nasihat. Telinga kebal alias bebal dah...
Hehehehe... gurau pepagi jumaat, jangan marah, nanti kena jual...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting the TUDM Sg Besi land issue. This sounds like the UM, the IJN, the 2nd LCCT TErminal etc etc submitted by crony 'consultants' using highly placed VVIPs close to decision makers without a care for the bigger interests of the nation and the rakyat.

Firstly, why was the statement on the pproposed TUDM development made by a military man aND NOT by the Min of Def. The answer is simply the political master is afraid of the possible political fall-out and left it to others to carry the can.

The announcement seems to hint that everything has been agreed by all interested parties. Yet the public is UNAWARE of the details. How can that be when it involves issues of national security and defence; of public interests simply on the grounds of development. What kind of development? More Condos, shopping complexes, world tallest towers?

Where is the tranparency? Even the site for the new base has been identified , in Dengkil. This means all the plannings has long been conducted without the public being made aware of. Just what kind of responsible government is this.

If the developer wants that site, set this condition; RELOCATE THE GRAVEYARD (THE 2 Cs) adjoining the TUDM base next to the DBP. Develop the whole package in toto incl of green area, playgrounds, sports fields, community amenities, schools/colleges. MAKE SURE THE DEVELOPER N CONSULTANTS HAVE TO WORK FOR THEIR PROFITS N COMMISSIONS., Don't just let them get exorbitant sums for an easy day's work. Afterall, what is there at the TUDM camp - just plain flat land- no incumbrances. Any Tom, Dick n Harry can develop it.

So pls all bloggers, RAISE THE ALARM. Then Malaysians will have a capital city to be proud of

Anonymous said...
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Quiet Despair said...

Good idea. Our own Central Park or Hyde Park.
Nearby there's ready-made rock garden (Chinese cemetery).
But I think our people don't like parks much.
They prefer to lepak at the shopping malls.
Look at how our Lake Gardens, Tasik Permaisuri and Kelana Jaya Lake have been left to waste.
The only thriving ones are Titiwangsa and PJ lake.

zahari said...

Yes, if there is a park like the one in London and other major cities exists on this plot of land than that would be the best idea as that would make every city dwellers share the enjoyment of KL live.

Please promote the idea among the people and tell the government not to initiate development project on this land.


Dtk BBK said...


If this land is stole by the leaders and the UMNO capitalists, just pull down the government.

Am too sick to hear all these stories.

All. Malays, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Dayaks, Malanau, kadazans and org asli, VOTE OUT THIS GOVERNMENT11


don juan said...

Jika tanah ini digunakan untuk kepentingan kapitalist UMNO/Raja atau sesiapa yang tidak jujur maka betullah tuduhan setengah pihak yang BN akan habis hayatnya dalam pilihanraya yg akan datang.

Kepada Dtk BBK, saya bersetuju pangan sdr. Sah UMNO patut kita kuburkan.

Saya akan keluar untuk menjunamkan UMNO yang gila kuasa, gila mencuri dan gila segala-galanya ini.

don juan

JJK said...

I have been following your blog since almost year ago.

Bro, I support your struggle. You are indeed worthy an UMNO man who want to see our party be back to original struggle.

Can't help but to support you.


ibrahimkoyan said...

Remember one saying, "Once a thief he remains a thief"

Amir Hamzah! said...

Sdr Aspan Alias,

Bukan nak membenci sesiapa tetapi hanya setakat saya nak lepaskan kata-kata; Padan muka tuan-tuan semua! Sokonglah lagi UMNO itu! Sebenarnya UMNO itu memusuhi Melayu! Sokonglah BN kuat kuat lagi! Nanti depa tipu awak lagi! Bukan salah Najib atau Rosmah, yang salah tuan-tuan kerana menyokong UMNO.
Padan muka awak semua!!!!!

Amir Hamzah!

sani said...

Sdr Amir Hamzah...jangan sabitkan saya, kerana saya dah tak undi UMNO ini sejak 2 pilihanraya umum.

Baru-baru ini saya undi Zaid Ibrahim diHulu Selangor semasa PRK baru-baru ini, tau tak?

Anonymous said...

Amir Hamzah,

Melayu Oh Melayu !!!

Awak nak sokong sapa?

Confident nampaknya! kah, kah, kah, kah !!!

Jangan pulak nanti yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong tercecir !! Jadi Mat Sentol sdra!!

-Melayu Lopong-

Amir Hamzah said...

-Melayu Lopong-

Awak jgn confuse. Di Hulu Selangor saya undi Malayu.

Awak yg menyokong bukan Melayu!

You are like other confused Malays.

Amir Hamzah