04 May 2010

TS Musa Hasan - emotional or professional?

I fail in my attempt to refrain from commenting on the mishap that befell on a tender 15-tear old Aminulrasyid last week when he was shot dead while driving with his friend Azamuddin Omar.

I must first extend my deepest condolences to all family members of anakanda Aminulrasyid and all my prayers are for his soul to be placed among the aulias and the syuhadas in front of the Almighty Allah in the Arash.

There was subsequent hue and cry among the watchful public criticizing the police action which some quarters think the police was acting like killing a mosquito with a big baton.

There are now lots of interpretations and perceptions on the shooting and many lines of stories are heard here and there, but the police have classified the case as murder.

But based on the news report and what the men on the streets are deliberating in the open the incident could have been avoided but the police might have reasons (not excuses) for the continuous firing to take place to the already dead teenager.

What created another public ruckus today was the beating of Azamudin Omar the close friend of the decease when the police have almost caught him and by that time the police could have known that they were just boys of the teens.

Why did the police kept on beating this tender age boy as he had no avenue to defend himself against the mighty police with arms and bullets?

The irony is the police have already classified the case as murder, why do we need an inquest? Why do we need to go through long process as it was a clear cut murder case?

There are some quarters with a theory that if we fail to convince the public than just confuse them.

The police on the other hand shouldn’t be blaming the public for taking the incidence too close to their chest as it is something unseen before this and the victim is just a teenager who does not deserve to lose his live for the kind of offense he committed that particular night.

The police can’t blame the traumatic neighborhood to take close concern as they are all having teenagers’ children who might face the same situation in the future and everyone is watching this incidence up to their breath.

Over all the police have responded quite well to the public scrutiny but what surprised many quarters was the response of the number 1 in the force whose name is Musa Hasan with the position of Inspector General of the Police (IGP).

He said, “If the people do not want the law to be enforced, then I can instruct my men to refrain from stopping cars or from going after illegal racers”.

To me that statement is uncalled for and that reflects his personal character; mixture of ego and childishness and it is too far from being a professional.

Let us all remind the IGP the following:

All Malaysian know that you are an IGP, you are the Inspector General of the force.

You are the number 1 and nobody is above you in the police force. You don’t have to show and demonstrate the scale of authority empowered to you. We know all that.

Musa should learn some simple lessons from his subordinates like the CPO of Selangor who has the finesse and ethics when confronting the public.

The finesse and decorum show world of difference between IGP and the CPO.

Lastly if he takes things very personal than he is not a police any longer and he could just consider retiring at a premature date. Please remember that he is not the first to be the IGP as there were numerous numbers of men holding that position before him.

The arrogance of Musa has been observed on many issues and the tendency to commit uncalled for statements by him is very great as he talks too much too many times like a budding politician.

This is a case of a teenager who was shot dead and the mourning family is in devastation and grieve, and showing the pips on the shoulders at this time would irritate the public of this democratic nation, while the mother and the family members of Aminurasyid are licking their wounds all by themselves.

We had never heard a statement of that ‘class’ before this from all lists of the country’s former IGPs.

Sorry Tan Sri, I am just trying to be plain about this issue. I admit you are trying your best to resolve this issue, but I reckon you should dispose your duty with prim and proper when dealing with the concerned public.

I spent quite a number of years of my early life in the police barracks and camps as my late father was also a low ranking police personnel when he was living.

Like many others in the force,he had no opportunity to become the IGP as he was just a primary school leaver.

Thanks……………………………..Aspan Alias


Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Dear Aspan,

Jenis pegawai polis macam Musa Hassan inilah yang kalau pencen nanti, kenduri dia orang nak potong bawang pun tak ada.

Angkuh tak tentu pasal. Perasan to the highest degree. Ingatlah sikit kita akan mati juga. Pangkat tu bukan boleh disanjung sampai keliang lahat.

Cakap kita boleh berdegar degar tetapi hanya kita yang tahu diri kita benar benar jujur, ikhlas atau bersih.

Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Dear Aspan,

Since day one this man to me is full of doubts. I maybe wrong but that is what I am thinking about this man..Musa anak Hassan.

Jangan lah angkuh sangat...jawatan tu bukan kekal.

Anonymous said...

I think this man has many defective elements which are known only to himself.
i don't think he meant bad, but he is facing mountable pressure which sometimes make him speak with some flaw accidentally.


serastu said...

TS Musa is ok to me but his is quite 'over' a bit.

Anonymous said...

Aspan, true, TS Musa should start building some kind of decorum when dealing with media and public at large.

I understand what you mean. You are not against the police but just commenting on public conduct of the IGP.

You have clear message.

danial tee