07 May 2010

What should follow the Cabinet Reshuffle

If the names like Ezam, Khairy, Mukhriz and Razali Ibrahim are among the new faces in the new facet of Najib’s team, who are the potential retirees?

To retire a Cabinet member is just as hard as to promote or to bring in new names for the shuffling exercise. Certainly PM Najib has to take in a lot of pain in considering who should be dropped. It is certainly not as simple as ABC.

Before we go further let us ascertain the basis of considerations which Najib would look upon based on the current political facade and frontage.

If his personal political consideration is the priority, than he should be taking only his ‘boys’ who are currently deputy Ministers and some from the current MPs who are his definite staunch followers.

OR he may take others who are not even Members of Parliament by appointing them to the Senate as qualifier for an appointment to the Cabinet.

These ‘boys’ and his die-hards would replace the current Ministers who are just parasites who are not having the support from the delegates to help out the PM to secure wide support from party members and delegates.

That is why many people are now betting on Razali Ibrahim who secured an all round support from the youth in the UMNO youth general assembly.

Razali would befit in the Youth and Sport Ministry to replace Ahmad Shabery Cheek who is not Najib’s original die-hard as he is more of Pak Lah’s staunch and ardent follower.

Shabery used to pledge for an undivided support for Pak Lah and prepared to do the combating job for the retired PM in the event of any challenge put up against him (Pak Lah).

Shabery is rumored to be dropped since he did not secure a strong support in the last party election as he was just 2 positions away from the Azeez Rahim who managed to scrape through the 25th position in election of the Supreme Council.

It is also a talk of the town that Rais Yatim will be another name tipped to be dropped but the reason for his delisting is just a normal and simple reasoning; he has been in the Cabinet far too long and has been overstaying which hampers another leader to rise.

If I were to be Rais Yatim I shall volunteer to call it day and leave in retirement after decades being a Cabinet Member and he can do some other jobs for the government if he is not used to stay at home.

I am dead sure that Masnah can be a perfect retiring partner; they are well off in live and they can live joyously with what they have earned all these decades. AND again Rais too did not show that he has good national ground support as he lost in all attempts to be the V/P of the party.

What made him stay all these years was because of his capability in managing any Ministry given to him and being able to amuse all PMs, all the years and decades. That is his real unmatched ‘specialty’.

Nazri is another favorite name to be dropped as he is more of a liability to the government and party with his remarks on issue done without even slight decorum.

Public perception on him is very bad and he can be a real and solid baggage Najib has to bear if he is still in the Cabinet. He is not the material to project truthfulness for the government.

He should be following the footstep of Jamaluddin Jarjis who now takes up a Diplomatic position in Washington. JJ had that same image that goes with Nazri today.

There are a few more names said to be dropped but that is not the main reason why I am writing this issue today.

There are 2 serious issues that PM Najib has to think with seriousness.

Exercising major reshuffle is the best thing he can do to prove that he is serious in trying to go for change. As everyone knows the Cabinet image of the day is not up to the expectation for a serious administration.

It is hard to admit that the image of current Cabinet line up is synonymous to corruption, misuse of power, weak and the ministers are not trusted and respected by the public.

In short the whole system in the government is look upon and perceived to be a scandalous system and the corrosion of democratic institution is too noticeable.

The silence majority does not trust Judiciary, Police, the legal institutions and the implementers and it is a very serious issue that needs serious and immediate attention of the leadership who can really comprehend the issues up to the nucleus.

The real issue is the PUBLIC CONFIDENCE in the administrations which have not yet recovered. As long as the Judiciary, the Police and the Legal institution as well as the corruption agency MACC are not settled with the public we are not going to see the changes of public opinion on the administration.

In other words, having massive reshuffle does not change anything if the implementers of Law and order are not going for massive shuffling and reshuffling..

The new Ministers should be told and be made to understand that a Minister’s job is to oversea that all policies set by the law-makers and politicians are implemented in proper and appropriate manner.

Ministers must be made known that they are not there to create and issue projects for their cronies and their ‘soldiers’ and not to collaborate with the implementers to corrupt and be corrupted.

This is the real and actual issue that to be attended to seriously with all the will and sincere effort.

Does Najib have the will and courage to deal with these rotten issues? In the first place does Najib is an automatic qualifier to deal with these issues?

Can Najib with his personal potency tell the IGP or the Attorney General, ‘Now you retire or you will be fired”. Can DS Najib do that at least?

Can Najib tell these important heads of the democratic institution, “Please go, I want my administration to be as clean as I am!”

OR at least he makes pretty sure that the 18 high profile cases which have been hanging for already 5 years now to be brought in the open for the public.

Until Najib can say that, we have no hope for a change and zero chance for transformation that we want to observe.

If he is not able to do that it will be a great disappointment for the rakyat. Let us hear no more blame on the people and the opposition parties as from now on.

Thanks…………………………………………….Aspan Alias


johnwayne said...

Sudah terang bersuluh lagi bro. Najib tak mungkin berbuat sebagaimana you sebutkan tadi.
Dia ada set masalah sendiri.

Anonymous said...

I like this kind of article. You now talk about government and not UMNO.

I like that you compartmentalize topic of UMNO and the government.

I learn a bit now bro.

Zahid jamlus

Dahari Zain said...

a bit more mistake by Najib would comfirm that he is no better than Pak Lah.

Dahari zain

Khalid said...


Its about time the 3 u mentioned be upgraded. Also bring back Idris Harun Tanggu Batu MP and full ministership for Saifuddin Termeloh MP/Deputy Minister HE.

KJ has cleaned up his act. Deserves a chance, Razali still quiet, playing safe maybe, but KJ is definitely a good one.

Kota Belud MP Rahman Dahalan is also good, shld take over from Rosnah Shirlin or haphazard useless Minister of Foreign affairs. Sabah quota there.

Anonymous said...

Najib himself should be involved in the reshuffle or voluntarily resign from his post together with Nazri.
Is that a fair view?

Pak Jum said...

KJ has done well. Moderate young leaders that wont compromise UMNO's legacy. he has been in UMNO for awhile now. Many in MT and last Janda Baik retreat for div Chiefs were quite impressed with his presentation on Pemuda UMNO. Im for it, though im just a lowly RM1 UMNO member.

kam-din said...

My business has got to deal with state government of Selangor bro Aspan.

I have been dealing with the state for 20 years now and sincerely the new state government is less problem to deal with....I mean no 'toll gate' and that make me more comfortable.

UMNO supporters may not like this comment, but yang benar tu benar juga.

TS Khalid's administration is well better than the previous BN government.

Maaf pak, kerana berkata benar. Saya tak bisa berbohong.


Col Roseli said...

I like that part of Rais Yatim. But to have KJ to represent NS is as good as jumping from a frying pan to a fire!!!

Jay said...

There's nothing in UMNO now. That party is now hollow with hollow leadership. You are just writing your wishful thinking bro Aspan.
I suggest we stay quiet and let see the fun.


zulkifli said...

Is it true they say that fish rots from the head?

Aspan Alias said...


Thanks for visiting me and I concur with your opinion that 'fish rots from the head'
This is the basic problem we Malaysian are facing.

Anonymous said...

Let us be truthful. Let us agree among ourselves that Najib is a failure and would be the same with Muhyiddin or any others in the Cabinet.


Anonymous said...

What is the point of a cabinet reshuffle when all you get is the same corrupted faces. I say why not Najib dissolve parliament and call for fresh elections and if BN wins then form his cabinet without the interference of the ultra corrupted Dr. Who..

my 2 cents worth.